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May 17, 2016


self convinced
needs aren’t needs
venom stains
are needful things
poison so slow
still honey drenched
writhe in pain with
moon clipped wings

by Felicia Lujan

**Inspired by In this Moment’s song… The Fighter.**


February 23, 2016

•Digital composite by Felicia•

hungry still
consuming black
feeding on the
nightmare of your
moon drenched kiss
a blood filled bite
now wishing time
would stop or stay
with broken things
ravenous dreams
like burnt up stars
for satiated beasts

by Felicia Lujan


February 4, 2016

•Digital composite by Felicia•

measure my heart
of solid gold
luminous for you
lux of love
gifted to the few

your human eyes
light across a soul
fueled with power
our luminosity
wavelengths take a toll

measure my heart
luminous flux
size beyond the stars
full moon lux
the night is clear
and it’s free from wars

still casualties
of weighted love
heart heavy with a pain
peek of gold
and white light green
keeping another sane

by Felicia Lujan

No Shadows

January 28, 2015


“Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.”  
~~~• Rūmī

Moonlit Wish

November 21, 2014

Draped in blackened,
candied dreams, a
priestess of the stars.
Keeping purple haze
and a moonlit wish
bottled up in jars.
by Felicia Lujan
November 21, 2014

Feathers Fall

September 15, 2014


Feathers fall.
Silenced by her
thirsting skin.
Once caught in
webbing of a
moon kissed ray.
Catcher of
in time and
morning’s light.
by Felicia Lujan


June 12, 2014


Take me there…
To the place where stars
uncross just to collide.
Night sky unwrapped
where heavens hide.
Take me there…
To eternity in moon
kissed breath.
Planets off course
despite death.
Take me there…
To wish upon a star
one snowy night.
Flakes fall to Earth
as you hold me tight.
Take me there…
To the place where stars
uncross just to collide.
Night sky unwrapped
where heavens hide.

by Felicia Lujan
June 12, 2013

My Horns

June 4, 2014

****The Maleficent horns my boss Melis brought me back from Colorado on Monday. I put my horns above my office door since I am the Dark Archivist. She knows I have always loved Maleficent.****

“I’m different. I will give you my treasure chest of darkness first. If you can handle that, then I’ll bring out my shining moons. If one cannot handle the darkness, then one should not deserve the light.”

~~~~C. JoyBell C.


April 14, 2014


Gratefully he strode across her chest to enslave her heart with metal links of the highest grade.

Her fire could melt chains forged by Hephaestus, yet she was content to wear his chains still.

In his honor she had moved mountains. Captivated by magic in the sky they touched.

Gratefully he strode across her chest. Enslaving her heart and chaining moon to sun.

by Felicia Lujan


April 6, 2014

She listened for words
in the heart of nothingness.
Maybe the words were lost…
swallowed whole by a needy,

hungry star? She listened
for words in the heart of
an empty place. Maybe
the words were lost…kept
and locked away by the
tongue of another’s moon?
by Felicia Lujan

❅❄** Surviving Winter **❄❅

December 9, 2013

Frost moved in with
stealth and strength.
The warmth she knew
receded into snowy
stars which were
shunned at Heaven’s
gate. With each frozen
breath, her chest grew
weary. Beads of iced
tears sparkled on her
lashes. She hoped the
green grass and Aries
moon could survive
the call of winter.
by Felicia Lujan
December 9, 2013

~°~ The Spirit of Place ~°~

September 23, 2013

The morning was crisp and I could feel the winter slipping into my bones. On Saturday, I got up while the stars were still twinkling. All night long I had various dreams about the special gathering I knew I was going to attend that morning. After making breakfast, I poured up the last cup of flavored coffee and headed out the door into the darkness.

The drive to the valley seemed different. The Pojoaque Valley looked peaceful early in the morning and I really couldn’t remember the last time I had that thought. During my descent I wondered what the Gathering for Mother Earth would be like? My cousin Jessica had invited me to the gathering last year, but I never made it. She insisted it was something I would love. I was happy to be on my way down to my home town. At one time, I said this was the place where I grew up, but I actually grew up several years later. I still continue to grow.



Upon approaching the gathering site there were several invitational signs. The signs carried depictions of the sun and moon. There were also handmade signs which featured the symbolic turtle totem, one of Creator’s creatures who burrows into Mother Earth. The gathering is held not far from my childhood home. I would say maybe five miles away. There was a long, bumpy dirt road leading to the sacred space amongst the moon, trees, and the spirit of place. 
~° Photograph of the moon in the Pojoaque sky by Felicia Lujan °~

When I got out of the vehicle, the first thing I noticed was a painted sky. The sky was alive with shades of pink, purple and blue and had two beautiful teepees in the distance. People were shuffling and beginning to gather. I was hoping I hadn’t missed the ceremony to usher in the sunrise. My cousin had told me that “the grandmothers would sing the sun up in Tewa.” I made it just in time. The moon was still high west in the Pojoaque sky.

I walked up a small embankment into a large circle of rocks. The grandmothers called to us and invited us into the circle. Within that circle there were two centered small circles of rocks. One of the small circles contained a pile of dirt which was likely symbolic of Mother Earth. The other had a fire burning. There were offerings of wood, corn meal and water near the fire. During the course of the gathering handfuls of these offerings were tossed into the fire in prayer and to ask for blessings.

There were about 40 people gathered into the circle. The ceremony started with the thoughts and prayers of the grandmothers. All of those in attendance were spiritually cleansed with a smudge stick. The smoke smelled like a combination of sage and lavender. One woman went around and ran smoke up and down each person’s body. Some people gave thanks. Some people stayed silent. Some people pushed the smoke into their lungs with their hands. A few different people spoke thereafter. They spoke about respect for Mother Earth and fostering an appreciation of her gifts.

When the rays of the sun started shooting over the mountains to the east we were asked to face that direction. While I waited for the sunrise, my heart heard the most beautiful prayers, songs and instruments. The drum, a rattle and a flute complimented each voice. The song of one particular woman brought tears to my eyes. I was moved and touched in ways which seem indescribable. I experienced overwhelming warmth once the sun was in full view. It seemed as though I was seeing the sun for the very first time. In a way, I was.

When I turned back to face the fire, I looked right past the flames. I was overcome by the enchanting beauty of the Black Mesa. The natural light cast a surreal glow from one end of the mesa to the other. Again it felt like the first time I had seen the mesa that I have seen a million times. It is hard to explain how all of this lifted my heart. I felt connected to the strangers experiencing this beauty with me. Lastly we participated in “a short version” of the cinnamon roll hug and then we were released from the circle with blessings.
~° Photograph of the sunrise and the spirit of place in the Pojoaque sky by Felicia Lujan °~

This may be one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It made me feel good. It made me feel connected to people and place. It made me feel complete. The experience was nothing like my dreams. It was so much better and more beautiful than the mind of the creative could imagine. When the sun came up, I took a picture. In my photo, unexplainable red markings appeared around the sun. There is also a glowing red orb directly below the sun. I don’t know about you, but I believe I captured the spirit of place that day. I believe. The Gathering for Mother Earth was so amazing.

~° Natural products made by my cousin Jessica °~


To Merge with Stars

August 4, 2013

Carlsbad- New Mexico by Felicia Lujan
Have you ever slept under the stars? Really slept under the stars? It is sincerely a magical experience. To some it may be unnerving to lay in the great wide open. Unprotected. Exposed. It makes us remember that we are human. We remember we are fragile beings. On a recent trip to Carlsbad, I slept right under the stars and skipped the hotel scene. I must say that it was an experience that I rather enjoyed. I like to think that I’m a really simple woman with a really complex mind. Having the stars just hover above me with all the brilliance of a New Mexico sky was breathtaking.

When we withdraw from all the busyness that complicates our daily lives, it is easy to realize what is complete and what is missing. I really didn’t sleep much for two whole nights. Not that I usually do anyhow. I have always been a night owl. This was different. I wanted to stay awake all night and observe. I observed the colors of the night sky and loved every minute. I imagined beyond simplicity and surrendered to the complexities of my mind. I observed my thoughts and dreams float up to eventually merge with super novas. I cleared my mind of useless clutter.

Right before I went to sleep I took this photograph. It was about 4:00am and the scene was extraordinary. I should have stayed up to catch the sunrise. Instead, I drifted off to sleep and into happiness.

Marking Stars

July 21, 2013




…» Felicia Lujan
…» 7.21.2013


June 30, 2013


From the Family Table

Last evening we decided to walk across the arroyo in our back yard up to a hill where we could get a good view of “Super Moon” rising above the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Unfortunately, we got a great view of the plume of smoke from a forest fire that has been burning uncontrolled in the Pecos Wilderness for two weeks. No houses are threatened, but the Pecos is a beautiful and wild place that will undoubtedly be forever changed – at least for my lifetime – by this devastating fire. Our severe drought conditions make it likely that we will experience more forest fires this season.

The sunset over the Jemez Mountains was spectacular, so it was hard to figure how great the moon view would be. We took cameras, binoculars, ground cloth, tripod, and – thanks to my wife’s forethought – two glasses of port to toast the evening…

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