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2016: The Fire~ Part 1

January 1, 2016



••Digital composite by Felicia Lujan~ includes a photograph of me and 16 layers.••

In Memory

January 13, 2015


These are some mini memorials I made for some special ladies I know. There was one good friend who lost her father several years ago. One friend lost her son and another her mother during the holiday season this year. Another lost her mother, who was also a sister to yet another friend not long ago. They are all made with images of angels and the names of those lost, but never forgotten.

Invoking Divine Intervention

September 13, 2014


Picked me up this awesome spiritual artifact. It is a pendant with an image of Hanuman…the Hindu God of power, strength and courage. He is also believed to be an avatar of the God Shiva. “Amongst the Hindus of Northern India, it is a very popular belief that chanting the Hanuman Chalisa invokes Hanuman’s divine intervention in grave problems, including those concerning evil spirits.”

Sunday Visit to El Santuario de Chimayo

March 9, 2014


Today D and I went to Chimayo with my family. It was a good day. We left in the morning and came back in the late afternoon. It was such a gorgeous day up north. The amazing blue sky gently enveloped the sacred, historic site.

I know all of us thought about how much my grandma and her sister loved that place when they were alive. My grandma believed in Santuario’s power to cure every ailment be it mental or physical. I picked up gifts for one of my special girlfriends who is very religious. She will appreciate the gifts.


I came across an old friend selling sweet smelling, handmade soaps, sage smudge sticks, and Chimayo chili. It is always good to support local creatives, so I dropped 40 on some goods! Following that we went to Rancho de Chimayo for lunch. I had a delish salad there.

Tonight I went back to read an old piece I wrote in April of 2012 about El Santuario. It was titled Good Friday: The Penance of Imperfect Creatures. I remember that I really enjoyed writing that piece. I used a quote by Ernst Fischer which says “as machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man.”


It is important to embrace our imperfection. Hearing a sermon for sinners today reminded me I’m human. I also reread a lovely quote from Karen Nave I used for that 2012 piece. She said “sometimes we strive so hard for perfection that we forget that imperfection is happiness.” Being human is hard, which is why so many people pray.

We pray for health. We pray for peace. We pray for others. We pray for direction and answers. In times of our deepest human weakness we pray for strength. If my prayers aren’t answered, I know that there’s a reason. I trust in that. Visiting El Santuario always reminds me that I am beautifully flawed. 

Kiss Each Break Goodbye

December 31, 2013


Food Matters

December 22, 2013


Fafluch & Company

food matters

Food matters was the movie and then book that change my way of thinking about food and the food industry.

It was the eye opener.

Maybe for some of you will be as well.

James & Laurentine

Filmmakers ‘Food Matters’ & ‘Hungry For Change :

“What started with an illness in our own family resulted in a life long mission of discovery and dedication to helping share what transformed my father’s health with the world. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that nobody is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.

We here at Food Matters are committed to helping you help yourself. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. Think of us as your nutritional consultants and know that we are here with you on…

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♥•• Intoxicating Madness and a Magical Root

November 20, 2013


“Insanity” by Felicia Lujan
A digital composite used to demonstrate the personification of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The symbolic image is comprised of 4 layers including: a mandrake root; human hair; a heart; and a tornado.


Mandrake roots have been used medicinally since at least AD 60. Dioscorides, the Greek physician seems to be one of the first to actually explore the anesthetic use of the roots of the mandragora plant. These long, brown roots from the nightshades family were used in a special tincture to help heal those in need. This may be the earliest example of the use of mandrake roots in medicine, however, the most interesting use of these roots has been associated with love charms, potions and magic.

In medieval times “insane root” was believed to be a root which caused “madness in those eating it…” This root has long been correlated with insanity for both concrete and mythological reasons. After researching, I believe these reasons are numerous and depend on the source. The most logical is the fact that the root acts as a natural drug. Mandrake roots contain “deliriant hallucinogenic tropane alkaloids.” Those who consume the root become intoxicated. This explains why it was used as an anesthetic. Maybe this is why it was used not only to induce love, but possibly to ease love pains?

Mandrake roots often grow to look like a human figure. For this reason, the folklore and mythology surrounding the root runs deep. The root has been used to make love charms and to concoct magical love potions. According to the Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend, “insane root” is also called a “love apple.” The “fruit” symbolizes fertility and has been identified as a personification of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Consequently, love potions made from mandrake were considered aphrodisiacs.

Sounds like an interesting root to experiment with ha? The Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend also says that “insane root” or “love apple” or mandrake “will cure barrenness.” Barrenness? Maybe I was right about the root being used to ease love pains? A mandrake “love charm” also has the power to “make the wearer invisible, or reveal hidden treasures.”

Hum…I guess if you’re looking for me, you can find me scouring the local herberias/yerberias for the magical root which causes intoxicating madness.


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend (Funk and Wagnalls Standard)

Myths and Mandrakes by Anthony John Carter~ Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine~ Vol.96 (2003)


~°~ The Spirit of Place ~°~

September 23, 2013

The morning was crisp and I could feel the winter slipping into my bones. On Saturday, I got up while the stars were still twinkling. All night long I had various dreams about the special gathering I knew I was going to attend that morning. After making breakfast, I poured up the last cup of flavored coffee and headed out the door into the darkness.

The drive to the valley seemed different. The Pojoaque Valley looked peaceful early in the morning and I really couldn’t remember the last time I had that thought. During my descent I wondered what the Gathering for Mother Earth would be like? My cousin Jessica had invited me to the gathering last year, but I never made it. She insisted it was something I would love. I was happy to be on my way down to my home town. At one time, I said this was the place where I grew up, but I actually grew up several years later. I still continue to grow.



Upon approaching the gathering site there were several invitational signs. The signs carried depictions of the sun and moon. There were also handmade signs which featured the symbolic turtle totem, one of Creator’s creatures who burrows into Mother Earth. The gathering is held not far from my childhood home. I would say maybe five miles away. There was a long, bumpy dirt road leading to the sacred space amongst the moon, trees, and the spirit of place. 
~° Photograph of the moon in the Pojoaque sky by Felicia Lujan °~

When I got out of the vehicle, the first thing I noticed was a painted sky. The sky was alive with shades of pink, purple and blue and had two beautiful teepees in the distance. People were shuffling and beginning to gather. I was hoping I hadn’t missed the ceremony to usher in the sunrise. My cousin had told me that “the grandmothers would sing the sun up in Tewa.” I made it just in time. The moon was still high west in the Pojoaque sky.

I walked up a small embankment into a large circle of rocks. The grandmothers called to us and invited us into the circle. Within that circle there were two centered small circles of rocks. One of the small circles contained a pile of dirt which was likely symbolic of Mother Earth. The other had a fire burning. There were offerings of wood, corn meal and water near the fire. During the course of the gathering handfuls of these offerings were tossed into the fire in prayer and to ask for blessings.

There were about 40 people gathered into the circle. The ceremony started with the thoughts and prayers of the grandmothers. All of those in attendance were spiritually cleansed with a smudge stick. The smoke smelled like a combination of sage and lavender. One woman went around and ran smoke up and down each person’s body. Some people gave thanks. Some people stayed silent. Some people pushed the smoke into their lungs with their hands. A few different people spoke thereafter. They spoke about respect for Mother Earth and fostering an appreciation of her gifts.

When the rays of the sun started shooting over the mountains to the east we were asked to face that direction. While I waited for the sunrise, my heart heard the most beautiful prayers, songs and instruments. The drum, a rattle and a flute complimented each voice. The song of one particular woman brought tears to my eyes. I was moved and touched in ways which seem indescribable. I experienced overwhelming warmth once the sun was in full view. It seemed as though I was seeing the sun for the very first time. In a way, I was.

When I turned back to face the fire, I looked right past the flames. I was overcome by the enchanting beauty of the Black Mesa. The natural light cast a surreal glow from one end of the mesa to the other. Again it felt like the first time I had seen the mesa that I have seen a million times. It is hard to explain how all of this lifted my heart. I felt connected to the strangers experiencing this beauty with me. Lastly we participated in “a short version” of the cinnamon roll hug and then we were released from the circle with blessings.
~° Photograph of the sunrise and the spirit of place in the Pojoaque sky by Felicia Lujan °~

This may be one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It made me feel good. It made me feel connected to people and place. It made me feel complete. The experience was nothing like my dreams. It was so much better and more beautiful than the mind of the creative could imagine. When the sun came up, I took a picture. In my photo, unexplainable red markings appeared around the sun. There is also a glowing red orb directly below the sun. I don’t know about you, but I believe I captured the spirit of place that day. I believe. The Gathering for Mother Earth was so amazing.

~° Natural products made by my cousin Jessica °~


(509) – Beautiful Opportunity

September 15, 2013

The Better Man Project is worth the follow. This man’s writing will awaken your soul. I posted this comment to Evan Sanders tonight….

“You are always so awesome Evan. Becoming a better man is not easy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Keep the light on within. I too have recently discovered myself.

The Better Man Project ™

When I first started writing, everything in me was focused on trying to “understand” everything. I was trying to understand how come others weren’t playing by the same rules as I was, why certain things seemed to happen over and over again, and why I felt like life was a series of one step forward two steps backward scenarios. In short, I was writing blind. I found that quote above today diving into Pinterest and it couldn’t have hit closer to home.

I never knew myself because I never heard my voice. I was always lost because I had no personal direction. So I left. I went searching and left everyone behind. Where did I go? Within.

As the days go by, I start to realize that life is a series of events that can either turn into memories or opportunities. Throughout the day, there will be things that come…

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Drowning Out

August 29, 2013

The Waves

~~~~~Drowning Out~ Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan~~~~~

~~~~~Drowning Out~ Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan~~~~~

Waves crashed down on her.

Each motion called by endless gravity.


Waves pulled her further under.

The water delicately salted to sting.


Waves took her breath away.

Her lungs filled with heaviness.


Waves crashed down on her.

Each movement whispering a truth.


~~~> by Felicia Lujan

~~~> 8.29.2013

The Waves

Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant Pledges $1 Million For Tornado Relief

May 21, 2013

Durant is awesome!!!

A Prayer for Betsy

May 20, 2013

How could I forget my friend and fellow writer Betsy? Betsy Randolph is a State Trooper and Spokesperson for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. I send prayers for her as she and others work to assist the injured, rescue those trapped, and recover those missing.

Betsy was interviewed by CNN tonight. She said “people are trapped. You are going to see the devastation for days to come.” Other news outlets reported that Betsy said the tornado caused “absolute devastation” and the tragedy is “like nothing” she has “ever seen before.”

Tonight Betsy was someone people were looking for. People wanted to be sure she was safe. I had hits to something I posted about her on my web site tonight. Glad to learn that she is ok and there to help others.

Deadly tornado hits Oklahoma City area

Sending Prayers

May 20, 2013

Tonight I send out my prayers to the people of Oklahoma. It is always so disheartening to learn about a tragedy like this. I pray for the little children who were taken before their time. May their parents somehow find peace.

I also send out my thoughts to my favorite virtual couple (R and M, better known as S and B). I believe you two actually live in Oklahoma? I hope you, your friends, and the members of your families are alright tonight.

Poet James Nave Battles Cancer With A Hundred Poems: NPR

April 8, 2013

What an awesome way to battle!

A Lady, A Hero and Hooks

March 5, 2013

A Lady, A Hero and Hooks Logo by Felicia Lujan

Today I took the day off from the gym because I had a few errands to run. When I was leaving work two people caught my eye in the lobby. There sat a gentleman and a young lady caught up in their own creative world. I was immediately intrigued by the duo and wondered what they were up to? I decide to approach them on my way out so that I could ask. My first question was “are you making jewelry?” As it turned out, they were “tying flies” to snag Pike in Pilar, New Mexico. I told them “my brother is a fisherman and he would love you!” Hum? They had set up shop in the lobby of my building and they were working away.

While I ran one of a few scheduled errands I couldn’t help but think about these two people. Who were they? Why were they tying flies? Were they grandpa and grandchild? What was their story? I know I love history more than running errands, and by this point I can probably add more than coffee because I made a mad dash back to work. In a split second I had decided that I wanted to know more. I approached the busy workers with a smile while asking many questions. It is always so refreshing to meet new people who want to share their stories. In a short amount of time I had learned all about these people. I also set up a phone interview with the gentleman for this evening.

~Dr. Dinwiddie and Jamie Groves Working~ Photograph by Felicia Lujan_3.5.2013

~Dr. Dinwiddie and Jamie Groves Working~
Photograph by Felicia Lujan_3.5.2013

Since the first of the month I had been contemplating which woman I wanted to research and write about in honor of National Women’s History Month (2013). The more I thought about that particular young lady, the more I realized I should focus on a woman who is currently making history. I was so amazed that a 24 year old woman was so mature, caring, creative, and patriotic. This special woman and her hero/mentor/grandfather figure had a worthy story to tell. This month is indeed Women’s History Month and the Library of Congress is featuring an exhibit titled The Women of Four Wars. Ms. Jamie Groves and Dr. Stu Dinwiddie are honoring our wounded warriors in a very special and unique way which is right in line with that exhibit.

Jamie Groves and Dr. Dinwiddie are not related. These individuals just work together to help disabled veterans, still Jamie thinks that Stu is “the granddaughter that he never had.” For the last six months, they have been tying flies and giving them to Albuquerque veterans as part of Project Healing Waters. The mission of that organization is dedicated “to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active duty personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.” It is such an awesome project that I was so honored to learn about. Dr. Dinwiddie is also a disabled veteran who now uses his time to help others along with his youthful partner. He has become Jamie’s mentor by teaching her to fly fish. Dr. Dinwiddie said that he was taught how to fly fish at 14 years old and that he learned from the son of Aldo Leopold!

~Jamie Groves Tying a Pike Fly~ Photograph by Felicia Lujan_3.5.2013

~Jamie Groves Tying a Pike Fly~
Photograph by Felicia Lujan_3.5.2013

~A Jamie Groves Handcrafted Pike Fly~ Photograph by Felicia Lujan_3.5.2013

~A Jamie Groves Handcrafted Pike Fly~
Photograph by Felicia Lujan_3.5.2013

Jamie truly is a rare woman. At 24 years old she is contributing to the well being of those who made a difference in New Mexico history by protecting our freedom. She is passionate about what she does and insisted I didn’t take her picture until she “was working” and showing me the Evergreen Hand. The Evergreen Hand is a special tool invented and developed by Jesse Scott to assist disabled veteran fishermen. I was astonished to learn that Jamie will be teaching wounded warriors who have lost a hand or arm how to tie a fly with one hand. After watching them for a while, I don’t think I could tie one with two! This wonderful woman told me proudly that she sits on one hand to practice. This is how she knows that she can teach others. Dr. Dinwiddie told me that Jamie was touched on a recent visit with wounded women. Her participation in this project makes a world of a difference in a male dominated sport/hobby.

I am always so intrigued by the hidden history of our community. These two people are involved in a project so worthy of a mention. I was honored to take the time to learn so much. I learned about a lady and a hero making a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors one hook at a time.

Custom Crafted Rods by Stu Dinwiddie

Phone: 505.470.3673


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