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Deadpool Custom Shred

November 15, 2014

Check out the new shred I threw on this bad boy. My son and I picked up matching shirts today. I’m not wearing this one when I hit the gym tomorrow because I bought a brand new, smokin’ Nike outfit. I’ll wear my customized Deadpool tee shirt on Monday when I work chest. I guess it’s a tank top now ha?! This Marvel mercenary (as in mercenary the noun not mercenary the adjective) is awesome! I prefer when he’s wielding a sai.


~David Morrell signing an autograph for a fan at the 2014 Tony Hillerman Writers Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photograph by Felicia.~

It’s cool that I personally know David Morrell who writes for Marvel. It has been a pleasure to know him. Though he is known for creating “Rambo,” there is much more to him. Over the years, the Santa Fe based author has been a contributing writer for Captain America and most recently Wolverine and Spider-Man comic books. This year during the Hillerman Writers Conference I showed David my Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn cosplay pics and he gave them a thumbs up!

I just love David’s flexibility as an author! I have known him for several years. Not only is he the nicest, most down to earth author I have ever met, he was the first to tell me that Marilyn Monroe was a poet. A bombshell with brains?? Why I never! 😉 He was teaching a pop culture writing course at the time. He told me she was much deeper than people ever thought. That always stuck with me.


~Custom shred by Felicia.~

Highlights of the Day: THWC 2014 (Nov.8)

November 8, 2014

Highlight: Hangin’ with two of my favorite woman of the law with a love of writing. It’s great to see Betsy and Sana every year at the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference.


~Betsy, Sana & Felicia~

Highlight: CB McKenzie (winner of the 2013 Hillerman Prize for best 1st mystery) giving me a free copy of his book with an autograph which read… “To our favorite person, Felicia.” Also~ seeing the oversized poster I designed for him up in the bookstore. He is a really nice, personable, funny man with a Ph.D. I’m sure it will be great working with him!


~CB McKenzie Stuff~

Highlight: Hangin’ with my friend and fellow team member with a Ph.D., Susan Waterman. She is an editor by profession. Susan is really in tune with nature and is such a special woman. I have enjoyed working with her over the past few years.


~Susan & Felicia~

Highlight: Chatting with John Fortunato before I knew he would be crowned the 2014 Hillerman Prize winner for best 1st mystery. Then…watching him get crowned while discovering he is also an FBI agent who formerly worked for the Gallup “Resident Agency.”


~John Fortunato (2014 Hillerman Prize Winner)~

Highlight: Sitting on a table at the keynote dinner with three amazingly smart women. The keynote speakers were New York Times best-selling author John Sandford and the infamous “father of Rambo” and thriller writer David Morrell. The women were impressive though. I shared a table with a mathematician (with NASA), a former news producer (for channel 7 in Los Angeles), and a former software engineer (for Los Alamos National Laboratory). All of them are writers.


~John Sandford & David Morrell~

Highlight: Realizing (yet agggggain) the power and value of what I was a part of for the last few days. I work for two amazing women...Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg. They are wonderful people. This is the full-page ad I designed for them because they deserved to be in the spotlight on the 10th anniversary of a great conference.


How Does Craig Johnson Write Great Dialog?

November 9, 2013


Yesterday I attended Writing Great Dialog with Craig Johnson. The author of the Walt Longmire novels is very personable and funny. Johnson said writers are “meticulous.” By the end of his presentation, I wondered if he is a Virgo? With his trademark cowboy hat on, he gave us several pointers on how to improve our writing style.

Johnson said that relying on the key actions of a distinct character voice was something every writer needs to think about. Writers should also refrain from using “he said” and “she said” in their prose. It isn’t a good habit to have. I learned that we should scan our work to make sure that all characters do not have “the same patterns and rhythms.” I think this can be difficult for me as a writer since I am naturally poetic. “You need to look for a way to give them a voice of their own,” Johnson said.

When it comes to great dialog, we should “listen to what people say and how they say it.” Real world experience is key in the development of strong dialog in our prose. Johnson told us “if you hear a sequence of dialog and it sounds familiar, find a new way to say it.” That is a very good point. Writing is always about saying things in new ways. I found myself thinking that I need to start listening to people differently. Engaging conversationally in a new ways can improve dialog.

After reading from his new book set for release in 2014, Johnson discussed the importance of character development. Johnson told his audience that “there is dramatic conflict in the beginning of his newest novel that ropes people in.” A strong introduction of your lead character is crucial in the beginning of the book. Johnson confirmed that “people read the first few pages of a novel and decide if they want to read more.” A lack of character will not keep people interested.

I tend to be over wordy when it comes to my writing. I need to learn to simplify to become a better writer. Several of the famous authors have said that what isn’t incorporated into prose is what is of greatest importance. What is not being said is always important in dialog. Johnson told us that “sometimes it is infinitely more important then what is being said.”

Tonight Craig Johnson will deliver the keynote for dinner.
It is sure to be an interesting night.
Longmire! 🙂

A Glamorous Woman with a Heart to Remember…

February 23, 2012

I have known my friend Marlene Salvidrez for so many years that it is difficult to number them. She and I have known each other since I was still in high school. I can still remember the first time I ever heard her laughing with her pretty sis. They are close like me and my sister. There are some people you meet in life that are just straight special. I would say that without a doubt, she falls into that category. She is: a wonderful person; a devoted mother; an expert in New Mexico law and administrative code; a writer; a people person; and a thoughtful ray of sunshine. Her beauty radiates through her words, as well as her actions. What makes her even more beautiful then the next person is the fact that she is not only gorgeous, but she also shines from within. She is a special lady. Recently she had some flirty photos of herself snapped to hand deliver to her man. She gave me two. I am yet to see the “special” portfolio. She will show me the goods tomorrow! Haha… 🙂  The photographs were taken by another one of our friends- another sweetheart- Consuelo Pineda Hancock.  I worked with Consuelo at the Santa Fe New Mexican when we were younger. She is a talented photographer, and a creative spirit. You can check out her work at and  Marlene had a glam photo shoot with Consuelo, and here are some photos of my friend. I wanted to share them, so I asked her permission, and I also asked if I could also share her poetry. We often exchange poems- since we both love to write. Here’s to you Marlene- you are a very special lady…


GENTLE BREEZE  by Marlene Salvidrez

I am the gentle breeze in the air;

With me, I carry the beauty of the world.

I surround a velvet rose and bring you

the sweet scent to bring a smile to your face.

I surround a laughing child and bring you

the innocence and trusting to make you whole.

I surround a bird in flight and bring you

the freedom to make your dreams come true.

I surround a gently falling waterfall and bring you

the serenity and peace to be content with who you are.

I surround the colorful harmony of a sunrise and bring you

the gentle ray to light your day.

I surround the world and bring you

the beauty of God.

I am the gentle breeze in the air; Lovingly wrapping you in my warm

embrace for I am your Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend.


This poem was written for all my beautiful family and friends who bring love into my life.

Always and Forever, Marlene- February 14, 2003


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Historical Thrill Seekers Only…

January 12, 2012

Felicia's autographs** Land of Burning Heat and The Shadow of Venus by Judith Van Gieson

Judith Van Gieson has been around for many years. Van Gieson is the award-winning author from Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a focus on historical fiction. I think most people tend to write history off as boring. Those people are clearly uneducated culturally and historically. Those people also haven’t read the Claire Reynier Mystery Series by Van Gieson. I was first introduced to Van Gieson’s writing by my mom (Gloria). She had heard of a book in 2003 from a friend, and decided to check it out. After she read the book, she said it reminded her of me, and got me a copy of the book. The Claire Reynier Mystery I read first was Land of Burning Heat. I was of course taken by the book. The second was The Shadow of Venus, and that one was equally as captivating. I had the pleasure of meeting Van Gieson once several years ago. It may have been right after the release of The Shadow of Venus in 2004. I got her autograph, which was immediately added to my personal treasure chest. I also have another special autograph. That autograph is even more special to me because it is from my mom. You see Claire Reynier is cast as an archivist and rare book specialist in these books. I am an archivist. That may be why my mom thought the book reminded her of me. Van Gieson captured many interesting things in just these two books. She has: historical documents; secret messages; hidden artifacts; relationships; cemeteries; detectives; death; stolen rare illustrations; books; the Center for Southwest Research; adobe homes; the Inquisition; drug addiction; the name of a mythical Greek woman; and a secretive commune in Taos. I think books like these help people fall in love with history. Historical fiction does deliver the best of both worlds.

Following are some comments I lifted from The Sandoval Signpost News Magazine. There was an article about Van Gieson in 2004 titled Local Author Puts Bernalillo on the Map. The article was written by Susana Vincent.

Claire Reynier, a reserved, recently divorced woman in middle age reinventing her life as a rare-books specialist at the Center for Southwest Research at UNM. The Claire novels develop in the more rarified atmosphere of books, writers, and increasingly historic Southwestern themes.”

Van Gieson’s book, Land of Burning Heat, takes place in Bernalillo. An unusual discovery under a loose floor brick in an old adobe leads to an investigation into a historical event in late sixteenth-century Mexico during the Spanish Inquisition and the phenomenon of the crypto-Jews, some of whom came to the Rio Grande Valley among the early settlers. Crypto-Jews were Spanish or Sephardic Jews who converted to Catholicism and often changed their names to save their lives and families during the Inquisition while continuing to practice their Jewish faith in secret. Also called conversos or Marranos, they spoke a Spanish dialect called Ladino. Many of their descendants maintain their customs to this day—some knowing that they are descended from Jews, others who have no idea.”

Van Gieson has been fascinated by the story of the crypto-Jews for years. Writing Land of Burning Heat gave her the opportunity to delve into their history. She attended lectures on the subject and was able to connect with a crypto-Jewish family in New Mexico who shared information. Van Gieson also researched the life and writing of Luis de Carvajal, a crypto-Jew in sixteenth-century Mexico who was burned at the stake by the Inquisitors.”

The Shadow of Venus, begins with the discovery of a dead homeless woman in the basement of the Zimmerman Library at UNM. The title seems to have a double meaning united by the myth of the Pleiades: one is literal, the other metaphorical—the sexual abuse of children. Asked why she chose this latter theme, Van Gieson replied that when she began the book her interest was the issue of homeless people in Albuquerque, ‘particularly how libraries deal with them, because it’s a big problem for libraries,’ she commented. ‘Once I got into that, it led to why they were homeless.’ She found abuse was often in the background.”

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