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August 31, 2017

…buried in those two infinities… the ocean and the sky at one and the same time. One is a tomb, the other is a shroud.
○~~~Victor Hugo
○~~~Les Misérables

Here is my latest digital composite. I think it may be one of my best yet. There is so much symbology here on so many levels. My head is a mysterious, dark and powerful place. This design took some intricate layering, blending techniques and other effects.

Digital composite by Felicia Lujan ~ 8.2017


March 17, 2016

Strength fractures for few
and falls away to no place.
When strength dies for you,
appreciate that moment
of weakness. My moment
keeps you pliable and human.
That fissure keeps you loved
and human even though you,
not I, deserve to break.

by Felicia Lujan


••Richard Vargas (owner of Evil Emporium) reinking my wizardly magic. Looking at the number of Instagram likes on some of his recent pieces, my tat is up there!••

Check out my piece on Instagram and give it a👍


••Finished... with an affirmation of "strength" to fight weakness.••

Backs and Love: A Digital Composite by Felicia

June 10, 2015

It is the time you have wasted for your rose
that makes your rose so important.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Backs and Love: Digital Composite by Felicia Lujan


January 16, 2015

~Digital composite by Felicia~

Object of a heated touch
from a mission driven hand.
A lovely mark will lie in wait,
for his wish is her command.
Fixed to pierce the golden
heart of his anticipating prey.
She guides him to her sweetest
spot in hope that he will stay.
Victim of a gun powdered kiss.
His sexy lips like molten steel.
Triggering a straight shot wave
that the target wants to feel.
by Felicia Lujan

Becoming Poison: Cosplay Skirt Complete

September 19, 2014

~Poison Ivy cosplay skirt designed by Felicia Lujan. I used an old belt, an old shirt, ivy leaves, green ribbon and silver spiral beads. I completed the poisoned skirt this evening.~

Fall Away

August 3, 2014

~Digital composite by Felicia. Includes a photograph I took when I went running last week of a rose bush growing near my work.~
“Fall away quietly,
like each petal
disappearing into
her winter abyss.”

Beautiful Oddity by Felicia Lujan

July 8, 2014

Marc Jacobs is well known for saying that he could “always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect,” because “they are much more interesting.” I completely agree. I am a beautiful oddity in this desolate world. I dream in color. I break the insipid mold which infects normality. I think different. I act different. I pride myself on being different. Being odd, thinking odd things, living an odd life makes me striking and unique. There is no Pantone color chart to capture the radiance of peculiar things. They just are…

Imperfections and offbeat feelings are not black or white. They radiate. Though as a stringent Virgo I often prefer no grey plans, my mind spills what is called “true color” or 24-bit, in-depth, magnificence. I am secure in strange because that is what makes me not like her, or her, or even him, but just like me. I am odd, beautiful and interesting. This digital composite is a tribute to that beauty.

Beautiful Oddity by Felicia Lujan 

Mother’s Day Thoughtfulness

May 12, 2014

I wanted to say thank you to all of the people who thought about me on Mother’s Day. I appreciated all the thoughtfulness. I got a bunch of texts and I received a surprise email from one of my friends which made my day. It is always nice to be thought about. Thank you to all. My son made me a sweet gift. A special thank you to my friend Gail who gave me a black spirit stone with my beloved spiral sign. That is highly symbolic to me. I am also thankful for my mom, sis, bro and “Nani” for giving me things they know I love.


A Dream Catcher and Wish Dust: It’s All Just a Fairy Tale

August 26, 2013

A couple of weekends ago, I made my very first dream catcher. It was more difficult to spin a web than I thought. I decided to design a contemporary piece as the Lakota and others feel that the dream catcher has been highly commercialized. Yes~ I did my research! Instead of making a traditional catcher, I opted to use metal and several symbolic items in my design. If I make any more, they will be contemporary out of a deep respect for tradition. I happened to make this particular dream catcher on the weekend of Indian Market here in Santa Fe. It was a coincidence at best. I really did feel something when I created the piece. Maybe divine inspiration? Maybe I’m mad? Maybe something deeper than I am able to comprehend? Maybe it was really nothing at all? Anyhow… it’s all just a fairy tale after all isn’t it?



~~~~ Detail images of a handmade, contemporary dream catcher by Felicia Lujan. The catcher included: spirals; golden thread and ribbon; a gold hoop; gem stones; a lock and key; a golden fairy tale book with a rose on it; and metal feathers. ~~~~

~~~~ A contemporary, handmade dreamcatcher by Felicia

~~~~ A contemporary, handmade dream
catcher by Felicia Lujan ~~~~

• Reaching •

August 16, 2013

“And she reached to catch
the unattainable dream…”

•••» Felicia Lujan
•••» 8.16.2013

Take Me There

January 31, 2013

Flowers bloomed.
Each petal split
with radiant glory.
Inviting scents
lingered in the
air and she said
take me there.

Clouds were sweet
and heavenly. She
tasted the mist.
Drops clung to her
skin like the sheets
of new lovers. She
said take me there.

Oceans purred with
gentle tongues. The
waves collapsed to
beg for more and she
said take me there.

Wind so strong it
pushed her soul,
delivering each
dream. Reaching
to touch she said
just leave me there.

by Felicia Lujan

A Token of Appreciation

December 16, 2012
~Christmas Corsages~ by Felicia Lujan

~Christmas Corsages~
by Felicia Lujan

Tonight I listened to President Obama’s memorial service speech in Connecticut while I did something special for a few people from my son’s school. If I didn’t believe in connectivity I would think it was merely coincidental. It was an occurrence in sync with the world’s thoughts. I was glad that I was able to listen in while I worked with love. It was easy to absorb the words of a father and leader. I reflected on things in my own life. Obama actually included scripture that my friend Marlene posted on my site yesterday.

It is important to show Daryn’s teacher, my maternal aunt Mary (who also happens to be the secretary), another secretary, three ladies who work in the lunchroom, the principal and the assistant principal how much I appreciate them. I appreciate them making my son feel like he is more then a number. I appreciate them taking the time to smile everyday. I appreciate them helping me out when I forget my son’s breakfast in the morning or his money for school store. I appreciate them standing in the freezing cold each morning holding a little flag to make sure students cross the road safely.

My grandma Corine always loved getting a handmade corsage for Christmas. There is not one time I can remember that I made her one and she did not wear it proudly. Sometimes I miss being a floral designer. Creativity and giving both make me feel so good. In total I made seven corsages and one boutonniere. They are beautiful. I hope that each time someone compliments the flowers they wear tomorrow they remember how special they are. Hopefully this small token of appreciation will bring warmth in the cold.

~Corsage Prep~

~Corsage Prep~

~Christmas Corsage~ by Felicia Lujan

~Christmas Corsage~
by Felicia Lujan

~Gift Bags for Corsages~

~Gift Bags for Corsages~
Daryn put the bells on the gift bags.

Spewing History

December 7, 2012

All I can say for tonight is that I seriously feel like throwing up! I have a severe case of information overload and I was overwhelmed by the vast amount of history in Washington, DC. I am now back in Annapolis and it is 11:55pm here, 9:55pm~ New Mexico time. My feet hurt, my brain is aching, and my stomach is sick. There is just so much history. It was so much to take in. I didn’t get to see many things I really wanted to see because I only had one day. I spent like 14 hours in DC and I am now ready for bed. In one day I went on a White House Tour, kicked it with my cousin Melanie and her son Luke, visited the Natural History Museum, went on a Capitol Tour, and then visited the Library of Congress, Air and Space Museum, National Archives, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. I have so much to share and write about, but for tonight I will leave you with one quote taken from the National Archives Building and two interesting JFK images. I captured his painting pondering fresh roses (the spiral being my symbol) in the White House. I was also shocked to see his initials prominently cloaking the National Archives (of course). I didn’t know about a new exhibit there highlighting records associated with the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960s. The exhibit draws from the collections of the Kennedy Library and the National Archives. Now it is time to take a bath, eat a pumpkin cheesecake, then go to bed with a full stomach and a full head.

~Quote of the Day from the National Archives Building~

The heritage of the past is the seed that
brings forth the harvest of the future.

JFK Exhibit Banners at the National Archives

~JFK Exhibit Banner on the National Archives Building~

~JFK Pondering the Roses at the White House~

~JFK Pondering the Roses at the White House~

~~Weight of My Heart~~

November 26, 2012
~~Weight of My Heart~~
Digital composite by Felicia Lujan

~~Weight of My Heart~~

My heart is heavy.
It is gilded for the
deepest warfare.
Only I can offer
the purest carats~
untouched by falsity.
This weight can crush
the strong and weak
while platinum strings
are tugged so carelessly.
This heart of hearts~
still penetrated
time and time again.
My heart is heavy.
This weightiness
a blessing~
at times a curse.
In the end I can only
hope that the scale
offers proof to
Gods and Men.

by Felicia Lujan
November 26, 2012

Roses for Women

November 22, 2012
~Flower Arrangements by Felicia_11.22.2012~

~Flower Arrangements by Felicia_11.22.2012~

These are two arrangements I just made. One is for my mother and the other is for my paternal grandmother. I am sure it is a good way to say thank you. I was a floral designer for several years back in the day. I still have fun with it and have done flowers for a handful of weddings, proms, and funerals. These arrangements are simple small tokens of appreciation for two wonderful women in my family.

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