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Curve-billed Visitor♡

December 8, 2018

There has been a curve-billed Thrasher visiting me for the last couple of weeks. I had never seen one before? He is a beautiful, big bird and loves to chat with me. Hope he stays a while!

Now That’s a Throwback

May 3, 2017

Here we are in our college days tryin’ ta look all fly n flashy for the camera. (from top left to bottom… Ivan, Carlos, David, Elaine and me) Thank you to Elaine for being the keeper of our history and sending me these! It was amazing to see pics of us from so long ago.

Coffee Addict’s View

April 28, 2016

•• I love New Mexico and I love my city. This was the view at Starbucks from the window of my Caddy a couple weekends ago. I thought it was a beautiful view. I took this pic on my way to the gym to rip my chest.••

My Father’s Day Gift!

June 23, 2015


On Father’s Day I was talking with my mom and step father when he asked if I had seen the article in the Santa Fe New Mexican by Anne Hillerman. I hadn’t seen the article, so he brought it to me. I said “oh my gosh, you read it and didn’t notice my name!? That’s a photo I took of her!” We all laughed! It was a pleasant surprise to see the photo I took of her next to her article with a credit line with my name. The photo is not actually a headshot, but it was awesome just the same. The online version has the full photo.


Buff Bodies : Tissot Regis, Muscleworks Gym London

June 18, 2015


Buff Photography

Tissot Regis
Buff Bodies – Tissot Regis, Muscleworks Gym London.
Photograph by : Peter Thompson.

MuscleWorks Gym London
2 Hague St,
E2 6HN

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Ashley | Strength & Fitness

March 17, 2015

Awesome photographs of a beautiful, strong woman Michelle!

Infinite words but just one small life.

February 24, 2015

Beautiful photo. Magical place. I loved the last paragraph of this post from “Cool San Diego Sights.” ~~~~~F

“Our lives are finite. But the infinity that is contained in words can expand our lives. That is their purpose.”

Cool San Diego Sights!

Sailboats moored near Shelter Island, downtown San Diego skyline in the background. Sailboats moored near Shelter Island, downtown San Diego in the background.

Anyone who tries to write soon realizes a daunting truth. There are countless possible stories to tell, and numberless ways to tell each one. Infinity multiplied by infinity amounts to a whole lot of indecision!

Last weekend I stood on a patch of beach on Shelter Island. A sailboat moored nearby fascinated my eye, and I puzzled over its profound complexity for several minutes. How could I accurately paint that sailboat with words? How could I phrase the most perfect description? Is it even possible? With a million words is it possible?

As I watched the bobbing boat and struggled to sequence potent adjectives, a sudden thought shook me: Writing’s purpose, like art’s purpose, isn’t to replicate the world. It’s to stretch our minds. That is all.

Words are limitless. As limitless as the universe. They allow us to…

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Creative Work for a New York Times Bestselling Author

December 20, 2014

Tonight I finished up some photo work for Anne Hillerman. I just emailed off the final shots. I was honored when the award-winning reporter and New York Times bestselling author asked me to take new author photos of her. I prepared the photos for release to HarperCollins Publishersone of the world’s largest publishing companies. HarperCollins is one of the “big five” leading book publishers. It is an honor to be asked to do creative work for the accomplished daughter of New York Times bestselling author, Tony Hillerman.

Anne Hillerman’s newest book is set for release through HarperCollins in May of 2015, and is titled Rock with Wings. I’m sure the new mystery will feature Shiprock, a natural formation on the Navajo Nation in San Juan County, New Mexico. In Navajo, Tsé Bitʼaʼí means “rock with wings” or “winged rock.”


San Diego

December 9, 2014

This is a beautiful photograph.

Photo Shoot: ARMA Live 2014

October 29, 2014

This was kinda funny. Today when I was walking from one session to another, a man stopped me. He was hired by Iron Mountain as a professional photographer. The man wanted me to have a photoshoot wearing a witch hat for a Halloween promotion. I said heck with it…so I had a few snapshots taken and this is the one they picked. I got a nice hard copy to keep. Wonder what they will do with this though!?


The Human Face of Big Data: ARMA Live 2014 (Keynote)

October 26, 2014

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

Today I was really impressed with the keynote speaker. Rick Smolan is an amazing photographer with a love and appreciation of data. His images have been featured in Time, Life, and National Geographic Magazine. His breathtaking imagery has been featured on the covers of Fortune, Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report. He has also sold over 5 million books.


Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt crafted a fascinating look at The Hunan Face of Big Data in their new book. Seriously…mind-blowing. If there weren’t 2,000 other people ready to meet the man with many books on the New York Times Bestseller List, I would have taken the time to introduce myself. In this new project, he took a closer look at people and how their lives intersect with data in positive ways. Some of the ideas he captured were truly worthy of recognition and ultimately, they were extremely thought provoking.


November 29, 2013

Adams took wonderful “silent” photographs of New Mexico. These words are perfect!!

Amazing man-made & natural fireworks photo

July 8, 2013

What an amazing photograph~ captured by Mark Wills of Shot Thought,
“a novice shutterbug!” This was taken somewhere in New Mexico.



June 30, 2013


From the Family Table

Last evening we decided to walk across the arroyo in our back yard up to a hill where we could get a good view of “Super Moon” rising above the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Unfortunately, we got a great view of the plume of smoke from a forest fire that has been burning uncontrolled in the Pecos Wilderness for two weeks. No houses are threatened, but the Pecos is a beautiful and wild place that will undoubtedly be forever changed – at least for my lifetime – by this devastating fire. Our severe drought conditions make it likely that we will experience more forest fires this season.

The sunset over the Jemez Mountains was spectacular, so it was hard to figure how great the moon view would be. We took cameras, binoculars, ground cloth, tripod, and – thanks to my wife’s forethought – two glasses of port to toast the evening…

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The Debate Over the Ethics of Photo Restoration

May 3, 2013

A great take on the
ethics debate.

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