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Bird Lovin’ Sistas

September 6, 2018

My sista loves birds and unfortunately, some people are mean and she couldn’t keep her bird feeder and bath cause of some heartless neighbor. Why people gotta steal other people’s happiness is my question? Well… sista loves me and knows imma fellow lover of birds, so a few weeks ago, she so kindly gave me her stuff. Clearly Kobe likes the new set up. Pups been working on the backyard all summer too.

“Do not allow any negativity or ugliness in your surroundings, or anybody at all, destroy your confidence or affect your growth as a blooming flower. It is very normal for one ugly weed to not want to stand alone.”

•-Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

CT Fletcher: Sincerest F’ You

November 21, 2016

Under the Bus

November 5, 2016

Keep getting under the bus… one day… you’ll be able to lift that mofo. 

Don’t Touch My Shit

January 31, 2016


••Handmade with Love••

Call it cocky, call it a warning, call it confrontational, but who ever has been touching my shit at the gym, sure is asking for it. I had to make a sign to put on my stuff in the women’s bathroom (stuff that is not their stuff for the record). I have to think that someone has just been trying to tick me off for the last few weeks. It worked, but I wanted to forewarn her before I find out who she is because I may drop bombs when that happens.

I made a sign last week and have been hanging it since. Needless to say that nobody has touched my stuff for the last five days. 2016 is the year of fire for me. The sign is actually much nicer than the thoughts that were running through my head when I typed it. I may eventually be confronted for this one, but I’m ready for it and I put my photo on the sign so they know exactly who find. Rico has me in stitches over this one.


So not my Planet

January 10, 2016

••Looks like the new Planet Fitness opened in Santa Fe. The peeps on my Planet have been having fun with it. Tonight was spent watching all the colorful rants on YouTube. So funny. I guess beginners need to start somewhere. Maybe offering junk and having ridiculous rules is a way to keep particular peeps on their Planet permanently? A seasoned "lunk" who cared about making any sort of progress would quickly build TRAPS that their Planet couldn't contain.
Thank God for Mandrill's💜 and for meaty TRAPS••

Yes to pizza?
Yes to bagels?
Yes to candy?
Yes to silence?
Yes~on their Planet.
No to tank tops?
No to water jugs?
No to deadlifts?
No to T-bar rows?
No to squat racks?
No to real iron?
Yes~ on their Planet.
Well… that means…
No to any real gains.
So not *MY* planet.

Focus: Forgetting Clowns and Eating Iron

November 22, 2015

TRUE STORY in my gym lately… Yes. I realize these are run on sentences, but what can I say? This rant is a damn mouthful. It’s the ultimate test of my level of focus to know I kill it in there despite all of this…


💪•Ultra bright flashes from high powered lenses on Nikons being shot off by mediocre photographers attempting to blind you every other second as they shoot 90% less than professional bodybuilders in “action.”

💪•Clowns doing funny shit like hyper, quarter repping like it ain’t nobody’s business, but thinking they are half repping which also sucks even though they say there is “scientific proof” that half repping works (must have been a half repper that said that).

💪•Ridiculously… seriously ridiculous fuckin’ chatter boxes habitually working the gym floor while interrupting everyone’s workouts and using the gym as an opportunity to chit chat, network and to talk about shitty ass bullshit.

💪•Dorks in teensy, tiny, tight spandex shorts (I just threw up a little bit in my mouth~ put some clothes on~ guys please… that’s not hot) who keeping trying to convince themselves they look like Flex Wheeler, “the Sultan of Symmetry,” when he was 10.

💪•Every single, stinkin’ damn person training the same exact body part as you (of course~ no matter how many times you switch your workout up) though what they really need to be doing is getting the hell out of your way fast and taking their sad ass workout with them.

💪•A straight UFC style, yet hybrid gangsta approach to training in the gym where everyone wants to kick everyone else’s ass bad, choke them out hard, and then knock them out stone cold with an extremely deadly flying roundhouse to the head.

Lemme Guess

October 6, 2015

~Following up my leg workout on Sunday with hyperextentions for stretching, strengthening and spinal decompression~

Lately I’ve been more than the usual firework in the gym. I can’t think of something that pisses me off more than a woman who doesn’t put her weights away. I’ve never really seen men do that, so I can say without a doubt that it is 99% women who are guilty of this laziness. Why do I turn into an extremely evil beast when a woman does this? I get even more ticked off when her ridiculously whipped man servant trails behind racking her shit (and no she’s not fine). I don’t let any man rack my weights. If I use it, I put it back. That’s part of lifting ladies!!

I got mad about this not long ago and felt like rolling someone, but on Sunday, I literally felt like breaking someone’s face. I scare myself in the gym sometimes. I guess my irritation with said group of 4 individuals started not this past Sunday, but last. There are two couples that have been going in together on Sundays now. Last Sunday, these two lady clowns were in the corner taking pictures of each other bent over doing stiff legged deadlifts with less than average weights and poor form. It takes a real friend to take pictures of you bent over ha? In all my years and all my gym pics, I’ve never done that!!

That said, I decided to get into a friendly competition with the one clown who had the guts to challange me during a leg workout. She was working legs too (as usual~ like the majority of women in the gym who lack upper body strength). I actually think her man servant pushed her to match me, but she got smoked. I had 4 plates on the leg press when her minion came over to load the same for her while he looked at me. She got on and did it for 10.

I recognized the challenge, hit 4 for 25 then threw on 2 more plates. Bendy chick summoned her boy and he matched me. I pushed 6 plates for 20 and she got it for 12. I think she should have realized that moving to 8 would be her final valiant move. Both of us had 8 plates on the leg press. I got it for 15 and she got it for 8. She then slapped two dimes on and I laughed. Feeling extremely cocky, I put on not a dime, but 2 more 35z and two quarters. There was no way for her. She backed down and watched me push 480 pounds for 12.

After that, I decided I’d ask her if she was done with the weights she had left out. Seems polite of me right? Ahhhh… not so much! She had left the squat rack loaded and weights all over the floor. I thought… So help me God, if she leaves the leg press loaded, I am seriously going to break her!!! The second I actually opened my mean mouth to bendy chick, her man servant was there by me unloading the squat rack while she unloaded the leg press. Since he bugged me, I turned to him and said “are you using these?” Clearly he wasn’t.

One day I seriously may end up in a fist fight and I would totally win. I get that ticked off in there sometimes. Needless to say that when those four left this Sunday, all the weights had been reracked. I can’t wait until this coming Sunday. I decided to hit chest. Time to show this double duo what a real, strong woman looks like in the gym. Let’s see what she gots!!!? Lemme guess? Legs again?


Cherry on Top: Tribute to a Not So Lovely Day

April 6, 2015


Don’t you just love the sweetest toppers on lovely days? Aside from a million and one things on my mind in my personal and professional life right now, I just had to add four more! Right after a long and super busy work day, a cop pulled me over on my way to my son’s flag football practice in 5:00 traffic. The terrific cop so generously gifted me with not one, but four tickets! (likely because I was less than a scared sweetheart).

He was in front of me and dropped behind me to pull me over because I have “a cracked windshield.” (ticket 1) Lovely right? He made me put my driver’s side window up and down a bunch of times and then whipped out a little square machine. Putting it on my window he exclaimed… “Ah ha. Just as I thought! You have illegal tint on these windows!” (ticket 2) I said “I bought this 4-runner in 1998. It’s old. I’m sure it wasn’t illegal at the time, and in all the times I’ve been pulled over, no one has ever bothered to mention that.”

Ticket 3 and 4 were legitimate. Of course I had my new insurance card and registration paperwork at home on the counter, so I couldn’t hand them over. Great place for them ha? I’m just lucky like that! When the cop pimped a cocky stroll back to my runner with my gifts in hand he said “you want the good news or the bad news first?” I’m sure I didn’t have a look on my face which screamed “I feel like playing games with you,” so I went ahead and said “whatever. It’s already been a lovely day.”

I got handed four pieces of crisp white paper (hot off the mobile police printing press~yeayyyy) and two court dates. Great ha?! When I got to practice, my mother-in-law said he “just wanted to pull a pretty girl over.” If there is one thing about me, I don’t flirt with just anybody… especially to get out if a ticket. That’s pathetic to expect a woman to do so, and pathetic for a woman to do. Did he really use a little machine to check my tint? Unbelievable. Last time I was pulled over, the cop told me if I was nicer, I would have gotten a break. Ommmm. Neah.

While I was getting a ticket for my tint, I swear I saw a man robbing a 1/5 of whiskey from the gas station I was stopped in front of. I understand that business is business though. I guess the cops have to solve the bigger problems that really matter like dark tint and cracked windshields on old 4-runners. The other two tickets should be dismissed because I do have insurance and my registration. Oh and his good news was “you aren’t getting your vehicle towed.” God bless him. What an angel ha?!

Just #GiveMeTheTickets with a big fat #CherryOnTop of my already awesome day officer!!! These are the days when I need people who love me. You know… the people who love my body, but keep me in mind and heart? These are the days when I need love to get me through.

Geeked Up

August 6, 2014

I love how people somehow forget that I have mad computer skills. It’s madness I tell you! I also love how IP and MAC addresses don’t lie. I see you and I’m all geeked up!!!


Useless Heat Vision

April 25, 2014


I took a picture of this poster in the mall in Albuquerque. It was in February of this year and it was a promotional poster for Valentine’s Day (booooo!). I don’t love either of these comic icons, but I did love that it said “crush hard.” I guess I don’t really like Superman because he never chooses a supervillainess. Maybe he’s just a perfect match for Wonder Woman? She’s a conventional rightist after all. You would think with laser-like heat vision, he would want to melt the icy walls of Killer Frost…but neah!
#supervillain   +   #supervillainess  =  #awesomeness
Yeah…I added my thoughts
to these! 🙂



Sayers and Doers

March 27, 2014

Are you a sayer or are you a doer? I’m definitely a doer. I mean what I say. I say what I mean. I do what I say. I set goals and I stick to them. I give people my all. I go to the gym when it’s cold. I sprint in the wind. I offer everything from my soul. I expect nothing but love in return. My smile is real. My heart is warm. I mean what I say. I say what I mean. I don’t play games. I’m a doer not a sayer. I’m a dreamer who does! Yup…


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