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Watch “Giving Back…” on YouTube

July 19, 2019

Here’s my son recieving training this summer from an intern who is a freshman at UNM. He’s learning how to work at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. He’s been going there since he was a young child and it’s such a great place. It is important to me to raise a thoughtful, creative, cultured child, whom could give back to his community.

This summer I decided it was time to take active steps in teaching him how to develop a good work ethic. We both became official volunteers at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. What a great way to give back and teach kids something valuable in the process!

Watch “Jessica Celebrates 10 years” on YouTube

May 29, 2019

So proud of my cousin Jessica for making such a difference with Tewa Women United for a decade. My cousin is a doula and it was an honor to see women from various backgrounds at this event becoming doulas as well. Jessica is a special woman and it’s wonderful to see a woman with Lujan roots making a difference in our community.

Watch “Tony Hillerman Writers Conference 2014 – Felicia Lujan” on YouTube

December 28, 2018

Missing this conference…

Watch “Fun with Peeps Who Lift” on YouTube

December 20, 2017

We Made It! 

May 22, 2017

Created with a loving heart by Felicia Lujan for the Turquoise Trail Charter School~ 6th Grade Class of 2017.

May has been a very busy month (creatively) for me. I have: finished the flowers for a wedding party; sketched, then painted a 10×10 banner; and created an almost 12 minute memory movie. Today was spent decorating the school for the big day. I’ll share more soon about what I’ve been working on over the last few weeks.

This memory movie is one of the things that took me hours on end to create. To make the movie, I: scanned hundreds of photographs; incorporated still, moving images and sound bytes; and created a custom mix of three songs selected by the kids for the audio layer.

▪On some nights, I had a cross-platform system on fire… scanning, editing, organizing. Both my PC and Mac took a beating on this project!▪

Awesome Darkness

October 10, 2016

Rare are they… the women who are just the right mix of sweet and dark, beautiful, fit, and extremely creative! Today at the gym, all of us received our “official” invitations to Russ and Christina’s party on the 22nd. I can’t say how much I loved them!! They are seriously amazing! Christina is such an awesome lady. It’s a coffin invitation~💀~ with a bloody mary mixer for badness sake and I love it! 

Between their party, our work party and Carmen’s Dia de Los Muertos ×💀× birthday bash featuring J’z enchiez, I’m like ohhhh yeah! Enchantress gonna be busy making foodie gainz and bringing darkness to those around her.

Ghost Town Gobbler

October 8, 2016

Yesterday morning on my way to work, it was like driving through a creepy ghost town. No traffic!!? When I got there, I walked through the empty parking lot. The offices upstairs and downstairs were all dark. Driving to and from the gym for lunch, there were still hardly any souls on the road. Where were all the ghosts today? Sleeping? Nobody got time for that! You know which town was alive? Yep… Mandrill’s. Lot looking like these gobblerz don’t ever rest. Just call me Pac-Man in this mofo. It was my “day off,” so I ran for 30 minutes and hit abs. With all the stress I’ve been under, I need serious nourishment!


For the Kids I Will Never Meet

December 21, 2014


This year we will not exchange gifts in my family. After being inspired to give more to others at the last ARMA meeting, I decide to buy some gifts for kids in need with my extra money. My friend Lynn was telling me that some children go to her place until 4:00pm after school and then wait to get into a shelter for the night? It is so sad to think about. If I was wealthy, I would help so much more.

All I really have to give is light, but George MacDonald once said “if instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.” That is so true. I embedded links to two stories I  wrote during the holidays a while back. They are good ones to share again.

Compassionately Human by Felicia Lujan~ 11.14.2013

Giving a Sparkle by Felicia Lujan~ 11.28.2012

Giving: My ARMA Chapter Makes a Difference

December 19, 2014

••Left to Right- Lorraine, Kelly and Lynn accept a holiday donation from the Northern NM Chapter ARMA President, Cliff. The chapter also received a membership award.••

I am so proud of my Northern New Mexico Chapter of ARMA. They let me select a holiday charity recipient and I selected my friend Lynn Sanchez, the owner of Sojourner’s Advocacy Cafe in Santa Fe. My chapter gave them $500 to help those in need. For 7 years, my friend Lynn has worked to help women and children in need. She is the one person I know who is making a real difference in our community by providing a safe haven, resources, and her heart to others.

Before the presentation of the award, Lynn talked about being moved to help people in 2007. She had met a woman who was in an abusive situation and was actually living in a hole in Taos. She talked about children in need and the number of homeless people who died on the streets of Santa Fe last year. I give Lynn so much credit because she is also spearheading a movement to fight human trafficking. Lynn works actively with local law enforcement and the Attorney General’s Office in these efforts to provide further protection to women and children.

It felt good to know my chapter made a little difference…that my chapter did a good thing…that my chapter cares. During the chapter meeting, Lynn told an ARMA member that she has known me for at least 20 years. She and her husband also own Mandrill’s Gym (my home away from home) and that is where I met her long ago. Since day one, I took a liking to the sweet, knowledgeable, beautiful, woman with red hair. The same member Lynn mentioned that to told me, “it says something about you that you have been in the gym for 20 years.” Hahaaa…yeah…I guess so. That felt kinda good too.  🙂

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