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Da Purp and La Muerta

October 15, 2016

I had a non-stop, super busy day. I got up, changed the bedding, cleaned the litter box, did the dishes, fed the boy, sorted and took a shit load of recycling to the station, scrubbed the shower, took a shower, hit chest hard at the gym, ran a mile, killed my abs, hit the stores, cooked dinny, cut my puppy’s nails, gave my puppy a bath, cleaned out my puppy’s tent, then hit work on my cosplay.

I also worked on my hair piece for Carmen’s Dia de Los Muertos birthday party! I scored some gems that I’ll tack on with spirit gum. I’m going purple with spiders for this masquerade. Never painted up this type of mask, but it should look deadly! Now I’m in bed and I’m gonna watch “Lights Out” with my boy. He’s gonna freak! For tonight, I’m La Muerta after a long day of work!

Dear Santa…

December 19, 2015



••Letter from Felicia to Santa••


••A pic of my current QuickLee Collars and the top thing on my 2015 wish list... the new Oso Elite Collars.••

I ♥ That Shirt

December 12, 2015

This is the first time I have ever seen this shirt in my gym. Interesting!!! Since I always look rather evil and mean in the gym, this guy I’ve never seen before was surprised and looked mighty nervous as I steady approached him today. I said “that’s a fuckin’ awesome shirt!” He wasn’t like… “this old thing?” He said “thanks!” After I took his pic, I told him “I really want that shirt, but I would shred the shit outta that shirt if I had it!!” Yeah I would lol. Yeah I would!!! Poor guy seemed sort of stunned when I walked away.


Focus: Forgetting Clowns and Eating Iron

November 22, 2015

TRUE STORY in my gym lately… Yes. I realize these are run on sentences, but what can I say? This rant is a damn mouthful. It’s the ultimate test of my level of focus to know I kill it in there despite all of this…


💪•Ultra bright flashes from high powered lenses on Nikons being shot off by mediocre photographers attempting to blind you every other second as they shoot 90% less than professional bodybuilders in “action.”

💪•Clowns doing funny shit like hyper, quarter repping like it ain’t nobody’s business, but thinking they are half repping which also sucks even though they say there is “scientific proof” that half repping works (must have been a half repper that said that).

💪•Ridiculously… seriously ridiculous fuckin’ chatter boxes habitually working the gym floor while interrupting everyone’s workouts and using the gym as an opportunity to chit chat, network and to talk about shitty ass bullshit.

💪•Dorks in teensy, tiny, tight spandex shorts (I just threw up a little bit in my mouth~ put some clothes on~ guys please… that’s not hot) who keeping trying to convince themselves they look like Flex Wheeler, “the Sultan of Symmetry,” when he was 10.

💪•Every single, stinkin’ damn person training the same exact body part as you (of course~ no matter how many times you switch your workout up) though what they really need to be doing is getting the hell out of your way fast and taking their sad ass workout with them.

💪•A straight UFC style, yet hybrid gangsta approach to training in the gym where everyone wants to kick everyone else’s ass bad, choke them out hard, and then knock them out stone cold with an extremely deadly flying roundhouse to the head.

Not So Country

October 3, 2015

After putting up my Longmire inspired poem last night, I remembered that not long ago I had come across some really old photos of me trying to look country for a photo shoot. It is rather funny, but I tried for a good cause. The photos were taken when I was in college and did some seriously amateur modeling for a group of conservationists looking to protect the Mexican gray wolf. The wolves were reintroduced into the wild for the first time in 1998, in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area (between New Mexico and Arizona). I think these photos were taken in 1997 and these were just extra shots that weren’t with the wolves that the photographer took of me. I look better in workout clothes. I’m not so country.
Felicia Lujan_Not So Country




February 24, 2015

It is pointless to spend your days toiling away in unhappiness and negativity. Why waste time focusing precious energy on poisonous words and actions? If you are truly unhappy with things in your life, have the courage to move on toward change. I am unsure of many things in my life. Without a doubt… I do know that I have positively dedicated myself to my son, my gym, and my agency. I know that without a ladder of dedication, one can never climb.



Haters and the Toxic Apple

August 31, 2014

~Digital composite by Felicia~

I’ll never understand haters and frankly, I don’t care to. It’s best not to secretly hate on anybody. The darkness will eat your heart quicker than Snow White lasted after a bite of her toxic apple.
“Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.”

•••Michael B. Johnson

Pom-Poms & Heart Strings

January 31, 2014



I can always depend on my son to give me more love right when I need it most. It is really amazing how he can fill my heart in a way nobody else can. What would I do without this little man? I have to enjoy his boyhood while I can. He will be a man soon.

Yesterday I started making pom-poms for his Saturday morning basketball game. I wasn’t feeling that great, but he really brightened my day. He said “thank you for making these mom. You are one of a kind.” Then his eyes smiled. It was the first time I had seen him look so mature and sincere.

He reminded me why I like doing things for people. He made me feel better. He lifted me in that one moment higher than I could ever lift myself. My heart strings are his…my handsome, special little man.

I made enough to give one pom-pom to each family. These bad boys are sure to be a big hit in the stands tomorrow morning. They will go perfect with the howls from the pack.



January 28, 2014


It is rather ironic that my realness was balked at by a woman using a pseudonym today. I approved this particular comment because I know exactly who I am and I’m confident in that. Not only am I real, but I am an extreme technology junkie. I have tracked several mystery comments made by “supercat” and “catnip505” and “cat nip” to the very same work IP address.

I have a sophisticated digital arsenal really. For God’s sake, I have networked virtual systems there and I am familiar with the network maps. I refuse to engage in negative energy and so I will stay professional and polite. I am so real, it hurts. I use my real name and I am far from simple…call it Networking 101. 

Appreciation of the Realest

January 9, 2014

“Sincerity is an openness of
heart. We find it in very few
people. What we usually see
is only an artful dissimulation
to win the confidence of others.”

~François de La Rochefoucauld

It is always eye opening to see who really has my back~ who supports me~ who really cares. The death of my son’s paternal great grandma brought out my true family and friends. Tonight was the rosary. Even though they didn’t know her, every member of my immediate family showed up this evening. Love to you all!!!

Today I received a few text messages from my friends. I wrote the eulogy and I have to thank Brit for printing it for me. It is also important to thank Gail for the lovely card which was right along my wavelengths. I got two very sweet text messages from my friend Meghan. One this morning and the other when I got home tonight. That one really warmed my heart.

I am so thankful to have genuine people in my life…those who really care. There is nothing I appreciate more than that. NOTE TO SELF~ “In 2014…always remember to appreciate the realest. Those who are always good to me. Those who take the time to be sincere. Those who want to touch my heart. Those who actually appreciate me in return.

All Access: Mayweather vs. Canelo – Full Episode 1 – SHOWTIME Boxing

September 11, 2013

Ordering this fight on Saturday for sure. At one time I really liked Money May, but he has grown way 2 cocky with all that cash. Stay hungry! I hate overly cocky people! I have been watching the “all access” specials and they have been awesome! It’s sweet to see both men training and working out hard. I am going for the Mexican red head. It’s time for a new champ! Plus~ Underarmour sponsors him. I hope ole red brings his A game… Sorry May.


Boxing Strategist


Boxing superstars Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez meet on Sept. 14 in one of the biggest sporting events of the year. And they’ve invited the ALL ACCESS crew along for the ride. From the harsh reality of training camp to jet setting in luxurious private planes, ALL ACCESS Mayweather vs. Canelo offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of two of the best fighters in the world. Premieres Saturday, Aug. 24 at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT on SHOWTIME.

All Access Mayweather vs Canelo - Full Episode 1 - SHOWTIME Boxing

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Poppin’ Boba

August 17, 2013

Yum…. A boba tea shop finally opened in Santa Fe!

~ Santa Fe Boba Tea... Purple Dragon w Passion Fruit Boba and a Watermelon Slush w Strawberry Boba ~

~ Santa Fe Boba Tea… Purple Dragon w Passion Fruit Boba and a Watermelon Slush w Strawberry Boba ~

Top 10: Things I Personally Hate In the Gym

August 5, 2013

• Awesome new drink the owner of my gym picked up~ “Cocotein” Coconut Water Protein Drink (20gz) •

People who spend more
time writing in their
workout logs than they
do actually working out.
Make a note… whatever
you’re doing isn’t working

People who shower for
40 of the 60 minutes they
have to train. I love the
scent of a woman who
works hard like that to
get her shower sweat on!

People who give you tips
and pointers, but really
shouldn’t be. If it works so
good, why don’t you try it
instead of talking to me!?

People who listen to their
iPod with no headphones
so that everyone can hear
their music. If you can’t
get some Beats by Dre,
for God’s sake listen to
something worth a hell.

People who wear super
skimpy clothes and walk
around like they are
running shizz. FYI.. Before
you can run a damn thang,
you really need to get ya
weight up!

People from other states
who think they can run
things in my gym and in
my state. In this case
people… home grown is
always best.

People who tap me to
talk when I’m zoning up
or already all zoned out.
Just so you know…
adrenaline+hard hitting
beats+nano vapors is not
conducive to an I’m
approachable attitude.

People who get in the way
more than they workout.
People-people-people, if
you aren’t ready to hit it
hard, can you please step
out of the line of fire!?

People who need to have
a spot on a set built for a
lightweight. Really? You
think you can just get that?

People who talk more and
faster than they more in the
gym. Well- I’ll bet you all have
a very strong tongue ha? I’m
not judging!

Santa Fe Snob?

July 6, 2013

I am back in good ole Santa Fe. It is amazing how different things are in my own state, just a few hours away from me. I do miss my town when I’m gone. It’s great getting back to healthy eating and the regularly scheduled program.

After being away, I started wondering if I’m a Santa Fe snob? Hum? I may very well be!? I’m ok with that if it’s true. Maybe I’ve been busted by CNN and a snobby magazine? On July 3, CNN Staff ran an article which received a lot of attention. The article was titled Which are the snobbiest cities in the U.S.A.?

A few days ago, I actually found it kind of hard to believe that my city made the top 5 of 35. “At least that’s the consensus of Travel + Leisure magazine’s readers, who were asked to rank 35 major U.S. metropolitan areas on their snobbishness.” According to the ranking, Santa Fe and Seattle “were tied for fifth” on the list of cities with “good-looking locals” and “tech-savviness.”

I do love me some haters and I do love Santa Fe! What’s wrong with looks and brains? If that makes me a snob~ so be it! 🙂

….* When It Rains *….

July 3, 2013
~•» New Mexico Rain On a Window by Felicia Lujan (Photo taken 7.3.2013) «•~

~•» New Mexico Rain On a Window by Felicia Lujan (Photo taken 7.3.2013) «•~

A road trip can really allow some time to think. You know? Quiet time? Time to explore the confines of my tangled mind when it rains. Debate. Contemplate. Wonder. Yesterday I went home feeling like I was making a metaphorical trip down south, so maybe I really needed time to over think things (as usual) on a real trip down south.

I am almost always a positive and happy person. What’s beyond me is why I allow irrational, pointless feelings and illusions to break through that. Yesterday and this morning, I guess I did feel sad for stupid reasons. Seeing the rain on my window as I traveled down I-25 south made me start to think about that. I’m a fighter. I don’t know why I bother to care about things that are beyond my control? Why? It’s wasted energy really. After a sick with the sickness leg workout this morning, I did feel much better for a few hours.

It wasn’t until the last rays of day started to fade that my mind popped off. The sun was setting as I passed Exit 175 pointing off to Mountainair. Mountainair? My tantalizingly unavailable thoughts seemed to multiply into oblivion when I saw that sign. At that moment, I realized that I don’t know what the towns of Mountainair, Los Lunas, or Peralta are really like? I guess I probably never will? Maybe I should just be content with being from up north? I was the one who just wrote about happiness being a choice right? I don’t even know why my heart would yearn for anything more? Why should I even care what the hell Los Lunas is like? I’m not a cowgirl, I’m a Santa Fe gym rat!

Upon approaching San Acacia and Lemitar, the small mountains looked absolutely enchanting. The deep, dark blue New Mexico sky was the perfect backdrop for the shadowy mountains. The beauty helped me escape my why, what if, and who cares thought process. If it weren’t for the beauty around me and my love of writing, my hungry mind would surely swallow me whole. It’s all just illusions, smoke and mirrors anyhow. Now I’ll get back to enjoying the lovely night and the open road.

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