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Fiery Bliss

March 26, 2018

an endless flame

it burns within

a stinging singe

of pure, sweet bliss

by Felicia Lujan



February 13, 2018

☆~☆Photos taken from that spot in my yard where I find complete peace and I’m free to be consumed by stars.☆~☆

So Much More

December 13, 2017

Not just the way he pulled her locks… but how he pulled the tides within her heart.

Not just hands reaching salty sweet… she could feel his soul touching each part.

Each part of her… from crown to tail… like the ocean soaking up the beach.

A sailor’s dream… a lonely drink… mermaid just beyond his reach.

by Felicia Lujan

The Sound

October 6, 2016

your voice
the sound
filling this void
a thousand oceans
flood my heart

the sound
your words
fall in my ear
autumn leaves
and salty air

your voice
the sound
filling my chest
a thousand oceans
drown my heart

by Felicia Lujan


March 17, 2016

Strength fractures for few
and falls away to no place.
When strength dies for you,
appreciate that moment
of weakness. My moment
keeps you pliable and human.
That fissure keeps you loved
and human even though you,
not I, deserve to break.

by Felicia Lujan


••Richard Vargas (owner of Evil Emporium) reinking my wizardly magic. Looking at the number of Instagram likes on some of his recent pieces, my tat is up there!••

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••Finished... with an affirmation of "strength" to fight weakness.••


February 23, 2016

•Digital composite by Felicia•

hungry still
consuming black
feeding on the
nightmare of your
moon drenched kiss
a blood filled bite
now wishing time
would stop or stay
with broken things
ravenous dreams
like burnt up stars
for satiated beasts

by Felicia Lujan

Bleeding Truth

January 7, 2016


A person’s actions bleed a truth
that the mind is never ready to
accept and the heart was never
willing to reveal.



December 10, 2015

Under armor fills this armory
Blackness, tight and whispering
Hear the battle cries of night

xX Felicia Xx


Xx Tantric Dreams xX

December 2, 2015


Close your eyes
and open your mind.
We’ll fly.
Look now.
There’s rest for
swollen hearts.
Feel now.
No pills to kill off
empty thoughts.
Taste now.
Bodies awaken
through our
tantric dreams.

by Felicia Lujan


November 11, 2015


Hound of Zeus
Bring fourth the wrath of God

Snatcher of darkened souls
Carry evildoers off to Erinyes

Wind spirit
Swiftest of the Harpies be

Vicious and cruel with heavy wings

Agent of harsh punishment
Removing those devoid of light

by Felicia Lujan

Oceans Run Dry

July 30, 2015


Who believed we could skip
stones over swollen waves?
Each stone destined for
barren ocean floor.

Who said we could hold
our breath in lucid dreams?
Every breath consumed
by salted sea.

Who believed we could sail
away in an optimistic ship?
The sail is torn and oceans
have run dry.

Who believed we were
meant to swim?
Changing tides…
the rise.
the fall.
Simply victims of
attracted moon to sun.

by Felicia Lujan

In the Rain

July 7, 2015

•••Digital composite by Felicia~ includes six layers with an image of a woman, rain and a dream catcher made of lightning•••

Your memory… Reflected in
the glassy tears from Heaven’s
gate. Thunderous webs of hell
bent light… Steady the catcher
singes dreams. In the rain and
chilled with night… Your
reflection slips away.

by Felicia Lujan

Without Trying

May 27, 2015

•••Digital composite by Felicia•••

Without trying
Crush my soul
like parched weeds
beneath the stars

Take skin for bone
Words flee your
lips again like fire

Without trying
Break me down
That’s that, pluck
weed like rose

Your steady hand
Thoughts sting
like salted tides

Without trying
Shed all the love
Hearts crack like
sun beat Earth

by Felicia Lujan


May 21, 2015


It is all about me.
Running out of air.
Heart reaching.
Pulse slowing.
Chained by blame.
You’ve pushed.
I’m sinking.
Out of your sight.

A story about me.
Gasping for breath.
Soul crying.
Cease beating.
Chains pull harder.
You’ve said.
I’m drowning.
Out of your mind.

It is all about me.
Running out of air.
Heart breaking.
Pulse blackened.
Chained by nonsense.
You’ve done.
I’m dreaming.
Out of your life.

By Felicia Lujan
May 21, 2015

Heed Your Monstrous Reflection Woman

April 7, 2015


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