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Watch “The Punisher Full Season BREAKDOWN” on YouTube

January 2, 2018

Frozen Reminder

June 11, 2017

Loved the latest season of Gotham. My favorite quote of the season was in the finale.  

Riddler… “Why didn’t you just kill me Oswald?”

Penguin… “You are the one time I let love weaken me and I want you around as a constant reminder to never make that mistake again.”

Digital composite of Penguin and The Riddler by Felicia


August 4, 2016

“What I cannot love,
I overlook.”

~~~| Anaïs Nin

|~ Digital composite of Cassidy from the “Longmire” series by Felicia ~|

Dark Enchantment Binge

December 21, 2015

••Vanessa (witch) and Ethan (werewolf)••

I’m totally binge watching Penny Dreadful (Season 2). Why didn’t I discover this awesome series during Season 1? Love, mystery, enchantment, darkness, sex, spells… what’s not to like? It’s great to see this British-American horror story bring some of the best written monsters by some of the best authors to life. I also love the darkness of Eva Green. She plays a much different role than she did in my beloved 300: Rise of an Empire as Artemisia, but she still plays a bad ass. Time for bed. It’s after midnight again!

Quotes from Glorious Horrors [2.6]

Victor: It’s not without complications. That’s what they call the workings inside of watches. Did you know that? The intricate gears and mechanisms. Complications.

Vanessa: Then enjoy them, doctor. They will tick away no matter what we do.

Mr. Lyle: A dizzying panorama, isn’t it? All the toys of love are out of the box, scattered around the floor.

Vanessa: And at the end of the night, to be carefully put away. These terrible games.

Mr. Lyle: And do you ever play? Or only spectate?

Vanessa: I never learned the rules. The complications, as Dr. Frankenstein said to me, like the workings in a watch.

Lullaby for Chase and Cady

October 4, 2015

Love this song by Nickelback set to this fan’s video… I’ll have to ask Craig Johnson why he killed off Chase (?) in season 4 of Longmire when I see him at the Hillerman Writers Conference in November. If you’re a fan of this show, don’t forget to participate in the fan stampede on October 8th for a season 5 (use the hashtags #Longmires5 and #Netflix). 


Sweaty Before a Mind Blow

February 26, 2015


•••Putting in work!•••

Right now Shonda Rhimes is my favorite screenwriter. She blows my mind and I’m addicted to TGIT! Tonight I got in a quick and dirty cardio session in the fitness center at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design before rushing off. I busted out 9 miles and 218 calories in 20 minutes on a sweet, new Diamondback stationary bike. Thinking about how I didn’t want to miss the first few minutes of Grey’s Anatomy helped! Scandal was out tonight, but it was the season finale of How to Get Away with Murder and it rocked! Shonda rocks! How does she do it!?

Weekly Ratings: Oscars, ‘TGIT’ Dramas Lift ABC to Biggest Victory in 15 Years


The Jokes on GOTHAM

February 10, 2015



If we think back through out the season of Gotham, it’s pretty evident the Joker has been there. Where else would he possibly be? If you took the time to watch the teaser trailer at the end of tonight’s Gotham, I think we just might have seen and heard the Joker. The laugh was a dead give away.

As far as I am concerned you just cannot have enough villains in any one movie or show. While Harley Quinn is clearly my favorite, the Joker will absolutely be enough villainous hijinks for me– that is until Harley arrives.

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The “Red Hood” is coming to FOX’s Gotham!

February 10, 2015


batman-new-52-0-red-hood-gangIn an interview with CBR, Gotham’s executive producer Bruno Heller confirmed that the infamous Red Hood will be coming to the Fox show in the future.

Heller said “There’s going to be an episode that involves the Red Hood. Which picks up that strand, the costume strand, and sort of gives a kind of philosophical base, if that’s not too pretentious a word. Why costumes? What’s the power of costumes? What’s the power of a mask? All of that groundwork will be laid sort of culturally for that side of the DC Universe before we start rolling into the more spectacular spandex type of deal.”

Now while a lot of fans will instantly jump on this as confirmation of the debut of The Joker (with the masked criminal being regularly portrayed as being the first incarnation of the pre-accident Clown Prince of Crime), it also bears mentioning that the Hood was also used as…

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Netflix Is In Negotations To Save Yet Another Beloved Canceled Series

November 17, 2014

Fingers crossed for Craig and his books!

Jason Momoa did New Zealand’s Haka ritual as his audition for ‘Game of Thrones’

October 19, 2014

Awesome!!! I want to visit New Zealand some day. It would be cool to see Jason M perform the Haka battle ritual, but I want to see real Maori warriors. ~~~F

Crafty Longmire Crew

October 2, 2014

I’m walking around Garson Studios here in Santa Fe. I happened to run into this. Sad it had to end. Cady wasn’t ready. C‘est la vie


Why was Pamela Lillian Isley renamed in new tv series Gotham?

September 30, 2014

I am addicted to this show already! I love it. I can’t wait to see Poison turn deadly!! It’s a must that she delivers the Kiss of Death! The writers better not make her all gooooood and such! Hahaaa… ~~~F


September 25, 2014

Tonight it starts again!


Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.58.50 PM

She says, “ You own me, you control me, I belong to you”

Passionately he replies, “ You own me, you control me, I belong to you”

 And that’s where the magic begins …

The month of September means that ‘Scandal’ is on the verge of returning to the small screen – oh how I’ve missed you. This week hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses but knowing that Fitz and I will be reuniting once again in the near future reconfirms the fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For my fellow ‘Scandal’ addicts, there’s always the debate of Fitz vs. Jake, one so wrong, one so right, but what does Miss Pope do when the wrong one loves her right?

Beside the point, with no hesitation I’m campaigning for President Fitzgerald. Perhaps it’s the way he lusts for her or the intensity of their…

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Scandal Fans You Ready!!! 10 Teases For 4th Season!

September 25, 2014

“Thank God It’s Thursday!” My favorite series “Scandal” is back with my woman crush~ Olivia Pope, the brainy/hot powerhouse and her on again off again (non)man~ El Presidente. El Presidente belongs to a money and power hungry woman, not Olivia. Yeayyyy… “Scandal” is back. I think I’ll catch the new series “How to Get Away with Murder” as well, since I like Viola. TV night tonight!!

101.1 The Wiz

Scandal fans grab some wine and get in front of your TV tonight because starting at 9pm sharp, Scandal returns!!!! Now let me bring you up to speed…

The third season jumped off with Olivia (Kerry Washington)  leaving Washington D.C. with Jake (Scott Foley).  Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) won the election, but it came at a steep price: Rowan (Joe Morton) had First Son Jerry Jr. (Dylan Minnette) killed to ensure Fitz would score the sympathy vote and pinned it on Olivia’s terrorist mommy Maya Pope (Khandi Alexander).  Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were getting busy, B613 lackey Charlie (George Newbern) dropped a bombshell: Huck’s family, including his wife Kim (Jasika Nicole), are still ALIVE wow! and Quinn did the right thing and told Huck the truth.  Caught up???

Now…lets check out, 10 Cryptic teases for the 4th season…

1. Harrison is really dead

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New Clips From Gotham’s Debut

September 22, 2014

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