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Watch “That Time Pojo Took DC” on YouTube

March 3, 2020

My nephew recently went on a trip to DC and I loved seeing all these pics♡…

Watch “Dark Gift from NOLA” on YouTube

March 1, 2020

My brother brought me back this gift from New Orleans, LA at the end of 2019. It was a perfect addition to my dark collection!

I Believe in Magic

September 21, 2014

I had so much fun this year at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas. It was such a blast and I love that fair more every year. This is the third or fourth year that I’ve gone. I’m seriously contemplating being a volunteer next year, just to camp on the historic property.

Sucked that I missed the fire dancers this year. Here is a link to a video I shot of one of the fire dancers last year on the My Voyage Through Time YouTube channel. The belly dancers are always great to watch though~ mesmerized by bouncing bellies n shit. Hahahaaa! Of course…I went to the fair *after* a killer back workout!






Random Thoughts & the Labor Day Weekend Motorcycle Ride

August 31, 2014


~Valles Caldera National Preserve~


~Cheryl and Felicia~

Yesterday we went on a Labor Day Weekend motorcycle ride with Bobby, Cheryl, Joe and Kim. We rode up to Pojoaque, Los Alamos, through the Valles Caldera National Preserve, up to the Jemez Springs and then down through Bandalier National Monument and White Rock. The waterfall up in Jemez is beautiful.


~Battleship Rock, the river and am I really this short?~

When you are on a motorcycle, you literally have hours to look around and think. There is no music, just wind. These were some of the really random thoughts which popped into my head on the trip. They are sort of in the order I remember.

• It’s hard to suck a blow pop in the wind.

• Where the fuck did my gum go?

• I need to buy the new 300 movie.

• I should have a helmet on.

• I love clouds.

• My home town is changing (Pojo).

• I miss being a little girl.

• I wonder if D is doing ok?

• The road to LA is kinda creepy.

• A “place where discoveries are made!”

• I want to buy 300 on the way back.

• Aspen trees are lovely.

• So many straight trees and then the random anomaly. Hey! That’s like me! I am a crooked tree. Beautifully twisted.

• The forest…much different than the ocean.

• Why are the technical areas of the laboratory so spread out?

• What if I had stayed working at LANL? I wouldn’t know the people I know today.

• Maybe I should work here again?

• I wonder what top secret projects are in the works here now?

• Themistocles♥

• I can’t wait to deadlift tomorrow!

• New Mexico is so beautiful.

• I’m proud to be a New Mexican.

• My ass hurts.

• My ass really hurts.

• Time to meet my mom for coffee!

Random thoughts indeed. Maybe I’m strange, but that is an inside look at my strange mind if so. It was a nice day. My hair got really  trashed out and I am sun burned to the max! Looked like hell in these pics!


~Valle Grande Historic Marker and Mike~


~Valle Grande elk viewing, a view through the wheel, and the waterfall in Jemez~

I ♥ Mora

July 26, 2014


***Faith, Destiny, Felicia and Daryn at the Historic Cassidy Mill in Mora County. The mill has been on the National Register of Historic Places since December of 1978. I ♥ history and I ♥ people who care about history.***
I am so tired!! My son and I spent all day in Mora attending the 2014 Valdez Family Reunion in Las Aguitas. This was a gathering of people on my mother’s side of the family. There were close to 300 people there and I had an absolute blast. I laughed my head off all day. There was a parade this morning at 10:00am because the town is celebrating the fiestas. After the parade, we stopped by my family’s property to relax for a bit then headed to the reunion site across the way. The air there is clean and the land is so beautiful. It was a really fun day. I will share photos soon as I know many of you will be waiting to see them.

Breathtaking White Cliffs

April 12, 2014

Today marked the official start of hiking season…sun’s out, guns out. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument offers an easier hike than needed, but you can’t beat the beauty of these chalky cliffs. The geology of the park is breathtaking.

There were at least 20 geologists hiking, sitting and taking scientific notes together. How fun! They were noting and sketching striations, faults and distinct deposits in the ancient volcanic rock and ash. The Tent Rocks were created by the erosion and weathering of volcanic, pyroclastic flow deposits in the Jemez Volcanic Field.

The volcanic explosion is said to have happened between six and seven million years ago. Kasha-Katuwe is very close to Santa Fe via Cochiti Pueblo and sits on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is a great place to warm up your hiking muscles, as the climb to the very top is steady and not very technical.

Watch an old video on my YouTube channel: “View From the Top” (2012)



Algorithm for a Hero: The Cap and His Sniper

April 5, 2014

Today was strictly reserved for Captain America. The Winter Soldier was super awesome. It would be cool to see it again. God you really gotta love these movies! How can you not?? Can’t wait for No.3 with “the Twins!” There was a sneak peek and I can tell I’m gonna love those characters. An algorithm played a major role in the storyline which was way beyond exciting to a lover of 1z & 0z (see Death of the Algorithm).


It was great to see Washington, DC on the big screen following my visit there for the Best Practices Exchange (see State of the Digital Union). One of my top scenes of the whole movie featured Captain America running near the Washington Monument. I actually saw a lot of people running while I was out there (see Crab Cakes and Cardio). The Cap is working out wearing a gray, fitted Under Armour tee (awesome). He pauses for a resting pose right in front of the US Capitol with his bi veins lookin’ all 3D ~n~ such (awesome).


No.2 was basically a story about friendship. How imperfect is that?! There were multiple friendships at play in the storyline, but the best, most heartbreaking was the “friendship” between Black Widow and Captain America. There is already an underlying spark between the mysterious spy and the clear cut hero, but when Steve’s lips meet Natasha’s for show they realize there is something more. This only happens in the movies though. Right? Or maybe just between men with really vascular arms and women in really tight catsuits? Who knows? Never the less, the Captain isn’t having it.


Captain America enjoyed the kiss, but insists on friendship. During a heart-to-heart, the Black Widow asks “is that your first kiss since 1945?” The Cap responds with…”it’s kinda hard to trust someone when you don’t know who they are.” Hummm…interesting eh? She’s a poisonous, heart wrenching, sniper silly?! Maybe that’s what he thinks anyway? The Widow says, “Yeah. Who do you want me to be?” She’ll be what he wants. Of course he says “how ’bout a friend?” What a guy! She tells him “there’s a chance you could be in the wrong business Rogers!” Naw…his business is straight!


I want the money I spent on this movie back! Serious! It was awesome, but I got gypped hard!! I thought that in the movies, super hot, good guy heroes and super sexy, mysterious spy chicks end up together? It’s the movies right?? But…naww…friends it is! Guess this time I can’t say…”only in the movies” ha? There was one good aspect of this faux friendship. Captain America saved the Black Widow’s life not long before their kiss. After they had the heart-to-heart, she asked him if he at least trusted her to save his life if needed and he said yes. I guess that’s something!?


Winter Soldier was indeed awesome. Maybe the screenwriters can rewrite the script? I could always ask them to write in the Punisher? Maybe Robert Redford…I mean Alexander Pierce will hook a sista up? He should let his fellow stars know that in Hollywood, the sexy spy always gets her hero! Maybe Kang Zhao at the University of Iowa can help the screenwriters develop an algorithm for that ha?? Maybe?


~~★★★★NAW….only in the movies!!★★★★~~

Sunday Visit to El Santuario de Chimayo

March 9, 2014


Today D and I went to Chimayo with my family. It was a good day. We left in the morning and came back in the late afternoon. It was such a gorgeous day up north. The amazing blue sky gently enveloped the sacred, historic site.

I know all of us thought about how much my grandma and her sister loved that place when they were alive. My grandma believed in Santuario’s power to cure every ailment be it mental or physical. I picked up gifts for one of my special girlfriends who is very religious. She will appreciate the gifts.


I came across an old friend selling sweet smelling, handmade soaps, sage smudge sticks, and Chimayo chili. It is always good to support local creatives, so I dropped 40 on some goods! Following that we went to Rancho de Chimayo for lunch. I had a delish salad there.

Tonight I went back to read an old piece I wrote in April of 2012 about El Santuario. It was titled Good Friday: The Penance of Imperfect Creatures. I remember that I really enjoyed writing that piece. I used a quote by Ernst Fischer which says “as machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man.”


It is important to embrace our imperfection. Hearing a sermon for sinners today reminded me I’m human. I also reread a lovely quote from Karen Nave I used for that 2012 piece. She said “sometimes we strive so hard for perfection that we forget that imperfection is happiness.” Being human is hard, which is why so many people pray.

We pray for health. We pray for peace. We pray for others. We pray for direction and answers. In times of our deepest human weakness we pray for strength. If my prayers aren’t answered, I know that there’s a reason. I trust in that. Visiting El Santuario always reminds me that I am beautifully flawed. 

Stone: New Site Theme

February 19, 2014

I have a new site theme and gravatar since I’ve been feeling kinda stoneish lately…so why not feature some strong, cold rock art? This photo of my son and I was taken on a hike during a visit to Petroglyph National Monument. Still love and religiously wear my “Live Strong” Nike tank~ strong like stone! I included an awesome Carl Jung quote in my new header about the endurance of stone. It is also moving to see these records people left on stone. I decided to embed the “mission” of my site in a text widget. Over the last few years I have designed at least 30 themes. This is something I love to do, as creativity is my necessary evil.


~•» In Fairy Land «•~

July 4, 2013
~•••» Fairy Land inside Carlsbad Caverns, NM~ Photo by Felicia Lujan on the 4th of July~ 2013 «•••~

~•••» Fairy Land inside Carlsbad Caverns, NM~ Photo by Felicia Lujan on the 4th of July~ 2013 «•••~

Hold your breath
and close your eyes.
In Fairy Land a
heart will rise.

When darkness seeps
into your pores,
the caves will beckon
myth and lore.

The lights are out.
There’s just a spark.
In a rocky void,
we leave a mark.

Jagged spikes invite
puncture wounds.
Explored by wanderers
for many moons.

Hold your breath
and count to three.
In Fairy Land,
envision me.

~•» by Felicia Lujan
~•» 4th of July (2013)

A Visit to Villanueva State Park and the San Miguel del Vado National Historic District

May 12, 2013

Here are some photos from the trip we took yesterday to Villanueva State Park and the San Miguel del Vado National Historic District. This is a great day trip for anyone interested in history, nature and fitness!

The church at San Miguel del Vado was built in 1806 at the principal vado of the Pecos river on the old Santa Fe Trail. This is where custom taxes on caravans, entering New Mexico, were paid to the Mexican government. The original church is still in use.”

Now I’m off to Tortilla Flats. Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mommy and my grandma Emily. Today I also remember my grandma Corine and my great grandma Lina.

A Healthy Hike

May 11, 2013
•~Villanueva State Park Visitor Center~•

•~Villanueva State Park Visitor Center~•

Every Sunday we go to the track and eat right. Call it religious! Sunday is usually “get back on track” day. Since I’m meeting my mom and fam for lunch tomorrow I opted for fitness today in exchange.

We spent the day visiting Villanueva State Park. It was a good hike with a lovely ridge top panorama. I am always left in awe by the beauty of my state. On a rather challenging hike for a 7 year old, D didn’t complain once!

I am super tired. After finishing the hike, we walked along the river bank for a while. The weather was nice and moved from cool to hot to cool. Light sprinkles of rain were welcomed and invigorating.

I will close down the night in bed with my iPod. After an adventurous day I’m ready for some smooth beats followed by dream land and heavy Zs.

The Royal Road Project with customized Panoramic Monitor installed at New Mexico State Arts

April 23, 2013

I love my state.

Art & Emerging Technology

The Royal Road Project Pano_Final112

The collaborative art team of Ethan Bach, J Craig Tompkins and Charles Veasey are pleased to announce that The Royal Road Project is currently showing at New Mexico State Arts at the Bataan Memorial Building 407 Gallisteo St in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then it will be moved just down the road to Currents 2013 at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe located at 555 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 14, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

The Royal Road Project_birds_flight

The artists spent days shooting along the El Camino Real Trail de Tierra Adentro from El Paso, Texas to Taos, New Mexico documenting the trail at least every 15 miles. The trail, which began as an Indigenous foot path, became a treacherous road for the first Spanish settlers. Wagons and trains followed. Travelers now speed down I-25 running parallel to one of the most significant trails in early…

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First Lady to Attend Signing of Md. Veterans Bill

April 15, 2013

Blessings for the Remains

February 2, 2013

Last week I was talking with a friend about the reburial of some human remains. The remains were discovered in mid 2003 by a contractor working for Bernalillo County. The contractor was working on a sewage system and unearthed the bones of an old cemetery, or camposanto. The camposanto was just north of Albuquerque rather close to the Rio Grande.

The New Mexico Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) was contacted by the contractor as soon as the remains were uncovered. This division assists with the identification and protection of cultural resources in my state. The work had indeed exposed an archaeological site. This division of DCA worked closely with archaeologists from the University of New Mexico on this site.

I remember when that story first surfaced. It is always horrifying to learn that these things happen. I helped a couple of people several years ago who were looking for information on the area where the remains were discovered. A recent article reported that the remains of about 123 people were recovered from the site. If my memory serves me right at the time I helped those people, the remains of at least 70 residents of the early village of Alameda had been discovered.

Archaeologists determined that the human remains were from a former burial ground of the original Nativity of Our Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Alameda. The time period tied to that community was from around 1700 to 1900. In the first few years of that final century, a major flood swallowed the area.

This past week, parishioners of the current Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church had a rosary and participated in a funeral procession. The church now sits on higher ground, due to that historic flood. The church parishioners then reburied the disturbed remains in the San Carlos Cemetery. The reburial coincided with the centennial celebration of that parish. I find that interesting because the church was built in 1913, shortly after New Mexico became a state.

Many years ago I remember helping two different archaeologists research a dig here in Santa Fe. Sadly, one of the archaeologists has now passed away. By using maps, we discovered that the area they were excavating here in Santa Fe was once a cemetery. It was scary to see the city divide the land and basically sell “graveyard” lots several years later. If I recall, that happened in the 1950s.

The most recent article on the Alameda remains said that with a “proper burial” these people were “now at final rest.” I send my blessings for the remains. It is unfortunate that someday these bones may be studied yet again by another set of archaeologists.