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Watch “The Civil Wars – Kingdom Come”

June 8, 2018

Some haunting, dusty boot music to settle rattling bones.

Amazing lyricists for sure…

F’en Roots: “I’m Stronger Than I Ever Knew”

July 19, 2017

This song is putting me through the roof in the gym. Lyrics are on fire! Definitely added to my heavy gym jamz Youtube playlist. In This Moment brought out the big gunz with this one.

The Rundown

October 28, 2015

Wow!! You haven’t heard from me since Saturday because I’ve been super busy! I’ve been swamped from: the gym; to the printer; to meetings and a hearing and more meetings to come; to homework and school politics; and the completion of my Killer Frost cosplay.

This busy week is far from over. I still have: two all day meetings; an early morning to work magic, become Killer Frost and turn D into The Scarecrow; and a Friday night dinner party at my house! It never gets easier, but it’s all worth it and rewarding when I can breathe!! So what do I have to report?? Hear is the best news from the last four days.

#1 !!!~
On Sunday, I hit my personal best on the dumbbell bench press with two 50 pounders for 12! That means my 1RM for that movement may be 70z!! I love it!! It’s straight comedy to Google pics of women using dumbbells for this (which is why I choose this pic). They are always like 3 to 5 pound weights. Commmee on! Really?



#2 !!!~
The Tony Hillerman Writers Conference is next week and I completed the program. I met with the printer yesterday and signed off on the proof. Yeayyyyy!! The final looked awesome and I added great quotes from writers this year! I had some resolution issues with Adobe InDesign, but got it all figured out in perfect time. Phew!



#3 !!!~
Tonight I put the final stitches into my blue velvet, Killer Frost dress. This cosplay keeps with the trademark icy theme of this super villainess. I attached icicles to the bottom of the dress. Tonight I stitched in the sparkling tulle and silver snowflake cape. Hopefully I can pull this frozen look off. I’m hoping this cosplay comes together just right early Friday morning.



I was HQ in 2013, though I liked Poison Ivy better in 2014. Interesting that this year in the news, Harley Quinn is the Most Popular Halloween Costume Nationally on Google Search. That’s old news to me. This year be like a sea of Harley Quinns. Like Young Jeezy says in his awesome song Me OK“Mister if I’m talkin’ you should listen, game is free OK.” Maybe in 2017 everyone will be Killer Frost?

The French Tongue: Straight Fire

February 20, 2015


The 50 Shades of Grey movie soundtrack is hot, hands down… but The Weeknd brings it on Earned It. This is some straight fire whipped out by that French tongue. Thanks to Mar for getting me the soundtrack! She knew I would love it. Anastasia (Dakota J.) is in the video, making it even better!! Where You Belong by The Weeknd is also a hot track.


Me in my red boots with the tix!

I saw the movie with the gals the day after Valentine’s Day. By the way… 50 Shades of Grey isn’t just a story about sex and bondage. There is symbolism and allusion in the books by James as well as in the movie. Authors always deliver more than meets the eye. That’s a given. Yes… the sex scenes were sweet, but meaning is there for those who can understand deeper things. I’ll explore that in a later post.

This movie was a perfect fit for The Weeknd’s sultry sound. I must say it was! I will also say that I discovered and fell in love with his music long before many had even heard of him. (see A French Tongue on The Weeknd). He is an amazing songwriter with a flawless voice. Check out his lyrics to Earned It below the embedded video. Maybe this song is just another story about tragic love? Tragically…

Lyrics to
Earned It” by The Weeknd
50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack

You make it look like it’s magic, Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you. I’m never confused
Hey, hey…I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, cause I hate when the moment’s expected…

So I’ma care for you, you, you. I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah. Cause girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it. Cause girl you earned it. Girl you earned it.

You know our love would be tragic, so you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind. We live with no lies. Hey, hey. You’re my favorite kind of night. I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, cause I hate when the moment’s expected.

So I’ma care for you, you, you. I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah. Cause girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it. Cause girl you earned it. Girl you earned it.

On that lonely night you said it wouldn’t be love…but we felt the rush. It made us believe that it was only us. Convinced we were broken inside, inside. I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, cause I hate when the moment’s expected.

So I’ma care for you, you, you. I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah. Cause girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it. Cause girl you earned it. Girl you earned it.

J.E. …Where have you been?

January 24, 2015


I love how some of my favorite old school R&B and soul classics are coming back strong. They are older now, but sexy as ever and their unique talent I have missed. Jagged Edge is one group of men bringing it back and showing these young gunz what real sex music is all about. Their discography includes 8 releases since 1997 and of course I have every single one.

I picked up JE Heartbreak II last week and it is indeed hawwwwwt! Not a surprise. I love the twinz. Brandon and Brian Casey have a way of giving ears and bodies sugar laced tracks. From A Jagged Era (1997) to J.E. Heartbreak (2000) to Jagged Little Thrill (2001) to Hard (2003) to Jagged Edge (2006) to the Baby Making Project (2007) to The Remedy (2011) to J.E. Heartbreak II (2014), these guys have had me on lock. I didn’t realize they had a new release and was actually looking for D’Angelo’s new disc.

There are five tracks that I think are straight fire. My favorite track is “Love Come Down.” With lyrics like “I can’t control my hands love. ‘Cause every time that I’m around you girl my body goes bananas. It’s like it’s got a mind all of it’s own. So baby excuse my manners. I don’t know but you make me feel like an animal…” What’s not to love? This song runs a close first with “Wanna Be (Romeo).” Also smokin’ is “Make it Clear,” along with “Future” and “It’s Been You.”

I’ve really missed you J.E. I have been fiending for music like this. Welcome back!! 💗

Sadly Sad

December 17, 2014

This isn’t the official video, but these lyrics were written perfectly and the moving images selected for this are highly symbolic. Gotta love Maroon 5. Adam Levine and James Valentine are indeed great writers.

Ambitionz of a Ridah

September 28, 2014


This month marks the anniversary of the death of Tupac. Yesterday I bought a “Hail Mary” gym tank in his honor. It features a photograph of Pac in his well known prayer pose. I listened to the man and had on my tank while I killed back today. His music still gives me chills and gets me going in the gym…putting me in a zone where it’s best to stay out of my way.


I loved that a couple of days before Tupac’s anniversary, @TheRock noted that he was training with 2Pac. Today The Rock tweeted… “Sometimes real greatness isn’t always what you do with your life – but what you inspire others to do with theirs” #Solid. Yes! Indeed! Inspiring others is so important. If you can move people in ways that they have never been moved, that is truly great. I’ve spent almost half of my life listening to him.


Think you are 2 good for 2Pac? His lyrics pierce the essence of what it means to be human. There hasn’t been another like him, and I doubt there ever will be. At just 25 years old, he could express himself with remarkable depth. He was an awesome writer and lyricist. Don’t take my word for it. Scholars everywhere have studied the life of and interpreted the lyrics of Tupac. Harvard University is not alone in the development of a symposium based on the life of a hardened, yet intelligent man.

Tech N9ne tackles bullying in latest music video

March 11, 2014

This new Tech N9ne song x Kendrick Lamar is awesome!!! It’s good that Tech uses his verse to highlight a serious issue, but Lamar has a better verse. His is about other things!! Being Fragile sucks.

Gym Swag and Some Freakshow

January 20, 2014

I have been jamming out to Hinder more than usual! I decided it was time to see if the man with great lyrics and a deliciously smokey voice had a new album out. It turned out the latest Hinder album was Welcome to the Freakshow. This was the fourth studio album put out by Hinder in December of 2012. I bought the disc on Saturday, and is indeed awesome! I worked out hard to Freakshow and See You in Hell in the gym today.

The fast songs were good to hit the weights to, but I gotta love me some Hinder slow jams like~ Should Have Known Better, Get Me Away From You, Is It Just Me, I Don’t Wanna Believe, and Anyone But You. This disc is really good. I regret not picking it up sooner! Only the breathy, raspy voice of Austin Winkler’s lead vocals can pull off the pain in these lyrics. His voice stands out just as much as my new PowerBait colored Under Armour hoodie does! Love locking down new gym swag!!! 😉


**********My new Under Armour hoodie! Nice!!!*********

Take a stand

December 26, 2013

Wow…this is such an amazing Jim Morrison quote. He was an exceptionally deep man. I had the chance to visit the humble grave of this talented American rock legend about two decades ago. He was laid to rest amongst thousands of other musicians, artists and writers in a beautiful cemetery with stone pathways. The Pére-Lachaise cemetery in Paris was established by Napoléon Bonaparte in 1804. Ironically, this man with a deep heart died in Paris in 1971, due to the failure of his heart. Before he died, Morrison gifted humanity. He gifted us with enriched thoughts, as well as word laced lyrics and poems about fear, love, pain, strength and the destruction of reality. Souls which beam this type of bravery are few and far between.


Tragedy and the Creative

December 23, 2013

If you have never heard the haunting voice of Christina Perri in her song Tragedy, you need to listen. She is amazing! Her lyrics are powerful and I embedded her lyric video for the song below. What a perfect song! You can hear the pain in her voice. I customized a portion for a new ringtone on my phone. Props to this lovely woman who uses tragedy to inspire creativity!!

“Light ‘Em Up”

December 1, 2013

This weekend I bought the new CD “Save Rock and Roll” by Fall Out Boy. I had been loving the new video for “Alone Together,” which I’m over. It’s been on a few countdowns. Figured the CD would be good since my hero Jimmy Kimmel likes them and since these singles mark the official return of Fall Out Boy after a brief hiatus.
These men do write some awesome lyrics. The beats are great for working out. “The Phoenix” and “Where Did the Party Go” are good songs, but “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” rocks!! Those lyrics were flawlessly written by mad lyricists. The lyrics are absolutely perfect. I love words!
Now I gotta track down the remix with 2Chainz. I am sure that remix is smokin’ for sure! Wish I had that one when I hit some chest, back n bi today. Who doesn’t wanna “Light ‘Em Up?”

Emeli Sandé: A Real Woman

September 28, 2013

Emeli has blessed my mind and heart with lyrical emotion. The Scottish artist has a powerful and beautiful voice. I adore this highly symbolic music video, though I see something much different in my mind associated with these lyrics. This is the second music video for the song “My Kind of Love” released by Sandé. It was released on September 5th. If you haven’t heard this song, prepare for a heartfelt journey and a million thoughts.     ~~~~F

Lovin’ These Lyrics and This Video~ Wish You Were the One…

August 23, 2013

The Civil Wars~ The One The Got Away

Feelin’ Krewella

July 20, 2013

~Cover art on my iPod Touch for “Come and Get It”~ A Series of Krewella Remixes~

As it turns out, the new machine I told you about yesterday works awesome. I never would have thought so if I hadn’t tried it for myself. I got a great workout this afternoon while I watched music videos by Krewella. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Krewella and I have been hooked ever since. I like them even more now that I took some time to learn about the trio.

I do love me some talented writers. Krewella consists of two singing/songwriting sisters named Jahan and Yasmine, and their producer the “Rain Man.” The beats are indeed hard hitting and motivational. The lyrics these ladies write are laced with hot sexual innuendos which works to their advantage. The self-produced group has been around since 2007.

I’m actually kind of surprised that I hadn’t heard of them before. I do have a music archive with close to 15,000 songs and thousands of music videos. It is true that I am constantly looking for artists who satisfy my insatiable need for ear candy. Krewella was missing from that and I’m glad I learned of them. The trio has been pegged in the genres of dance, dubstep, synthpop, electro house, and progressive house, though their sound stands apart from others in these genres.

I look forward to hearing Krewella’s first full-length studio album. It is set for release this year in the month I was born by Columbia Records. Now that a major label has wittingly picked Krewella up, hopefully they will stay true to the sounds that have apparently set them on fire. I can’t wait to “Get Wet” in September!

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