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Curve-billed Visitor♡

December 8, 2018

There has been a curve-billed Thrasher visiting me for the last couple of weeks. I had never seen one before? He is a beautiful, big bird and loves to chat with me. Hope he stays a while!

GiGi’s Amazing “Okay, so…” Post

April 21, 2018

❤Now that’s writing!


February 13, 2018

☆~☆Photos taken from that spot in my yard where I find complete peace and I’m free to be consumed by stars.☆~☆

Oneiroi Dream

November 15, 2016

just one
so faint
I taste it’s core
it never went away

a sullen scent
night swallowed
by the day

one dream
wrapped up
in distant stars
burning memory

drift away
go far from here
though the dream
shall set us free

by Felicia Lujan

In Greek Mythology, “the Oneiroi were the dark-winged spirits (daimones) of dreams which emerged each night like a flock of bats from their cavernous home in Erebos–the land of eternal darkness beyond the rising sun. The Oneiroi passed through one of two gates (pylai). The first of these, made of horn, was the source of the prophetic god-sent dreams, while the other, constructed of ivory, was the source of dreams which were false and without meaning.” Source:


August 8, 2016

​When they ask… “Where are you going on vacation this week?” Well… paradise of course silly.

“Now they will rest before shouldering the endless work they were created to do down here in paradise.”

••| Toni Morrison, Paradise

•|PARADISE… better known as Mandrill’s Gym.|•

Training with Ade

July 4, 2016

On Saturday, Ade wanted to meet me at the gym to hit chest. We killed it up in there. So far, she’s the only one who’s kept up with me on the bench. I got super sore. After hitting heavy sets, I rep’ed a 35 twice for 15. My chest is tore up. Today is deadlift day and in honor of the 4th, my iron freedom cry will be explosive!


**| Felicia and Ade @ Mandrill’s Gym |**

Shoot ‘Em Up!

April 13, 2016


I went shooting with boys this weekend. There were a lot of people out there. We shot off over 300 bullets and had a blast blasting liters of soda that we shook the hell out of. At first I thought it was wasteful, but then Mike reminded me that “it was junk anyway” and we were basically saving people by ridding the planet of that crap.



I hadn’t gone shooting in a while, but I didn’t do to bad at all. I shot Mike and D’s MK22 SCAR and AR15 M4 COLT. I even impressed the boys by blowing away our only golden egg on my first shot with Rico’s 44 Magnum. The golden egg was a small, full propane tank. I hit that target and then walked away like a boss with the boys up in arms!!




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