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Mystique and JFK

May 25, 2013
• Inside the Kennedy Mystique by Chris Matthews (Smithsonian Collector's Edition~ Summer 2013) •

• Inside the Kennedy Mystique by Chris Matthews (Smithsonian Collector’s Edition~ Summer 2013) •

Today I picked up JFK: The Ultimate Guide. The magazine is the newest Smithsonian Collector’s Edition (Summer 2013) and features 14 articles about John F. Kennedy. It was kind of expensive, but it will be a good one to save in my personal collection.

Tonight I read the introduction by Chris Matthews of MSNBC and NBC. This piece is titled “Inside the Kennedy Mystique.” I like JFK as an icon/symbol of several things, but I didn’t know that “Kennedy was a dead-serious student of history.” Really?!? At age 14 he read about WWI in The World Crisis by Winston Churchill. At age 14? I have to say that the Matthews piece alone has already made me like JFK even more. I can’t wait to read the rest of the magazine. I will write about each article I like after I read them over the next few weeks.

In the Matthew’s introduction, I learned that JFK’s father believed that his son was too shy to have a successful political career. As it turned out, “the politician would prove to be charming beyond both expectation and belief…” and that “charm made him almost irresistibly attractive to men as well as to women. It also helped him keep people at a distance.” Sounds true, and I may have known that already? Who knew an introvert could be so charming?

I have read about JFK over the last few years, but I never knew that he was very sick as a child? I was surprised to learn that he kept his medical conditions and pain secret in order to serve in the Navy during WWII. He also stayed quiet about this through his political career and while he was President of the United States of America. Kennedy had scarlet fever when he was a boy, he thought he had leukemia when he was a teenager, he had Addison’s disease and his back was very bad. The Catholic Church administered the Last Rites to JFK four times! Wow… Something I didn’t know? Matthews says that “as president, he took a half-dozen shots of painkillers a day simply to function.” He often used crutches, tried not to pick up his children, and had to be lifted into Air Force One with a forklift. Really?

I guess any politician must surround him or herself with intellectuals in order to be successful. It takes so many different kinds of people and perspectives to insure an accomplished career, in turn leaving a solid legacy. The other thing that stood out to me in the Matthew’s introduction was that JFK called his political speech writer, Ted Sorensen his “intellectual blood bank.” I absolutely love that term of endearment!

Anyhow~ I look forward to reading the other articles featured in the Smithsonian publication. I’m sure I will learn other interesting things that I didn’t know about my most favorite intriguing man. He is indeed a historical icon enveloped by mystique.

Published: When the Moon is So Aligned

May 1, 2013

In 2011, I was seemingly inspired and my creativity started to perk in those ways which had been missing for many years. Inspiration convinced me to research the contents of several magazines and submit some original poetry to the ones I thought I would like my writing featured in. I assumed that I would be informed if my work was selected by any of the publishers.

01-Cover page 15 Oct 2011.indd

I was never contacted by anyone, so naturally I figured my work was not selected. A little over a month ago, I became curious and decided to go online. Yes~ almost two years later! Ah~ better late than never right? I wanted to see if I could access the poems that did get selected for the magazines. I read several good poems and combed the digital pages of three magazines. That night I learned a lesson.

When submitting your work to publishers, never assume anything. I was so happy to see that my work had indeed been selected by Voices de la Luna~ A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine. The magazine published one of five poems I submitted (October 2011~ page 20). There was my name in the Table of Contents on page 3. I read “Select Poems—Part III, Mary Anne Morefield, Tatjana Debeljacki, Ian James, Felicia Lujan, Alex Millard.”

Monarch by Felicia Lujan

~The Monarch~
Original Poem by Felicia Lujan
Voices de la Luna~ A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine
October 2011 (Page 20)

It may take me another year to track down a hard copy of the magazine, but nevertheless, at least I know I made the cut. It is a popular magazine with the artistically inclined! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that “The Monarch” made it into a magazine which has a title bearing one of my favorite symbols~ the moon (luna means moon).

Knowledge Eater

July 22, 2012


The NAGARA/CoSA Conference is over. It was a great conference. I met some wonderful people, visited with some old friends, and brushed up on digital initiatives/standards. As always, I am saving the best for last. Sometime this week I will post about the most interesting person I met. I spent some time talking with him about digital initiatives at the National Archives which will blow your mind! For tonight, here is an “in a nutshell” look at where my hours and thoughts were over the last few days.

  • The President’s Directive on Managing Government Records with Meg Phillips, Electronic Records Manager, National Archives and Records Administration
  • Hiring Electronic Records Archivists- What Expertise is Required with Professors and Archivists from Kansas and North Carolina
  • Electronic Records Roundtable
  • ISO 16363 Audit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories with Mark Conrad, Archives Specialist, National Archives and Records Administration and Archivists and Technology Specialists from Kentucky
  • Use of Public Records Laws to Bypass Discovery Rules with Records Managers from Ohio and Nevada and two Attorneys from New Mexico
  • Electronic Records Archives (ERA): Accomplishments and Lessons Learned with Meg Phillips, Electronic Records Manager, National Archives and Records Administration
  • 1940 Census: The Next Generation with Training Officers and Archivists from National Archives and Records Administration
  • Who Controls Where the Governors’ Papers Go with Archivists from Texas, Nevada and South Dakota
  • Redaction, Expungement and Sealing of Electronic Records with Attorneys, Administrators, and Records Managers from New Mexico, Tennessee, and Arizona

  • …………..NARA holds Congressional Records as a courtesy, but they do not have legal custody. I didn’t know that!
  • …………..At this time, ERA holds about 18TB of electronic Congressional Records that are not accessible to the public through NARA.
  • …………..At this time, ERA holds 246+TB of 2010 Census data, 34TB of Federal Records, and 80TB of Presidential Records.
  • …………..There were 550 Hard Drives from the George W. Bush Administration.
  • …………..George W. Bush changed the law to have his records sent to College Station instead of the State Archives.
  • …………..Georgia Tech developed sophisticated software to mull through data on hard drives allowing a 10% drop down to what actually needs to be addressed as a record.
  • …………..NARA is using open source solutions to manage digital information. Nice… Wooohooo!
  • …………..The Open Archives Information System (OAIS) Reference Model (Magenta Book– June 2012) is available at
  • …………..Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification Checklist (TRAC) is available at
  • …………..ISO 16363 self assessment template is available at
  • …………..ISO 16363 is still the standard and defines a recommended practice for assessing the trustworthiness of digital repositories.
  • …………..Web ARChive file format (WARC) is still being used for web harvesting and digital preservation (ISO Standard).
  • …………..DuraCloud (with a combination of DSpace and Fedora) an open source platform and managed service that provides on-demand storage and services for digital content in the cloud.
  • …………..ACE (Auditing Control Environment) is being used for digital preservation.
  • …………..Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe System (LOCKSS) is still being used. The system is open source and allows development and support for the preservation of and access to web based collections.
  • …………..Archivematica (open source) is a digital preservation system designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to digital content.
  • …………..Commercial products being used included Tessella SDB, Preservica, and OCLC Digital Archive.
  • …………..Some states are restricting access to blue prints and building plans for security reasons.

Marilyn, Mr. President and a Gossip Rag

May 23, 2012
***Cover of the Globe, Vol.59, No.22, May 28,2012*** Marilyn Monroe's Love Child with JFK

***Cover of the Globe, Vol.59, No.22, May 28,2012*** Marilyn Monroe’s Love Child with JFK

Wow… Did I really just buy a gossip rag?? I can’t believe it? What a mess- there should be a law against archivists purchasing these things! Hahaha 🙂 Well what can I say? I couldn’t resist the power of the rag as I checked out in the grocery store tonight. There is just something about Marilyn… I giggled, and maybe even turned red when I gave it to the cashier. So did she. I told her why I was interested, and she fed me stories about her childhood. She said she was captivated by the images and conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Monroe as a little girl. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have childhood memories of an assassin taking out President Kennedy, and the possible murder of a starlet.

Though I did pick up a publication filled with gossip, I did see that the cover noted a new book. I figured it was the one recently put out by Jackie’s former personal Secret Service Agent, smoking pal, and possible lover. It is not that book. This one is a “blockbuster new book” titled Marilyn at Rainbow’s End: Sex, Lies, Murder, and the Great Cover-up. The book “rips the lid off Monroe’s most shocking secrets on the eve of the 50th anniversary of her mysterious death.” The gossip rag claims the book documents the existence of a “love child,” Marilyn’s “heartbreaking abortion,” her “showdown with Jackie Kennedy,” her connection to “Cuban dictator Fidel Castro,” and her “electric touch” with lesbian movie queens.

I would need to track down the book before I could assign any scholarly credibility to it. While those potential topics are interesting, what really topped my list on attention grabbers was a possible diary. It may be that Monroe kept “a red diary, in which she recorded all affairs.” This book is said to have been sought after by the Kennedy family because if it had been discovered, “the Kennedys would have been ruined.” First, I will need to find this new book. I also wonder if the Monroe diary is real? Is it red and soft? How big is it? Where would the diary be? What was Marilyn’s penmanship like? Did she prefer black or blue pens? Would her secrets actually be inked? Hum… If anything, the rag sure got my cogz spinnin’!

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New Mexico State Fair Memories

March 29, 2012

As a little girl, one of the many things my family did was visit the New Mexico State Fair. The fair has been marketed as the Biggest Show in New Mexico, which takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September. The New Mexico State Fair has been a fair since 1910, though this is curious, since New Mexico didn’t officially became a state until 1912. “The fair blew into New Mexico in 1854” as a Territorial Fair. From 1854 through 2011, the fair has featured: horses, carriages, and sulkies; gazebos; runners taking their mark; balloons; baseball; vegetable displays; quilts; soldiers; parades; bouquets of white roses; marathons; tightrope walkers; native dancers; cowboys and cowgirls; pageants; adobe making; movie stars and rock stars; horse races; rodeos; hot rods; giant pumpkins; bungee jumping and skycoasters; diving mules; snow cones; and old time photos.

The Twins (Laura and Thomas looking all cute) rest under a beautiful tree with me at the New Mexico State Fair circa 1984. I love this photo- and I miss these days!

In 1968, the Premium List publication formally laid out the official rules and regulations of the fair. The rules included: admissions; exhibitor and concession permits; racing admissions for the grandstand; and rodeo admissions for Tingley Coliseum (oh I do have many memories of many events I attended there over the years). OMG- Fess Parker (the star Daniel Boone from an old TV Series) appeared at the rodeo one weekend. It was interesting to see what New Mexicans were growing locally in 1968 for the agricultural exhibits. Some of the agricultural awards were for the best: beans (of course); eggplant (hum?); lettuce; muskmelon (what the?); onion; peppers (of course); potatoes; pumpkin; squash; and watermelon. In 1968 there was a competition for honey combs, extracted honey, bees and beeswax. At the end of the Premium List, there was information on the villages (to highlight New Mexico’s various cultures) and the arts and crafts exhibit information. Arts and crafts are probably the main reason I like to visit the New Mexico State Fair now that I am grown and culturally edified. There is always so much to see and learn.

An "Old Time" photograph of my dad (Gilbert), the twins- my brother and sister (Thomas and Laura), and I (Felicia) at the New Mexico State Fair circa 1989. Yes- we were underage, and yes these are all props! Please note that no children were harmed during the creation of this scene though guns were blazin'- Haha! 🙂

Over the years, I explored the fair in waves. When I was a child, the fair was simply about food, fun, rides, and laughter. As a young adult, all I really cared about was the Midway. The Midway was best to frolic at night, and “grew mightily over the years, evolving from a gritty little side show into the largest fair carnival in the nation.” I would go with friends or maybe cousins with my hair all teased up and my lips puckered. We would: people watch; ride the scariest rides; laugh until we felt like throwing up; buy bootlegged music CDs; then eat cotton candy, caramel apples, and big ole turkey legs. With the loud rock n roll music from the Avalanche ride blaring in our ears we were happy. There were bright, flashing lights in the Midway. The lights were accompanied by catcalls from strange looking men and women begging you to pop a few balloons with a dart, and win the greatest prize. The “greatest prize” was usually some fluffy stuffed thingy I would hug all night, and then forget about by daybreak. Now that I am a woman, I can go to the fair and take time to learn and visit all the things I missed in my youth. I could spend hours looking at art, or attempting to figure out how the hell some kid built a Lego castle bigger than me.

Cover of the New Mexico State Fair Premium List (1968)

In 1999, the official program of the New Mexico State Fair read “For the Fun of It!” Some things captured in that program guide for “the last New Mexico State Fair of the Nineties” were interesting. The marketing staff for the fair called the publication a “survival guide” and promoted the “ethnic villages” as a celebration of “culture diversity.” The Rodeo Queen that year was Juliane Baish, and it would have been nice to see her photograph in living color. Oh and I had a tear in my eye when I got to page 22 of the “survival guide” and realized that Monica and Tyrese performed together on September 10th, 1999 at Tingley Coliseum. Really?? How did I miss that? I wondered where I was that night? On the final page of the program was a full page color advertisement for Garduño’s Restaurant and Cantina. Members of my paternal family line were the original owners of Garduño’s, and it made me sad to think that in 1999 they were celebrating their 30th anniversary. The advertisement noted five locations in Albuquerque in addition to one Yester-Daves Grill (which they also owned). There was another restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada and one here in Santa Fe at that time. The ad read “we are proud of our rich New Mexico heritage and strive for authenticity in our culinary masterpieces.”

I am glad that I can now appreciate different aspects of the New Mexico State Fair. It is our fair, and the fair of future New Mexicans. Looking back tonight, I know I will forever treasure the memories from when I was young. Nothing can replace those days when I could sit under a beautiful tree with the twins. Our biggest decision back then was likely if we wanted watermelon or bubblegum syrup on our snow cones. Who could forget about the fun we had playing dress up for our old time photo shoot. I remember having so much fun that day. Now it is time to make new memories by making it a tradition to take my son regularly to the Biggest Show in New Mexico.

Sources from the New Mexico State Document Program include:

State Fair! The Biggest Show in New Mexico (1995)

New Mexico State Fair Official Program (1999)

New Mexico State Fair Premium List (1968)

Acknowledgment by Culinary Aficionados

March 12, 2012

ImageI was taken aback last Friday when a fellow writer Randy delivered surprising news to me. He told me “congratulations Felish!” I said “on what?” He said “one of your pieces was republished in Edible Santa Fe.” I said “what?? I didn’t even know? For what?” Randy told me that it was run along with some of “the best” foodie recipes. I was happy and excited! My grandmother would be so proud. Her dish made “the list!” I figured the list may have been something like the top ten dishes in the last year or something. I set out Friday night and Saturday to hunt down a hard copy of the publication to no avail. I went to two Whole Foods, Tomasitas, Trader Joes, Flying Star Café (which is where Randy scooped up a copy), and I don’t know how many other places? I’ll have to call Kate Manchester today to ask for a copy. I am proud to say that not one but two of my pieces made it into Edible Santa Fe’s “collection” of “favorite classic New Mexican recipes from the past five years.” The people behind this publication know good food, and I am honored that Kate Manchester and Amy White acknowledged my work and my maternal grandmother’s food by publishing at least part of my articles.


ImageKate is a very accomplished and respected woman. Ms. Manchester was a private chef for over 20 years in the Hamptons, the famed resort community on Long Island in New York. She has authored a vast amount of articles, is the author of two books, and she has taught culinary courses. Today, she is the publisher and editor of Edible Santa Fe, and she is the host of Edible Radio. As a personal chef, she has cooked for Bob Zemeckis, Courtney Sale Ross, Donna Karan, Ed Bradley, Holly Hunter, Martin Short, Rob Lowe, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Martha Stewart. She also worked for several years with Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa, and has appeared on the Sara Moulton cooking show, the Today Show, and other national television shows. Ms. Manchester has been a private chef for President Clinton and his family, as well as Vice President Gore and his family. I wish my grandma Corine could see that her chicken sopa is favored by culinary aficionados from the West to the East Coast. She would be so pleased.

For more information on the Edible Communities visit:

Edible Santa Fe-

Edible Radio-


Virtual Books–Virtual Sex: To Feel or Not to Feel?

November 20, 2011

Chances are many of us have seen more comparisons of eBooks to real books in the last five years than we really care to. The articles I have seen almost always have a strict focus on the technological aspects of the comparison. I love that, but in my mind, there is much more than bits and bytes in question. After reading several articles myself, I decided that is was due time that I contemplate things from my point of view. Maybe I’ll call it a cyborgish human kind of view? To do this, I should give those of you who do not know me personally a bit more information. I will choose to share those things which I feel play a larger part in how I feel about the future of books. In a nutshell: I am a technology junkie, and I really can’t find time to shoot up enough of the stuff; I am an archivist by profession (for those of you who don’t know what that is- you may need to look that up), and a writer by cloak of night; I totally dig history, culture, science, psychology, music, education, and the arts— yes I am a “recovered” nerd! I am a new breed of scholar- tattooed, pierced, and trendy, so I like to think I am a nerd on the cusp of pop culture (but maybe that’s just what I like to think!). Last, but definitely not least, I am a Certified Digital Information Manager. There it is- that’s a little about me… In this piece, I will attempt to explore the issues which I find important when it comes to the physical and electronic world of books. For the sake of explanation “book” will mean a book you can hold in your hands and physically flip through, and “eBook” means (well you all know what that means). Also- I do not own an eReader.


The creative chatter of authors and writers filled the room. My eyes moved from person to person until I found the lips that were contributing to the death of the book. It was hard for me to hear a well known author, and a well known book connoisseur say they “no longer had space” at home for books. I stood in amazement for a minute. Maybe I was shocked!! Given that I am a technology junkie, one would think I should have been really happy to hear that at a writers conference. It was just the opposite. I suddenly felt a strange sadness seep into my body. Not here? I immediately birthed a rhetorical question, which I would later feel obligated to answer. “Is technology downsizing material culture?” Material culture is usually a term used by archaeologists and anthropologists. The term has been defined as follows: “Material Culture is to be interpreted in a wide sense and can be broadly defined as the relationship between people and things, irrespective of time and space. Since its focus is on the material quality of things, material culture concentrates on both a scientific analysis of artifacts and materials, and the role that the materiality of things plays in creating their social and cultural significance.”

Sadly, I think the answer to my once rhetorical question is a resounding yes. Much like email has killed the art of letter writing, the longer arm of technology is now penetrating our culture in ways that we will be unable to see for hundreds of years. When was the last time you saw a hand written note or letter? Can you remember? At the conference, publishers spoke of skipping printing books completely and moving straight to the electronic world. Publishers Weekly recently ran an article titled Defining ‘library’: in the digital age, libraries and publishers face a social reconstruction by Peter Brantley (September 2011). In this article the author says “what we can do with books is wrapped in a collective understanding that has been constructed through the work, and often the struggle, of women and men over many decades. It is because of that social understanding that I found it hard to tear the covers off a paperback; it is the reason why the burning of books is an act commemorated with plaques and ashamed solemnity.” And if you need more proof, Pediatrics Week published the findings of a survey in July of 2011. The survey finds that “nearly 80% of U.S. adults believe multicultural picture books are important for children, but one-third say they are hard to find.”

I have a couple of friends who use eReaders (maybe daily)- both say they use them for very specific reasons. One has a Nook and the other has a Kindle. My friend Gail actually brought her Kindle to me so that I could check it out for the purpose of this exploration. I felt that since usability is usually what is discussed in these comparisons, that would be a good place to start. Users often want to know what works and what doesn’t work. After that we will go deeper (not again)! There are two basic things I will take a closer look at for this mini analysis and they are usability and experience. There could have been so much more- but I didn’t want to write a book LoL! In the end, I pose some “why” and “what ifs” for your pondering.

USABILITY… Both of my friends seem content with the functionality and usability of their eReaders. What I found interesting is that both of them said that the newer version would be better or could do more. That technology rope keeps pulling us in, and keeps us jumpin’! Technology is always good, but can always be better. For example- just by chance, the Santa Fe New Mexican ran a feature on the “new” Kindle Fire this weekend in the Saturday paper. The headline was Kindle Fire could be hotter- Tablet boasts affordability, function but lacks the ‘wow’ factor. The problem is nobody will tell you exactly what that “wow” factor is. Maybe it is touch? I think it is just the unrelenting nag of the jones for technology. At a quick glance here are some of the specifications for the Kindle and the Nook. The Kindle has: 3G connectivity; under the “experimental” tab there is a web browser, you can play mp3s (cool), and use text to speak (maybe talking books?); you can change the font sizes; take and share notes; and check the preloaded Oxford dictionary if you need to. The Nook can probably do all of the things a Kindle can, but I didn’t get to look at one. The Nook is: tricky to navigate; has buttons that are awkward- especially after touch screen devices (there is that technology jones again); the eReader is easy for commuters. Both seem capable of providing a useful product to the end user.

EXPERIENCE… Now experience is what gets me, and that may be why this tech junkie has not made the move to an eReader. I think I would like to have an eReader just for the sake of having an eReader (ahhhh that jones), but I will never completely give up the book. My reasoning will follow from here on out. Well- first off there is nothing like the experience for me. David Ulin recently published an article in The Writer titled How we read in the digital age- the Lost Art of Reading (February 2011). In this article, Ulin says “awash in a world of instant information, we no longer seem to know where to place our gaze.” He also says “we are developing short attention spans that make it increasingly difficult to read those old-fashioned objects called books.” The best thing Ulin notes is that the one thing he “celebrates about reading is its interiority, the way it serves as a kind of inner, intimate form of communication between writer and reader.” This example is a bit of a stretch, but I am going to make a sexual comparison here. It is kind of like sex in the virtual world. Well that really isn’t sex at all now is it? We can use our minds to create or recreate an experience, but it is difficult if not impossible to create that which the five senses can capture. You can surely see virtual sex. Some may argue that you can employ touch in virtual sex, but it is not a real touch. Others may say you can feel in the virtual world, but are you really feeling? I mean really feeling from your core and connecting? Probably not. I will not even get into smell, but you get the picture. Experience is important.

Don’t you want to walk into a bookstore or a library with real people? What about going to a book signing and meeting people, while physically selecting a book you will read. What color is it? What is the content? How thick is the paper used to print the book? Is the paper soft, rigid, grainy, slightly colored? What information does the book jacket capture? Is there a photo? Does it have that new book smell or did you opt for a used book? All this says so much about the book you are about to enthrall yourself with. It speaks to the personal decision making process, and the decisions of that particular author. Now what does a digital book tell you? Anyone? Another thing- when it comes to music, I can find free digital music at the drop of a hat online. When I really like and respect the artist, I want a copy of the actual music disc. It would likely be the same for books if I had an eReader. I just purchased several really cool books at a writers conference. Where would I have had the authors autograph a digital book? Someone- anyone? Please don’t say a digital signature! What would that be worth?

In July of 2011, Home Media Magazine published an article titled We Need that Human Touch. The article says “the home entertainment industry, I’m afraid, has lost its human touch. The social experience of walking into a video rental store and maybe chatting with the clerk or other customers before picking out a movie to watch that night has been replaced by a few clicks of the computer mouse to update your Netflix queue. The rush to pick out a hot new movie the day it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray Disc, where you will likely rub elbows with other fans, has been replaced by complacency that further minimizes the human touch.” The importance of this has been studied for at least over 100 years if not more. In 1894, The American Journal of Psychology published a white paper titled Studies in the Psychology of Touch by F.B. Dresslar (Vol.VI, No.3). Dresslar was a Fellow in Psychology at Clark University. The most poignant comment made by the psych fellow was “when we stop thinking, and just feel, we find ourselves in a flood of sensations coming from the skin.” Need I say more?


PRESERVATION… How are we preserving cultural connections? Who is thinking about digital preservation? How are you gonna get to that eBook again if the corporation changes ownership or file formats? If the book was in your bedroom on a bookcase could you get it with no problem? What if the most valuable eBook in the world was lost because it was only published in digital form? What do we do to preserve the intellectual content of a really important eBook that is born digital? How do we preserve the proprietary formats of electronic publishers? How do we migrate digital books we purchase to new devices if they are stored in the device memory? How do we insure the eBooks we buy are really ours if the intellectual content lives in cloud servers?

SECURITY… Is it safe to transmit credit card information so frequently through WiFi when we purchase eBooks? Are the server hosts offering a secure (https) transaction to avoid data compromise? Can the intellectual content of digital books be altered? Does that alter the historical record? Does the digitization of intellectual property pose greater issues in regard to copyright? What happens to all your digital data if servers go down or get hacked?

WHY USE eBOOKS… Allows more space at home and in your office. Allows us to develop our digital skills. Better accessibility for people with disabilities. Because it’s so swaggy and cool. They are easier to transport on travel. That’s the direction the world is moving in.

WHY BUY REAL BOOKS… The book is your book, not their book. To keep libraries alive. To keep living communities alive. To feel and connect in more meaningful ways. To develop your personal collection and say something about who you are. To aid in the preservation of history and material culture.

In conclusion, I absolutely love technology and can’t live without it. Maybe my favorite “virtual” spot would have a huge but intimate library filled with many books, sexy minds, and a huge desk. After thinking about it, I think it is good to have both eBooks and real books for various and distinct reasons. Maybe I’ll buy an eReader, but I will never forget to curl up by a real fire, with a real book, in the real world sometimes.

A New Professional Challenge…

August 16, 2011

Peggy, an Archivist with the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center at the University of New Mexico (UNM) has asked if I would take her place in a 2-year position with the Society of Southwest Archivists (SSA).  Peggy is leaving New Mexico to become an Archivist with the University of Florida, and tomorrow is her last day with UNM.  Unfortunately, New Mexico will lose a fine woman.

In all my spare time (haha), I will do the work from home.  I look forward to a new challenge in my profession. As the New Mexico State Liaison for the Publications Committee, I will work directly with contributors on articles and photograph (or graphic) submissions to the professional quarterly publication.  I will wait to hear from Kris, Co-chair and Editor of the publication, and I will keep you posted!

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