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Beautiful Sights: Villanueva

April 8, 2017

Today we hiked in a state park that has been around since the late 60s. Hopefully a lack of funding won’t shut it down. I shared the love by leaving the quilted heart I found in a parking lot last month. I wanted to leave it somewhere special that was also a challenge to get to.

Villanueva State Park is right off the banks of the Pecos River and has: spectacular red and yellow sandstone cliffs; beautiful trees; rocky, steep climbs; and soft, sandy trails. [park elevation 6,110 ft above sea level]

My ass, hams and quads are usually on fire for the first mile, which is a steep, verticle climb. This site is good for a day hike and is in between Las Vegas and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nature is so healing for me. The sun, wind, water, mountains and trees nourish my spirit.

We went to Starbucks after the workout for a green tea frap.

Of Wishes

May 1, 2015

A single seed can *demand* her place within a caring breeze… just keep in mind that *faith* alone will not get her anywhere with ease. Of wishes she’s born. Of wishes she dies… falling softly to the ground. She’ll fall away and disappear without the slightest sound.
~Felicia Lujan



April 15, 2015

•Stormy Sky~ Santa Fe, New Mexico • Photo by Felicia•

Wind blew out the
warmth of light.
This storm rushing
to break free.
Sorrow and one
icy breath before
the first drop
broke for me.
A cold, dark storm
and gusty glares
with rain sent to
perish on dry land.
Silence in electric
clouds… way more
than just one heart
can stand.

by Felicia Lujan

Lost at Sea

February 2, 2015

Sand in his words burned her eyes. Each word sunk into her with sharp finality. Lost at sea… she longed for the fog to lift.
~~~by Felicia


Night Prowl

June 22, 2014

It’s midnight on Cochiti Lake. It is a beautiful night out here. There is a soft breeze, the gentle sound of the wake, the warmth of two lanterns, and the night sky is twinkling bright. All this beauty…and I am thinking of hidden meaning, the stars and fate. I guess I am the analyst. After all…everything means something right? I haven’t seen one falling star tonight. Not even one.~★~
*****My brother Thomas~ the expert fisherman, his son Isaiah and my son Daryn. Getting ready for a night prowl.*****


Wishless: Death of the Dandelion

May 28, 2014


“The death of the Dandelion is a
loss like no other. Wishes expelled
by lusty breath and stagnant wind.
Wishless I shall remain while
mourning the precious illusion
of nothingness.”

~~~Photograph and free verse
~~~by Felicia Lujan

Saving Beauty from a Hurricane

May 7, 2014


*****Photograph taken by Felicia Lujan on 5.7.2014 at 7:25am.

On Sunday I noticed two foreign masses on the Aspen tree outside my bedroom window. At first it looked like a spider web. This morning when I was leaving to work, I saw one small mass sparkling in the morning sun. I moved in for a closer look and realized I was witnessing something beautiful! The two masses were actually Tent Caterpillar nests. One nest was to high to see, but I had a close look at the other. There were several grown caterpillars and there must have been thousands of small dark eggs the size of a pin head. I took a few photos because this is something I have never seen. I love nature, animals and insects.

I think these caterpillars will become nocturnal moths, and not colorful day breaking butterflies. Still...I admire winged creatures. Maybe because I can’t fly and so I crave metaphorical flight? It was very windy this afternoon. Not only was it windy outside, it was really windy in my mind…unforgiving like a hurricane. I wanted to cry when I got home and saw the beautiful nest damaged by the wind. Maybe I’m feeling over emotional? I arrived just in time to save the silken tent hanging by a solemn thread. The one up high had been taken by the wind. Since these tents are built specifically where morning light hits them, I’m sure all the life was lost.

I worked quickly to secure the other nest. My heart sank while wind thrusts gusted tiny creatures and eggs away from the silky home. After a while, I was able to protect the tent. I came inside and felt relieved that I arrived in time to save the little creatures. I may not be able to save myself from the relentless hurricane in my mind, but I did save something beautiful today. I know that no good deed goes unrecognized in the book of life and love.

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