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**Writing with the Stars**

November 9, 2012

Well— tonight is the night. I am on my way to a book signing with some of the best authors I know- including a few New York Times “best!” Awesome…. I am a little nervous because following that I have entered an anonymous piece of writing into the Writing with the Stars critique series. It starts at 7:00pm and runs through 9:00pm. I had done so last year and the critics said I assumed my audience was uneducated- so frankly I was being rather sheepish about another entry. It is a bit intimidating for sure! Let’s see what happens this year?? I went with the famous phrase “write what you know,” so hopefully I will get better feedback. The critique will be done by the infamous “daddy” of Rambo- David Morrell and literary agent Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli. Maybe I’ll share what I wrote tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!!

A Look at the Symbols in Bless Me Ultima

October 29, 2012

On Sunday my sister and I took our mom to the movies. This week is her birthday and she has been wanting to see the new movie Bless Me Ultima. The movie is based on a book written by Rudolfo Anaya. The novel took the writer many years to finish, and he is said to have employed spirit guides and his subconscious mind to complete this work. It was published in 1972. The book has been used in classrooms for many years because it is well respected in the world of Chicano literature. I was also very anxious to see the film because I knew it featured a curandera and that it would be filled with love, magic, history, land, nature, herbs, and witches. What’s not to love? A curandera is a female folk healer who uses faith as a weapon. She also employs good magic using herbs, spirit guides, and the power of the natural world around her. The story is not that of Ultima’s. It is the story of a young boy named Antonio Márez y Luna, an outside spectator who is contemplative of many things.

Our Tickets to Bless Me Ultima on 10.28.2012

Photo I took of Ultima “La Grande”
and Antonio in the movie Bless Me Ultima

At first I was surprised to learn that the movie was two hours long. I must say that there was not one moment of the movie that didn’t capture me completely. We laughed and we cried as a New Mexico story graced the big screen in a way that I have never seen. I have one of the original runs of Anaya’s book. When I was a girl I remember reading the book in school, and in college we did chapter studies. I felt that the film flawlessly embodied and conveyed the heart of the original story. We all loved the film. I always feel so blessed to have people in my life who understand me. As we left the theater, I explained to my mom and my sister that I was taking notes on my phone. My mom said “I know,” and my sister said “I figured.” In some movies I have attempted to take in a notebook, but it is hard to see what you are writing in the dark and have found it much easier to jot down thoughts in draft form on my phone. One day I aspire to complete a full literary analysis of this novel, but for tonight I will deliver the symbols I derived from the film.

Photo I took of the funeral procession
of a Trementina witch sister
in the movie Bless Me Ultima

When we were leaving I told my mom that I saw so many symbols in this film. I adore my mature and intense mind. My mom was very curious about the symbols I saw, so I dedicate this to her. Maybe with any luck I will make her and my sister just as crazy as I am! If you have or haven’t seen the film, or even if you have only read the book, look deeper. In my mind, symbolism is about connection. A symbol is a connection~ usually from sight to an object or idea (with the mind)~ to a feeling (with the heart)~ and then ultimately to a person, place or thing. Following are the symbols I ascertained from Bless Me Ultima. This was not Ultima’s story, however, she embraced symbolism like no other character in Anaya’s novel does. The end of the movie brings the strongest and most poignant quote. When “La Grande” dies, Antonio laid her to rest and said “I did not cry~ her voice is everywhere.” The quote confirms a connection of all symbols in the book and film.

Symbols in the Movie

Ultima or “La Grande”~ was a symbol of love, sacrifice, life, death, land, faith, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, nature, power, protection, knowledge, tradition, and healing

Ultima’s Owl~ was a symbol of protection and sacrifice

The Moon~ was a symbol of mystery, land, time, magic, and knowledge

The River, Rain and Water~ were symbols of life, death, healing, abundance, and the seasons

The Land, Herbs, and Farming~ were symbols of home, family, tradition, knowledge, continuity, and healing

The War~ was a symbol of evil, change, vice, and sin

Death~ was a symbol of fear, evil, mortality, and immortality

Religion~ was a symbol of connection and disconnection

Sensing Speed and Distance

September 22, 2012

~My Nike+ Sensor~

I finally got my Nike+ application up and running on my iPod Touch. I love this thing!! If you are into fitness, this is a must! I have learned so much in the last week about myself as a runner. I got the sensor last Sunday and used it at the brand spankin’ new Santa Fe High Track (which rocks). Since I was outdoors that day, and I was sure a mile was accurate~ I calibrated the sensor to read a mile using that track. I almost always run indoors~ but figured this calibration would yield the most accurate readings.

~My iPod Touch and Nike+~
The mobile application displays my
2 mile run statistics from last Sunday.

The sensor is just a tiny little thing that is intended to go into special shoes. I just put the sensor on the top of the Nike shoes I recently purchased, but it was funny~ at the Nike Outlet store here in Santa Fe they quickly tried to convince me that I needed the special shoes. Using an application on the iPod Touch the sensor can track distance, time, pace, calories, and heart rate~ it’s basically a tricked out digital pedometer. This can help improve performance.

~My Accomplishments~
Screen shot of my accomplishments to date.

I have learned that I am faster than I thought I was. According to the treadmills at the gym, it normally takes me 16 minutes to run one mile. After calibrating the sensor at the outdoor track, I now see that it takes me 10.15 minutes. That’s a big difference. I have a long way to go, but I am slowly getting faster. It is cool to have a handy tool to track my progress and offer a strategy.

~My Last Run~
Screen shot of the last run I uploaded to Nike+

An Opera Libretto: My New Project

September 14, 2012
Photograph I took on a hike in Bandelier National Monument in January 2012.

Photograph I took on a hike in Bandelier National Monument in January 2012.

Today I received the first script I have been asked to review. The libretto or script was written by a lovely Santa Fe woman. The libretto was adapted from a novel written by Adolf Bandelier in 1890. I was asked to review the piece and make notes about the imagery evoked by what I read. I am really good at that with my hyperactive imagination, so that should be easy for me to do! My notes will be tied to a proposed set design for the opera. Once my notes are complete, I will create line drawings and digital composites to accompany what I visualize and return them to the author.

I always say everything happens for a reason. I had been to Bandelier National Monument on a hike in January of this year when there was still snow on the ground. I felt very connected to site and the small river in this national monument. I remember wondering about the people who came before me and how they were given life by the river. I was intended to help this woman. I really believe everyone comes into my life for a reason. I may not understand why, but I still respect that. She loved my photographs of the monument, and said they were just what she had been looking for. She and I were intended to connect. Her script carried several of my signs– the main one being water. Her characters and story line are also aligned with my interests. There are: herbalists and secret shaman from the Water Clan; lovers; warriors; and rain makers. I am excited about this project- I will not get paid for the work, but I am often satisfied with respect and acknowledgment.

If you would like to learn more about Adolph Bandelier (a Swiss anthropologist), this amazing historic site near my home town (Pojoaque), or see the photos I snapped on my last hike there, you can take a look at the following post. It is also an awesome hike if you are into that—

A Single Drop in the Ever Flowing River by Felicia Lujan- January 2012

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Feelin’ Rita Ora

September 12, 2012
Rita Ora Rockin' Shades

Rita Ora Rockin’ Shades

Rita Ora Hittin' the Books

Rita Ora Hittin’ the Books

Today was the first day I heard four tracks off Rita Ora’s debut album. Ora has some hot flavor. I love this Roc Nation woman from the UK! Lou, BigC n BigL (tha DJPD Gurlz) you must check Rita O out. You will love her too! The song I have literally been listening to all afternoon and night is **Love and War** featuring J Cole singing “white flag.” Talent laced Ora has laid a perfect track with amazing lyrics! It is finally time for the song writing bombshell Rita Ora to be noticed here in the US. Her debut is hot and slammed three no.1z on the UK and Scottish charts. Jay Z knew what he was doing when he roped this lil Marilyn Monroe lovin’ powerhouse with a Skullcandy headphone fetish! Rita Ora— if you haven’t heard of her yet- she is a *keeper.

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Analysis of and Symbols in Hemingway and Gellhorn

June 10, 2012

Photo of Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn
at the Stork Club in New York City (1941)
Ernest Hemingway Collection (Accession Number EH05582P)
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
in Boston, United States of America

It’s hard to say the exact moment that you
fall in love with someone, but with him, I knew it
was his words, the ones I would never hear, the
private things he uttered.”
Martha Gellhorn—–

The love between Hemingway and Gellhorn was triggered by professional admiration and respect, as well as a profound connection. This inspired their professional endeavors as well as the sexual energy between them. This can be seen when Hemingway tells her “Gellhorn, you inspire the hell out of me.” The movie should have been titled Gellhorn and Hemingway, as it was really her story. It was a story of a strong and passionate female. Gellhorn was in a passionate love/hate relationship with Hemingway to the very end. The movie was about both intimate passion and professional passion.

When Hemingway and Gellhorn were preparing to go into a war zone during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), he fell in love with her persistence and drive. Inevitably it seems that those two characteristics which colored Gellhorn, were also some of those which drove them apart. They were “going to the front to fight Franco and the fascist.” As a war correspondent, Gellhorn covered several major wars. It is when she went to the arctic (Finland), and she left the home she an Hemingway had purchased together in Cuba that she began to pull away from Hemingway. He did not want her to leave him to cover that war, and he told her “stay here with me. Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

Gellhorn’s passion was one thing which attracted Hemingway, it is unfortunate that it was also her passion which drove him away. I found an interesting theme which ran through the movie and that was passion versus control. The theme can be seen in the interactions of Hemingway and Gellhorn throughout the film, and it is also seen with the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War. While Gellhorn traveled as a war correspondent with these young men, she said that they were “compelled by passion and not government.” She and Hemingway likely understood this passion as they were both fueled by both intimate and professional passion.

At several points in the movie Hemingway comes forth as a protector of Gellhorn. She is capable and is not scared to be involved with war, yet this was still during a time in which women were seen as outsiders in such an environment. In one scene, Hemingway locks Gellhorn in her hotel room when she first arrives in Spain. He locks her door from the outside for the night and by the morning, she is livid. He tells her that men would have their way with her because she was the only blonde, and that “death unleashes the beast.” She says she “gets it” and agrees that she does not trust anyone. Hemingway tells her “the best way to know if you can trust somebody, is to trust them.”

Following are some of the symbols that I could derive from this film, as well as some of the quotes which I found memorable.


Music—– music was a powerful symbol in the movie. Music was a symbol of both healing and drive. The guitar was a specific symbol of healing and drive. The men strummed to come together, and they also strummed to go to battle. One of the soldiers had a guitar with a sign on it which read “this guitar kills fascists.” The same battle cry was heard continuously throughout the film, and the song was heard several times.

Whiskey—– whiskey is a strong symbol in this movie. In almost every scene someone is drinking. I think that drinking is symbolic of pain relief. When the brave Gellhorn saves a young boy crying in the street in Spain after a bombing, Hemingway tells her that she is not supposed to be doing that. In response she says “little boys aren’t supposed to see their mother bleed to death.” When the little boy (maybe 5 years old) is pulled inside and is in another woman’s arms, Hemingway gives the child a flask with whiskey. Apparently this is a gesture to aid the child, and kill the child’s physical and mental pain.

Bombs—– bombs are an obvious symbol of death, but in this film, they were also a symbol of connection. The traditional symbol could represent complete surrender, and the death/submission of egos as Hemingway and Gellhorn make love for the first time. Before this erotic sex scene, Gellhorn asks Hemingway way “is this what you want?” He tells her “this is what I need.” As they connect on the deepest and most passionate level, they become numb to the world around them as they are covered in ashes, as bombs fall around them, and as flames roar outside the window of the hotel room.

Scars—– the multiple scars Hemingway bears are revealed to Gellhorn after their first intimate scene. I think this was a very symbolic moment in the film as he seemed to reveal not only his physical scars, but his emotional scars as well. It almost seemed that his physical scars were nothing compared to the scars he suffered mentally throughout his lifetime.

Crow and Swordfish-—- there were two animals that I feel were strong symbols in this movie. There was a crow at the beginning and the end, and there was a swordfish at the beginning and the end. The crow was simultaneously symbolic of both Hemingway and Gellhorn. The crow is a symbol of intelligence/knowledge, and death. Both times when the crow appeared, Gellhorn could see a reflection of herself in his eye. Gellhorn was Hemingway’s intellectual muse, and she is reflected as such in that symbol. In the final scene, the crow appears to Gellhorn after Hemingway’s death. He appears to her as a messenger from the spirit world tapping on her window with his beak.

The swordfish is also a powerful symbol. This fish is a sole symbol of Hemingway. The fish represents his masculine energy, and sexuality with the striking phallic “sword” of this fish. The swordfish represents Hemingway’s personal battles- the battles with himself, and his battles with Gellhorn. In the beginning of the movie, Hemingway fights successfully to reel in a swordfish, and in the end of the movie, he gives up and lets the fish go. Hemingway had captured Gellhorn, but he had also released her.

Memorable Movie Quotes and My Thoughts:

Pauline Hemingway to Martha Gellhorn

My husband believes that if you kill enough animals, you may not kill yourself.”
—–I wonder if Hemingway really said that? Ironically, he did eventually kill himself.

Pauline Hemingway to Martha Gellhorn

Ernest likes to surround himself with exotic characters.”
—–Pauline could immediately sense their connection.

Gellhorn to a War Photographer

There is a human need to exert control when the world is spinning out of control.”
—–This statement was made as she seemed to be talking about both her career and her love for Hemingway.

Hemingway about Gellhorn

Bravest woman I ever saw.”
—–He makes this statement after Gellhorn hears a child crying in the street after a bombing in Spain. Everyone tells her it is a cat (?). She disagrees and runs into the street as bombers hover above. She saves the child from the street and from having to watch his mother bleed to death.


It’s hard to say the exact moment that you fall in love with someone, but with him, I knew it was his words, the ones I would never hear, the private things he uttered.”
—–This is an amazing quote. At this moment she realized she was deeply in love with Hemingway, regardless of anything else.

Gellhorn to Hemingway

Women get bombed the same as men.”
—–Gellhorn was talking about being a female war correspondent in a male dominated field.

Hemingway to Gellhorn

Stay here with me. Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
—–Another amazing quote. When she decide to leave and cover the warfare in the arctic, she began to pull away from Hemingway. He did not want her to leave him for her career.

Hemingway in a letter to Gellhorn

Love, you poison my typewriter. Since you have left, I have had hangovers they could name battleships after. Today I remember the heat of your naked body.”
—–Each time Hemingway is shown writing in the movie he is standing up. He is never seated. This was something that I did not know about him, and I assume that this is historically accurate (which is interesting).


When there was no war, we made our own. The battlefield neither of us could survive was domestic life.”
—–Maybe this is the hardest battle of all?

All in all, I think that this movie was great. I was not disappointed at all, and I would recommend it. I think sometimes we just need to go deeper to get a full bodied feel for what we are, or what we are not absorbing. Intimate and professional passion, symbolic imagery, love and hate, and highly erotic connections…. What’s not to like?

A Portal to Wonderland for the Mad

March 25, 2012

Mad Hatter in the Once Upon a Time episode titled “Hat Tricks.”

A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.

……….Nikos Kazantzakis

The Alice in Wonderland episode of Once Upon a Time was titled Hat Trick. I loved a few of the new takes on the fairy tale. Some of the new ideas I like involved: the rabbit (which was portrayed as a stuffed animal); the hole to Wonderland (which was a science fiction like portal or a space worm hole); the green labyrinth in Wonderland (which was alive and capable of consumption); and the Queen of Hearts (who remained hauntingly faceless).

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret escaped from jail, because no one believes she is innocent. She escaped using a key she suspiciously found inside her cell. When Emma (the Sheriff of Storybrooke) realizes Mary is gone, she sets out on a search to find her before Regina (the Mayor of Storybrooke, and the Evil Queen) realizes she has escaped.

During her search for Mary Margaret, Emma is kidnapped by a mad man (yes- the Mad Hatter of Wonderland). Jefferson is crazy for hats. It turns out that the Mad Hatter actually makes several hats in an attempt to recreate a particular hat which could evoke the said portal to Wonderland. He is aware that there are parallel worlds, and insists that Emma has the power to recreate the magical hat. Emma also finds that Mary Margaret has been kidnapped by the mad man. While attempting to force Emma to recreate the magic hat, the hatter tells her “you are precious Emma. You brought something special to Storybrooke…magic.” Emma tells him that he is “mad” and he tells her maybe she is “the one who is mad.” He goes on to explain that fairy tales must come from somewhere- which kinda reminded me of oral histories. They come from somewhere right? Fairy tales are a type of story- passed on from generation to generation. Has anyone ever heard of Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth? If not, you should check that scholar out! The hatter tells Emma “stories-stories-what’s a story?” He says that “storybooks are based on imagination, and that it has to come from somewhere,” as he explains to Emma that there is more than one world.

In the fairy tale world, the Evil Queen hires a man of magic, the Mad Hatter. He brings the Evil Queen an old hat box. From the box, he pulls out the special hat. When the hatter puts the hat on the floor, it begins spinning. As the hat spins, the motion creates the portal or worm hole to Wonderland. Regina wants to travel to Wonderland to rescue her father, who is being held captive by the Queen of Hearts. As they begin their voyage through Wonderland, there is a guest appearance by Absalom (the smoking caterpillar—he was part of my last web page theme). Absalom blows smoke in the Evil Queen’s face (loved it)! The Evil Queen and the Mad Hatter end up in the living, green labyrinth of the Queen of Hearts. The walls of the labyrinth will consume those who come close. That is no problem for the Evil Queen, as she simply uses fire to burn a path to walk straight through. Once she arrives at the vault housing her father’s spirit in a box, she saves him. Using a piece of magic mushroom (apparently for his growth- and the Eat Me part of the tale), he is returned to his true form. Having tricked the Mad Hatter, she leaves him trapped in Wonderland, as only two can return back through the looking glass portal.

Back in Storybrooke, it turned out that Regina had made a deal with Mr. Gold (Mary Margaret’s lawyer)- but things didn’t go as she planned! In the end, to Regina’s surprise, Mary Margaret sat casually in her jail cell reading a newspaper. Fittingly, the headline of the newspaper read “Heartless.” It would have been nice if this one could have been a two hour special because there was so much that could have fit in…

Until next time! 🙂

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Nobody’s Perfect- J.Cole featuring Missy Elliot

March 20, 2012

Digital composite by Felicia- 3 images taken from the new J.Cole video- Nobody's Perfect feat Missy Elliot.

I absolutely love J.Cole’s newest video.
The video reminds us all that we are
only human. The closeups of eyes and
lips were hot. In the video J.Cole seeks
therapy from Missy E. Apparently she
reassures him that “Nobody’s Perfect.”
J.Cole and Missy are sweet, but
Colin Tilley once again ROCKS…


J. Cole Gets Therapy From Missy Elliott In ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Video- Cole and Missy Elliott seek perfection in the Collin Tilley-directed video.

Originally published online by By Rob Markman on March 15, 2012

Cole’s world got just a little hotter. On Wednesday night, J. Cole and Missy Elliott released their “Nobody’s Perfect” video, one that Cole predicted to MTV News would be his best to date. He made the prediction to Sway on the Grammy red carpet last month, and after checking out the clip, the Colin Tilley-directed visual surely lives up to the hype.

The clip opens with Cole sitting in a hotel room, rapping about his upgraded lifestyle as a number of video cameras capture his every move, from every angle. In the next room, there’s a singing Missy Elliott. Though she notched her biggest hits when Cole was just a teen, the MC told us having her perform on the song’s hook was a dream come true.

“Man, just to have Missy on that set and to see her singing the song that I wrote,” the Roc Nation rapper said. “It’s Missy, I don’t think people really understand. That’s my era, and how I look at her and how creative she is and her and Timbaland and the things that they did — that was a beautiful moment right there.”

The new video is drastically different from Cole’s “Work Out” and “Can’t Get Enough” videos. All of the previous clips from his debut album come off as simple slices of life: In “Work Out,” the rapper hits a house party to find the object of his affection and on the Trey Songz-assisted “Can’t Get Enough,” he frolics on a Caribbean beach with a number of models … and Rihanna.

Tilley employs a series of clever animations to move the song’s narrative. For instance, after Elliott sings the line “we rock the boat, Poseidon” on the hook, a number of Claymation-style figures jump off of a model ship. The video director also uses broken letters from a computer keyboard to spell out the song’s lyrics and then flashes them onscreen on cue.

On the second verse, Cole, who used to go by the moniker the Therapist in his underground days, sits in a smoke filled doctor’s office spilling his guts about his woman problems while Missy plays psychiatrist. Elliott’s diagnosis? Nobody’s perfect, of course.

Hunt for the Shapeshifter

March 11, 2012
Tonight in Once Upon a Time, Red Riding Hood (Ruby) was revealed as the she wolf.

Tonight in Once Upon a Time, Red Riding Hood (Ruby) was revealed as the she wolf.


“We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves”
>»>Gerald Hausman


“The gaze of the wolf reaches into our soul.”
>»>Barry Lopez


It was the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf tonight on Once Upon a Time. The episode was a good one, and did leave me wondering who the wolf really was??

This fairy tale was first published by Perrault sometime before the 1700s. It has always been an interesting tale. There is so much symbolism in the classic as well as tonight’s tale, but it could take me all night to explore that. In short, the most symbolism can be derived from: a beautiful woman; a wolf; a red and enchanted cloak; forbidden love; a human heart (in a box); chains; and the dangerous and dark forest. The episode was titled Red-Handed. This was a perfect fit.

In the beginning, Snow White assists the love sick Red Riding Hood on her quest to seek our and kill the wolf. Red’s grandmother had been keeping she and her lover apart, and she believed it was because of the dangerous wolf. The duo believes that the wolf is Red’s lover Peter, and so he asks to be chained so that he will not hurt her. As it turned out, Red was the she wolf. She descended from a long line of shapeshifters. This revelation by Red’s grandmother to Snow, came much to late. In her wolf form, Red had already devoured her chained lover.

Questions and answers are faced between lovers in the fairy tale world, and in Storybrooke. David also faced questions about Kathryn’s disappearance (and at first he may be seen as a symbolic wolf). When a human heart is found hidden in a decorative box (which likely belonged to his wife), the prints match Mary Margaret (Snow White). His lover is no she wolf, and so this was likely a setup by her Evilness, the wicked mayor.

If you haven’t seen this series yet. Tune in… You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Dreaming of Diamonds with a Handful of Coal…

March 4, 2012
Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart Shaped Diamond


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

………..Edgar Allan Poe


Tonight, the new episode of Once Upon A Time was about one of the Seven Dwarfs and his love pains. The Seven Dwarfs are miners of coal and diamonds in the Snow White fairy tale. We all know fairy tales are simply improbable stories, so of course it was unfortunate that the little miner landed coal instead of a diamond. Symbolically, the episode was about darkness and light, which is typical of the series. I love all of the symbols these screen writers incorporate. The episode was riddled with symbolism (as they all are).

The Dreamy episode was about dreams coming true and not coming true. The writers used dark and light to convey the language of dreams. The story was about how Grumpy got his name. His name was Dreamy during the time when the woman he loved told him “you can do anything, as long as you can dream it,” and he believed it. What else would the woman’s name be but Nova right? She was a fairy for God’s sake! In her human form, her name was Astrid, which also has meaning. He smiled for a bit as he basked in the light of love, but quickly submitted to his familiar darkness once he realized his dream was impossible. When he accepts failure, he tells Mary Margaret (Snow White) that he was “just dreaming” anyhow.

Since Dreamy/Grumpy was a miner, he was accustomed to the darkness of the mine. He spent his days mining coal and diamonds to grind into fairy dust. I see coal as a representation of dark and disconnection. I see diamonds as a representation of light and the connection to something precious. Coal and diamonds are both carbon based, with the breathtaking gem coming from a rearrangement of atoms under high pressure and heat. Hum? Sounds a bit like love ha? To the ancient Greeks, the word diamond meant unbreakable. A diamond is also capable of capturing and dispersing light. Can a lump of black coal do that? I think not!! 🙂

Maybe the most powerful scene was when Mary Margaret’s (Snow White) candle is blown out. She walks alone, and sad in the dark. She may feel that hope is lost until a friend comes along with a smile, and uses another candle to give light to the darkness. Maybe the lesson in this episode is that when someone takes your light away, you need to relight your candle, and hold on to your dreams. It is a symbolic move from darkness to light.

Since I could write a dissertation about those things which intrigue me, I will keep it simple and look at the symbolism in list form. Following are those symbols I was able to derive from the Dreamy episode…

Symbols of light and connection:
**dreams coming true
**fireflies (nocturnal insects emitting light)
**candles (light/fire)
**surface (vs. the mine)
**the name Nova (a nova is the nuclear explosion of a star)
**the name Astrid (the name means beautiful Goddess)
**decorative lights for the Miners’ Day event

Symbols of darkness and disconnection:
**lost love
**the color of coal (black)
**dreams not coming true
**the mine
**Leroy (Dreamy/Grumpy) smashing the electrical transformer and taking the lights out

Symbols of flight/freedom, dreaming, and heavenly things:
**fairy wings
**the wings of a firefly
**fairy dust
**white clothing

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A Water Siren, Magic, Allusions, Illusions, and True Love…

February 19, 2012
Water Siren of the Lake in **Once Upon a Time**

Water Siren of the Lake in ***Once Upon a Time***

Love is the most powerful magic.
The cure must be extreme.


The real and fairy tale worlds of Storybrooke, Maine are both getting very interesting. This series remains on top of my watch list.

Tonight in the new episode of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, I found out “What Happened to Frederick” when Abigail took Prince Charming into the Enchanted Forest to find “something she had lost.” She had lost her true love. He was turned into a golden statue while attempting to protect her in an ambush. Frederick was turned to pure gold when he jumped in front of King Midas (Abigail’s father). We all know the story behind King Midas right?

Prince Charming suggested Abigail break the curse by using the kiss of true love. She says she had tried “until her lips bled,” but it was no use. Together they decided they needed magical water from a special lake in the Enchanted Forest to awaken the man she loves. There was both the symbolism of fire and water in this episode. There were also references to the “magical” and maybe symbolic properties of water while other characters were near a wishing well.

In the next scene of the fairy tale, the prince confronted the demon guarding the magical lake. He quickly learned that the guard was a beautiful siren, when she emerged from the glistening water. The siren attempted to enchant the prince by shape shifting into the woman he wants. He resisted, and the siren replied “really, you are immune to me?” She then transformed herself into Snow White and kissed him. He told her that he did “not want an illusion” and that he wanted “reality or nothing.” To her dismay, he saw through the trick and refused her advance. After his refusal, the siren attempted to kill the prince, but he landed up killing her instead.

After bringing some of the water from the magic lake back to Abigail, she poured it over Frederick. Prince Charming helped Abigail get back her true love by breaking the golden curse. In return, he asked for her approval in his search for Snow, his true love and his ultimate source of connection.

The episode ended with the Evil Queen burning a special book (of course- even though I wouldn’t dare burn a book, I sooo love her). I have to say… the series leaves me in suspense. It is filled with allusions to the fairy tale world, as well as symbolism. I can’t wait until next Sunday!

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A dark spill of worlds and words

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Premier Performance

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I didn't have my glasses on....

A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.

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