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Just Dammmmn… Watch “JLo’s- Dinero x DJ Khaled and Cardi B”

June 13, 2018

Woman pushin’ 50 n her swag n sexy is just scorchin’ these youngsters. #smoked– Feed me a marshmallow pleeeeeeease ♡! (forget the Dinero… Haha)

Lord is Taken

May 14, 2017

Ommmmm… yeah… Chris… Chris… Chris…

It was fine for you to be Star-Lord, but hey- the Lord of the Gym title has been taken for a while by yours truly. I’m just sayin’… ya better ✅ that.

~Spread in the May 2017 issue of Men’s Fitness~

Above the Knee

November 26, 2016

Loving a cold night with my new long socks with lace. They are so comfortable and warm!

Middle Traps♡

November 20, 2016

Refill the Tank

November 2, 2016

I’ve been eating my daily vitamins and a dried fruit strip to kick start glycogen restoration immediately following my workout. These are all vegan and have no gelatin. I’m also drinking 1/2 cup of oatmeal in my post workout protein shake… packing more glycogen into my muscle cells.

I actually created this composite the day after I got my Halloween stilettos, but I must say… this set done at my old shop looks way better so I pasted a new photo over the old one. And yes… I’m able to deadlift like a mofo with these nails bitcheeez.

“Glycogen is a chain of glucose molecules that your muscles and liver use to store energy for immediate future use. Your body contains a glycogen reserves of between 450 and 550 grams. If you exercise intensely, you may require more than 500 grams of carbs to restore your body’s glycogen reserves. Glycogen is almost completely exhausted after intense exercise exceeding 60 minutes; a 90-minute run will deplete glycogen reserves. Where loss of muscle glycogen lowers the functionality of muscles, loss of liver glycogen leads to a lowering of blood sugar, lethargy and inhibition of thyroid hormone release, and thus reduced fat burning. It is critical to restore glycogen reserves in the 24 hours following exercise. The first two hours are especially important. Dr. John Berardi, a professional nutritionist, recommends consuming 50 to 60 grams of high glycemic index carbohydrates in the two hours following exercise.”

Sum Ass Smacking

October 19, 2016

That moment when a woman is brave enough to sneak up and smack my ass from the back in the gym and at first I’m shocked and sort of mad, but later feel like maybe it was a compliment of sorts and my ass be lookin’ better from da squats if a former professional body builder really couldn’t resist not one ass smack, but two! (Yes… that was a run on sentence) I’m around her everyday and I’ve never seen her smack an ass before. She crazy, but really tho… she rocked a serious ass of steel in her prime.

Homemade Meatball

October 15, 2016

Yummy…. best sandwich  I’ve made in a while. Nothing like organic cheats! I love Whole Foods. The meatballs were baked. They were made with 95% lean, fresh Romano cheese, two egg whites, garlic salt and garlic marinara sauce. I slapped the meatballs on some fresh white (oh no) bread with melted Munster cheese. I topped that with thinly sliced red onion and green bell pepper + avocado! Yeayyyy! Now that’s a chest day cheat people. 

Bleeding Heart Hibiscus Tea

May 1, 2016

♥Dried hibiscus flowers steeping♥


♥Finished hibiscus brew with honey and lemon juice.♥

One of the directors I work with recently brought me some fresh hibiscus flowers. He buys them all the time in Las Cruces, New Mexico and said he’d bring me some each time he goes there. The flowers are a great way to make a tea with many health benefits. He left them hanging on my door and they were a mysterious surprise, but I’m so glad he gave me a new introduction to these lovely flowers.

“The health benefits of hibiscus tea include relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as digestive, immune system, and inflammatory problems. It helps to cure liver disease and reduces the risk of cancer. It can also speed up the metabolism and help in healthy, gradual weight loss. Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C, minerals and various antioxidants, while also helping in the treatment of hypertension and anxiety.” From:

Help Me!!

April 28, 2016

Last Friday, my friend set me a pic of her eating a cookie after work. I was eating dinner at Jinja, so I sent her a pic of me eating tempura. It was so good, but I did pay. There’s a reason it isn’t healthy to eat that crap!!


Eat More Protein

March 21, 2016

Eat More Protein To Build Muscle And Lose Weight (Article originally posted on Gymaholic)


Very Real

December 23, 2015

My hair is fake.
It is not really blonde.
My eyes are fake.
They aren’t really green.
My heart… It’s very real.

Reinking Magic

June 11, 2015


I love the summer. There is nothing like fresh air and the warmth of the sun after a busy day at work. It is really invigorating. Yesterday I went for a short run and it felt very good. I am addicted to the gym. That is no lie, but I do like outdoor fitness as well. I need to start making more time for that even though I’ve been hitting the gym hard.

After my run, I stopped to rest on my favorite perch (a metal telephone company box), where I can watch cars pass back and forth to and from Albuquerque. I’m always amazed by how many vehicles can pass by in just a few minutes. That’s the case at night too! While I was sitting there on the box, I looked down at one of my other old tattoos. It needs to be redone.

My sorcerer is about 50% through the process of getting reinked and added to. I was in Leo’s chair for 5 hours last Saturday, but I need another sitting. I am really happy with his work and nobody will ever be trusted marking my skin again. I think my sorceress will be next!! Leo didn’t ink that one and I regret that. I have never really been happy with her. She needs reworking. Hope she’s ready!


May 20, 2015

Did J.Swoll really post a cosplay selfie as The Joker today? Yes! He did!! Unbelievable!? His Twitter feed doesn’t even say why the hell he did it? So awesomely strange, but you all know that Felicia Harley likes, adores and loves her sum Dr.J. I’d say J.Swoll is the 2nd best looking Joker ever. “Why so serious?” Well…cause nothing’s ever easy. That’s why!!


••♦♥J.Swoll as The Joker♥♦••

Deposit on the Magic

April 6, 2015


I am really excited because I officially have an appointment with Leo Gonzales. He is a tattoo artist I went to school with and I was friends with his brother. On Friday I went to Albuquerque for some fun, but my first stop was to see Leo at Stay Gold on Yale. I gave Leo a deposit to reserve his first available spot which isn’t until June!!! He is a seriously popular artist with mad skills. I don’t even think he takes walk-ins!?

The tat will be a retouch/addition. He designed and inked the wizard on my left shoulder blade years ago. For more about my wizard tat and Leo, see these two posts. I spent some time explaining what I wanted… You know? “A magical, smoky, tribalish design with some skin showing through… coming off the wizard onto my tri and curling just right on my front delt while not covering my awesome trap!” Sounds easy enough right?!

I know he will kill it when he blesses me with his skills again!! Fingers crossed that someone will cancel and the hunt for more hot racer backs for the gym! When Mike asked Leo if he needed more than one sitting he looked at me and said… “it depends how much you can take?” Well… I can take a lot. I had to remind him that I sat through 5 hours straight the first time. He said he has gotten much faster, but it will take at least 4 or 5 more hours.

I can’t wait!!! 🙂

Your Idea…My Idea

January 13, 2015

Sadly…we live in a world where the top picture is slightly close to reality and the bottom picture is a Photoshop masterpiece. Count your blessings if your woman holds a protein shake, because if she is holding pizza and beer, she doesn’t look like this or won’t look like this for long. Technically…the top one is a Photoshopper too or just a staged hot chick who never touches pizza and beer! 😕


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