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That Face

December 3, 2016

☆• That face when I’m ready to burn the house down on chest day. I love Saturdays!! This was a pic from the Saturday after Black Friday. I scored new, black and gray studios on Black Friday, which I needed. I threw my black widow necklace on and some temp red in my hair for that fire to burn it down! •☆

“Born to Bleed”

October 12, 2016

For the past couple of weeks, Hatebreed has been driving me (mad) in the gym. I am always thankful for the iron. I need it! I love it! Being mad in the gym keeps me relatively sane outside of the gym. Hatebreed puts me through the roof. As of yesterday, the song of this savage is “In Ashes They Shall Reap.”

Good God, I straight murdered the treadmill yesterday. It was my day off and I killed 2.5 miles running during lunch like nada. My eyes glossed over and my mind was weightless. I followed that up with a murderous session of abs on my day off from the weights.

Today I loaded the leg press with 450 to start. I pushed 10 plates in a non-stop drop set of 66 reps. I’ve been hitting at least one non-stop drop with each workout. That was after squats, stiff legged deadz and standing calve raises. I drew strength from my burns and inflictions along the way.

One thing I love about myself… I have no problem converting negative energy into gainz because “I was born to bleed, fighting to succeed… built to endure what this world throws at me.” Iron reminds me everytime that “those who sow in flames in ashes they shall reap.


August 15, 2016

•••| It’s that moment when a gym buddy notices something just isn’t right when you step on the gym floor with no headphones blasting because all be damned if they are usually attached to you and you forgot them at home and yep your pal springs into action saving the day with a “but I’ve know you since way back and you need these extra Skull Candies I have today, which you will actually be impressed with” and then you look super happy, smiling in relief. Yes… that was a run on sentence and he didn’t know he became a hero in that very moment lol or… maybe he knew?!? Hallelujah!!!!!!! Thank you Bobby! |•••

Rock Out Trippy Trip

July 25, 2016

~Custom digital composite I designed for our ticket packets.~ 

~Elaine, Me and Cheryl (my gym gals… these chicks can squat, dey smart and dey hot too!)~

It was a blast to kick it with what Bobby called “the Mandrill’s Crew” from 2pm on Friday ’til close to 2am on Saturday morning. I was glad I took Friday off because I had so much to do! It was awesome and not surprising to find each and every one of the crew for that evening in the gym before we rolled out. It was like roll call up in there lol. Before we hit the gym, we rented a Ford “Flex” (no pun intended) SUV so we could fit 6. Thanks to Scott for having our back on that!

That concert seriously rocked out! It was such a blast. I went to see In This Moment and loved them, but Korn had stolen that show the minute they stepped on stage. It’s no secret that Korn’s bass player is sick, but that night, he and the rest of his band members reminded the audience what years of experience sounds like. Yup… bad ass… that’s what it sounds like. Fieldy’s green and black gutiar was smokin’ with that deep, deep bass.

~Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… yeahhhhhhhhh….. it’s Fieldy on dat bass!♥~

That night we also witnessed Zombie’s guitarist play the National Anthem with his mouth while American flags waved on the big screen!! No joke… that was tight. They also had a gutiar that was clear and filled with what seemed like fluorescent liquid and glow in the dark stuff. Korn’s rendition of Metallica’s “One” was also awesome. I don’t know, but we were jamming out up in there! 

~Sum dinny din and sum dranky drank. From left to right: the back of Mike’s head lol, Jared, Elaine, Bobby, Cheryl and Me. Da boyz didn’t drink.~

~This was our “To the Death” toast. No matter what… we will be in the gym. Elaine and I had on our matching bracelets for the concert and wanted a toast with them.~

We had a straight blast. I embedded some concert footage off my YouTube channel on the post below. They are worth a watch. In the first clip, you’ll hear Rob Zombie talk about how when he and White Zombie broke up, Albuquerque was the first city he visited alone. 

Until next time…

Concert Footage: In This Moment, Korn and Rob Zombie

July 25, 2016

Here are some of my YouTube clips from Friday’s concert in Albuquerque. They all sounded flawless live and I was impressed. My only complaint is that In This Moment didn’t play for longer.

#WCW: Maria Brink

June 22, 2016

Can’t wait to see her live soon!♥




May 17, 2016


self convinced
needs aren’t needs
venom stains
are needful things
poison so slow
still honey drenched
writhe in pain with
moon clipped wings

by Felicia Lujan

**Inspired by In this Moment’s song… The Fighter.**

Remember the Name

May 10, 2016

Spent the night downloading Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown tracks. That’s my movie as of late. It’s a five year old movie, but it still kicks some major ass. It stars and was directed by Michael Jai White… probably my favorite real life bad ass. What happened to Spawn?

White isn’t just a good actor, he actually holds black belts in nine different fight styles and has been training in the martial arts since he was seven years old! If you don’t remember his name, you should. This is an awesome song and and awesome compilation from the movie!!!

Even in These Chains…

May 3, 2016

This song has been **firing** me up as of late. Thank you… Thank you… Thank you to my friend Elaine of the Fellowship of Iron Maidens for introducing me to In This Moment. Forever indebted to her♥ for the fire I’ve been getting from Big Bad Wolf. It is the perfect song for how I’ve been feeling lately!

Elaine’s jam is Beast Within which also rocks! We are making plans to hit this concert up when the bad ass, blonde, vixen takes the stage in ABQ (after the gym of course). Pure fire! But seriously though… “even in these chains you can’t stop me!!!”

Say Goodbye

April 20, 2016

It’s been at least a month since I’ve been going to the gym twice at least 3-4 days a week. Since I’ve started running again, I’m trying to focus on keeping strength+ retaining muscle, but trimming down a bit for the summer. I love being stronger than some boys and I have no plans to change my weightlifting style. As a matter of fact, if this plan starts affecting my bench press progress, I will stop! I don’t care about girlish figures anymore. I want to straight smash things.


•An inside look•

I’ve been hitting the iron for lunch and doing cardio after work+ focusing on my bench and squats on Saturdays and Sundays. I would live in the gym if I could. I feel unbelievably driven right now~ mentally and physically. This week I’ve been running with about 6 fast sprints peppered into the mile to develop my speed again. When I left work I was blaring “Say Goodbye” by Theory of a Deadman through the Bose in my Caddy, straight through to a cardio and ab session that was in serious hyperdrive, then all the way home!

This is *MY* time!! You… yeah you… as a matter of fact… all of you… can “say goodbye” to the old me. I’m on a mission! That is a promise.


March 29, 2016

Loving this new song~ Nick and Tove are perfect. Close… just a made up word.

Never Forgetting The Goblin King

January 13, 2016

•♥• This amazing digital art was created by Juliya3DAngel and features The Goblin King carrying Sarah away. This fantasy image is absolutely perfect and captures the essence of his infatuation and her love. •♥•
In loving memory of The Goblin King… Jareth. Most of you who know me know that the dark fantasy, Labyrinth is one of my all time favorites. I must have seen that movie 1,000x. David Bowie made that film unique and I will remember the tragically magical story of Sarah and Jareth as one of the best. I have that entire script memorized… so does my sister and many of my friends. May The Goblin King rest in peace, but forever live on in our darkest fantasies.

Why Labyrinth is Awesome

An appreciation of Labyrinth and David Bowie’s magical Goblin King

#1 Zero

November 29, 2015

This is the song I’ve been jamming in the gym over the entire holiday. I gotta say that this song from Audioslave’s, Out of Exile album absolutely rocks. I usually can’t get to it with a slow jam, but this one just works for me.


Today was the first day ever that I hit a PR and pushed 50# dumbbells for 12 reps on the bench press!! I pushed those up for 12… which means I can push the 60s for at least 6… which means my 1RM is making gains. [***UPDATE LOL… IT WAS ACTUALLY MY SECOND DAY EVER!!! OOPS!!!]

Not bad for a #1 Zero!

The Rundown

October 28, 2015

Wow!! You haven’t heard from me since Saturday because I’ve been super busy! I’ve been swamped from: the gym; to the printer; to meetings and a hearing and more meetings to come; to homework and school politics; and the completion of my Killer Frost cosplay.

This busy week is far from over. I still have: two all day meetings; an early morning to work magic, become Killer Frost and turn D into The Scarecrow; and a Friday night dinner party at my house! It never gets easier, but it’s all worth it and rewarding when I can breathe!! So what do I have to report?? Hear is the best news from the last four days.

#1 !!!~
On Sunday, I hit my personal best on the dumbbell bench press with two 50 pounders for 12! That means my 1RM for that movement may be 70z!! I love it!! It’s straight comedy to Google pics of women using dumbbells for this (which is why I choose this pic). They are always like 3 to 5 pound weights. Commmee on! Really?



#2 !!!~
The Tony Hillerman Writers Conference is next week and I completed the program. I met with the printer yesterday and signed off on the proof. Yeayyyyy!! The final looked awesome and I added great quotes from writers this year! I had some resolution issues with Adobe InDesign, but got it all figured out in perfect time. Phew!



#3 !!!~
Tonight I put the final stitches into my blue velvet, Killer Frost dress. This cosplay keeps with the trademark icy theme of this super villainess. I attached icicles to the bottom of the dress. Tonight I stitched in the sparkling tulle and silver snowflake cape. Hopefully I can pull this frozen look off. I’m hoping this cosplay comes together just right early Friday morning.



I was HQ in 2013, though I liked Poison Ivy better in 2014. Interesting that this year in the news, Harley Quinn is the Most Popular Halloween Costume Nationally on Google Search. That’s old news to me. This year be like a sea of Harley Quinns. Like Young Jeezy says in his awesome song Me OK“Mister if I’m talkin’ you should listen, game is free OK.” Maybe in 2017 everyone will be Killer Frost?

Two Beasts Visiting Mandrill’s Gym

September 3, 2015

OhhhMaaaGawd!!! I just found out that Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey are coming to train at my gym on either September 13th or 14th from 12-3! I’m so there! I will take the 14th off if I have to! They are on their Flag nor Fail Tour. They only selected one New Mexico gym to make an appearance at and it is Mandrill’s!! Go figure! Even the pros know that Santa Fe runs shit.


DLB was the 1st woman to become a professional physique competitor (NPC and IFBB)! She was also the 1st woman to win the physique competition during Ms. Olympia (2013)!! In 2014, she placed 2nd. DBL was on the June 2015 cover of Muscular Development magazine where she was called “The Baddest Bitch in the Gym.” Damn… I thought that was my title?! She made an appearance on American Ninja Warrior this year, but didn’t get that far on the course. She’s still a bad bitch though.

Her husband will be here too! He is also a bodybuilder and photographer who makes music with producer Charlie Hustle. They have mashed-up all genres under the name Ron Bailey and the Hustle Standard from 2012 to 2015. It is all workout music with names like Beast, What I Live For, Run This, I’m Not Done, Go Forever, Plan My Attack, Hold Strong, Hungry, and Never Settle! If you have watched any workout videos, it is highly likely that you have heard this stuff. Beast seems to be the most popular.

Anyhow… Can’t wait to get a chance to not only meet these two, but actually watch them lift!! It should be an awesome and exciting experience. Finally… someone worth a hell will be there for a photoshoot!

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