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Just Dammmmn… Watch “JLo’s- Dinero x DJ Khaled and Cardi B”

June 13, 2018

Woman pushin’ 50 n her swag n sexy is just scorchin’ these youngsters. #smoked– Feed me a marshmallow pleeeeeeease ♡! (forget the Dinero… Haha)

Gingerz n Wordz Tho… Watch “Luke Combs- Must’ve Never Met You”

June 2, 2018

My December Gym Anthems… Rrreeeeepeat!

December 20, 2017

Burn It Down

December 3, 2016

Burning the house da fuk down to Seven Enemies in the gym today. I love this song by Hatebreed and Saturday!! I’m set to kill it on chest soon… cold… dead… buried… for real.

“Born to Bleed”

October 12, 2016

For the past couple of weeks, Hatebreed has been driving me (mad) in the gym. I am always thankful for the iron. I need it! I love it! Being mad in the gym keeps me relatively sane outside of the gym. Hatebreed puts me through the roof. As of yesterday, the song of this savage is “In Ashes They Shall Reap.”

Good God, I straight murdered the treadmill yesterday. It was my day off and I killed 2.5 miles running during lunch like nada. My eyes glossed over and my mind was weightless. I followed that up with a murderous session of abs on my day off from the weights.

Today I loaded the leg press with 450 to start. I pushed 10 plates in a non-stop drop set of 66 reps. I’ve been hitting at least one non-stop drop with each workout. That was after squats, stiff legged deadz and standing calve raises. I drew strength from my burns and inflictions along the way.

One thing I love about myself… I have no problem converting negative energy into gainz because “I was born to bleed, fighting to succeed… built to endure what this world throws at me.” Iron reminds me everytime that “those who sow in flames in ashes they shall reap.

Even in These Chains…

May 3, 2016

This song has been **firing** me up as of late. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you to my friend Elaine of the Fellowship of Iron Maidens for introducing me to In This Moment. Forever indebted to her♥ for the fire I’ve been getting from Big Bad Wolf. It is the perfect song for how I’ve been feeling lately!

Elaine’s jam is Beast Within which also rocks! We are making plans to hit this concert up when the bad ass, blonde, vixen takes the stage in ABQ (after the gym of course). Pure fire! But seriously though… “even in these chains you can’t stop me!!!”


March 29, 2016

Loving this new song~ Nick and Tove are perfect. Close… just a made up word.

Missing Dierks

August 14, 2015

Dierks Bently is about to hit the stage in Albuquerque tonight. Wishing I was there even though his music brings a tear to my eye. This is a photo I took of his CD cover when I bought it in Match of 2014. One song breaks my heart and I love the music video. It seems like I bought this so long ago. Before you know it… time passes… things change… and moments slip away into oblivion. To all who are listening to Dierks tonight, spark your lighter for me.


The French Tongue: Straight Fire

February 20, 2015


The 50 Shades of Grey movie soundtrack is hot, hands down… but The Weeknd brings it on Earned It. This is some straight fire whipped out by that French tongue. Thanks to Mar for getting me the soundtrack! She knew I would love it. Anastasia (Dakota J.) is in the video, making it even better!! Where You Belong by The Weeknd is also a hot track.


Me in my red boots with the tix!

I saw the movie with the gals the day after Valentine’s Day. By the way… 50 Shades of Grey isn’t just a story about sex and bondage. There is symbolism and allusion in the books by James as well as in the movie. Authors always deliver more than meets the eye. That’s a given. Yes… the sex scenes were sweet, but meaning is there for those who can understand deeper things. I’ll explore that in a later post.

This movie was a perfect fit for The Weeknd’s sultry sound. I must say it was! I will also say that I discovered and fell in love with his music long before many had even heard of him. (see A French Tongue on The Weeknd). He is an amazing songwriter with a flawless voice. Check out his lyrics to Earned It below the embedded video. Maybe this song is just another story about tragic love? Tragically…

Lyrics to
Earned It” by The Weeknd
50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack

You make it look like it’s magic, Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you. I’m never confused
Hey, hey…I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, cause I hate when the moment’s expected…

So I’ma care for you, you, you. I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah. Cause girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it. Cause girl you earned it. Girl you earned it.

You know our love would be tragic, so you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind. We live with no lies. Hey, hey. You’re my favorite kind of night. I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, cause I hate when the moment’s expected.

So I’ma care for you, you, you. I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah. Cause girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it. Cause girl you earned it. Girl you earned it.

On that lonely night you said it wouldn’t be love…but we felt the rush. It made us believe that it was only us. Convinced we were broken inside, inside. I’m so used to being used. So I love when you call unexpected, cause I hate when the moment’s expected.

So I’ma care for you, you, you. I’ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah. Cause girl you’re perfect. You’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it. Cause girl you earned it. Girl you earned it.

Sadly Sad

December 17, 2014

This isn’t the official video, but these lyrics were written perfectly and the moving images selected for this are highly symbolic. Gotta love Maroon 5. Adam Levine and James Valentine are indeed great writers.

Making Gainz

September 26, 2014


In the the last few months, I have noticed such a difference in my strength. Every week, my weight has been going up! I love it!! I have seen a two inch growth in my flexed bicep measurement since April of 2014. My arm was 11″ five months ago. I’m excited about starting a creatine load tomorrow.

Today it measured in at 13″ flexed. I’m happy, but I’m still looking for more. To put a fit woman’s bicep size into perspective…Ms. Olympia (Iris) has 17″ arms. I’m looking for 15″ at least. Check out these ladies measuring up. They are hitting between 12″ to 17″ arms and some of them are proz. The average size of a woman’s arm is a 9-11 inches. I don’t like average. 


~My "Stack Me Up" results~

Some people have also noticed a change in my body, which is good. For a few years, I felt like I busted my ass with no change. I’m finally able to see results. Yesterday someone asked me what I am doing to get in shape? I thought about it. These are the things I think I am doing to keep moving forward in the gym.

√ Never skipping any body part
√ Running before workouts
√ Squatting every week
√ Benching every week
√ Deadlifting every week
√ Low rep/high rep workouts
√ Paused reps
√ Supinated grips
√ Alternated stances
√ No fast food (ever)
√ Whole Foods
√ Clean eating, minimal cheating
√ No sugary drinks (0 sodas)
√ 30 eggs per week
√ Eating kale
√ Consuming protein
√ No excuses
√ Dedication
√ Heart
√ Drive
√ Focus
√ Giving haterz the middle finga
√ Ignoring bad advice (“don’t do that” they said)


I’m on the right track. I can feel it and see it now. Like Lola Monroe says in Overtime… “I’m headed to the top and goin’ there alone.” I have no more distractions. Just me and my goal to be a monster. “Fe” is the best element in the periodic table and it also stands for me!! I want another inch by December. Imma work!!


~Lola Monroe says "suckaz need to get they weight up" and that she "keeps bum bitchez quiet...librarian" and then Trina says "I'm the best bitch...f' the rest bitch, got these bitchez by a landslide...take a rest bitch" in the song "Overtime"~

Na…Na…Man…That shizz is fire!

July 16, 2014

This jam is absolute fire! I have been feeling this song, but I like it even more now that I have the video on my pod. This may be the best music video I have seen in a while. The imagery is hot •• Hot •• HOT! Let me clarify that…super *H•O•T*!! Though…it’s to bad the video lyrics don’t follow the “dirty version.”

I do love me some sweaty peeps working out! When Trey Songz’s woman comes back in the end of the video in camo shorts to train him…it is awesome!!! Love that final scene!! Gotta love Trigga Trey~ bringing that fire back. They were actually working out in the video, but I wish Trey would have actually benched 225 for at least 15 reps. Sad face. Haha!!

Tech N9ne tackles bullying in latest music video

March 11, 2014

This new Tech N9ne song x Kendrick Lamar is awesome!!! It’s good that Tech uses his verse to highlight a serious issue, but Lamar has a better verse. His is about other things!! Being Fragile sucks.

♥Looooovvvve It!!!

December 24, 2013

Loooovvvve♥getting off at noon and hitting a long gym workout with my Nike swag and beloved iPod!!! You like some Sage the Gemini, "Gas Pedal" blaring in your ears?? Nice! That video is smokin' hot! Always awesome to get in a long workout!!! Going on Christmas too! What a mess! The gym was packed from wall to wall today with all the holiday muncherz!!

Tragedy and the Creative

December 23, 2013

If you have never heard the haunting voice of Christina Perri in her song Tragedy, you need to listen. She is amazing! Her lyrics are powerful and I embedded her lyric video for the song below. What a perfect song! You can hear the pain in her voice. I customized a portion for a new ringtone on my phone. Props to this lovely woman who uses tragedy to inspire creativity!!

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