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To Die For

March 18, 2019

×xX~ A perfect, hand-painted addition to my office deco. She’s to die for♡. ~Xx×

Bad Girls

July 12, 2015

Here is my new coffee mug!! Stac brought me this back from Cali when she hit Universal Studios. It has Harley and Poison! I love it!!!


Lips on Harley

December 29, 2014

Gotta love putting your lips on Harley Quinn eh!? These two drinking glasses are the newest additions to my DC collectibles. They are black with a contemporary rendering of the Gotham City Siren. Love these things!


Internet Archive offers 900 classic arcade games for browser-based play | Ars Technica

November 17, 2014

I heard about this a while back.
This is awesome!


As part of its continuing mission to catalog and preserve our shared digital history, the Internet Archive has published a collection of more than 900 classic arcade games, playable directly in a Web browser via a Javascript emulator.

The Internet Arcade collects a wide selection of titles, both well-known and obscure, ranging from “bronze age” black-and-white classics like 1976s Sprint 2 up through the dawn of the early 90s fighting game boom in Street Fighter II. In the middle are a few historical oddities, such as foreign Donkey Kong bootleg Crazy Kong and the hacked “Pauline Edition” of Donkey Kong that was created by a doting father just last year.

READ MORE: Internet Archive offers 900 classic arcade games for browser-based play | Ars Technica.

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Diplomatics and Its Use in Archives Today

November 17, 2014

Great read!


Guest blog by Rachel James

According to the Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology, diplomatics is “the study of the creation, form, and transmission of records, and their relationship to the facts represented in them and to their creator, in order to identify, evaluate, and communicate their nature and authenticity.”[i] Diplomatics as a study enables archivists to confirm authenticity of archival records, and in turn helps the records to be viewed as reliable sources for users. Luciana Duranti points as that some of the characteristics that are studied include “…the presence of different hands or types of writing in the same document, the correspondence between paragraphs and conceptual sections of the text, type of punctuation, abbreviations, initialisms, ink, erasures, corrections, etc.[ii]

Dom Jean Mabillon (Archives de France) Figure 1. Dom Jean Mabillon (Archives de France)

Dom Jean Mabillon, a French Benedictine monk, wrote De re diplomatica, consequently creating the study of diplomatics…

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It Won’t Happen To Me: Disasters

September 16, 2014

Great post School Archivist!

The School Archivist

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month?

moldwaterbooks Mold and water damage to a book.

You think that disasters are probably going to happen to other institutions, and not your own. You hear about the flooding a storage area from an overhead pipe or water breaking through a wall. There is news about a catastrophic fire in an older county courthouse. Someone mentioned rumors of squirrels eating some of the older records in an attic storage area. The question is not IF a disaster will strike your collections, but WHEN. So your job as an archivist it to pre-empt the possible disasters and create a disaster plan. Remember that your very first concern when disaster strikes is that everyone is okay and the scene is safe. After determining that to be the case, then concentrate your efforts on your collections.

There are precautions you can use as an archivist…

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DC is Marrrrrvel~ous

August 9, 2014

Oooooo…Oooooo….my fav…Arkham’s~ Solomon Grundy and my new She Hulk (flexed) pin!! Love AstroZombies!!


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