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A Dream Catcher and Wish Dust: It’s All Just a Fairy Tale

August 26, 2013

A couple of weekends ago, I made my very first dream catcher. It was more difficult to spin a web than I thought. I decided to design a contemporary piece as the Lakota and others feel that the dream catcher has been highly commercialized. Yes~ I did my research! Instead of making a traditional catcher, I opted to use metal and several symbolic items in my design. If I make any more, they will be contemporary out of a deep respect for tradition. I happened to make this particular dream catcher on the weekend of Indian Market here in Santa Fe. It was a coincidence at best. I really did feel something when I created the piece. Maybe divine inspiration? Maybe I’m mad? Maybe something deeper than I am able to comprehend? Maybe it was really nothing at all? Anyhow… it’s all just a fairy tale after all isn’t it?



~~~~ Detail images of a handmade, contemporary dream catcher by Felicia Lujan. The catcher included: spirals; golden thread and ribbon; a gold hoop; gem stones; a lock and key; a golden fairy tale book with a rose on it; and metal feathers. ~~~~

~~~~ A contemporary, handmade dreamcatcher by Felicia

~~~~ A contemporary, handmade dream
catcher by Felicia Lujan ~~~~


February 26, 2013

Good Morning Gloucester

vert moon copy


From The Farmer’s Almanac:

February’s full Moon is traditionally called the Full Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February.

Hunting becomes very difficult, and so some Native American tribes called this the Hunger Moon.

Other Native American tribes called this Moon the “Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon” (Wishram Native Americans), the “No Snow in the Trails Moon” (Zuni Native Americans), and the “Bone Moon” (Cherokee Native Americans). The Bone Moon meant that there was so little food that people gnawed on bones and ate bone marrow soup.


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April 3, 2012

Bear’s Belly by Edward S. Curtis (Arikara Indian half-length portrait, facing front, wearing bearskin) 1908


Close the curtains if you dare,

but in the still of night…

The walker will be standing there,

and you’ll be filled with fright.


With no control, and trembling,

catch a glimpse of eyes aglow.

Penetrating glass as gazes lock,

your fear begins to show.


Walker will absorb your thoughts,

then spit them out with bone.

Emulate a beast with wicked charms

to make the weak ones moan.


His mask is thick to avoid sight.

There are weapons by his side.

The skinwalker is fast and agile,

so don’t bother trying to hide.


Swallow the curse. Savor the pain.

There is nothing more to do.

After taking locks of precious hair,

he will steal your soul from you.


 by Felicia Lujan


Warrior of Fire

January 27, 2012

*****Card 11*****  appearing in my “path to a goal” digital card spread (1.27.2012) from Llewellyn’s Tarot_*****Warrior of Fire_Card 12*****  Fire… one of my symbols. This card filled slot 11 today on a shapeshifting spread. I have been feeling creatively driven lately- so it makes sense!! I totally loved this card… Time to go deeper!! I thought I was deep enough!?? Maybe I should work on a post about shapeshifting?”


January 19, 2012


This morning the sky looked amazing.

I stood in sheer awe and took in a New Mexican sunrise.

Santa Fe is such a beautiful place, even from my bock door.


Sunrise in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Digital photograph by Felicia Lujan 1.19.2012.



These unbolted eyes arrest an extravagant

morning sun. Today I awakened with newness.

Asdzaa nádleehé, Changing Woman is familiar

with vibrant rays following peaceful rest.


You are a child of endless sky and the mountains

which soar. With colorful lips, please kiss this earth.

Peek over the horizon and say goodbye to twilight.

Take my breath. Infiltrate my soul and feel my worth.


Wavelengths beacon me. They lead my feet to

frozen dirt, still, the warmth does succeed.

The brilliant rainbow overpowers shadowed trees.

Colorful brilliance will fill many needs.


Changing Woman, mythical Navajo spirit,

only your gentle hands can move the light.

With your power, banish darkness. Wrap

my heart with the heavens and take the night.


 by Felicia Lujan_1.19.2012


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