Watch “Bow Down and Check Yourself Remix by Flo” on YouTube

Posted March 12, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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Ready for chest day…. here is a remix I made not long ago. I think I’m going to start making custom mixes for myself. Once they are on my YouTube channel, I can listen to them at the gym and take less room on my Touch.

Glorious Blooms

Posted March 12, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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The orchid my sista gave me is finally in full bloom again!! I’ve waited for this moment for months! What a beautiful flower.

To read see more about orchids on my site visit:

♡••The Legend of Orchis: Man and Flower 

♡••One for the Twins 

♡••2 Blooms 

Deadman Party

Posted March 12, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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This child loves to throw “video game parties” and entertain his friends. He is definately a people person and seems to have no problem socializing. My son said “his friends loved” the “Zombie Punch” I made for his first party, so I promised to make more creative treats.

This time I changed up the theme a bit to keep it interesting. I used some decorations I already had to set a thematic mood. That theme included me making “Deadman Punch.” The punch had pineapple sherbert, fruit punch, and Cool Whip topped with red sugar sprinkles. To add the dramatic touch kids love, I added the hands made of ice. Then there was the matching “Deadman” cake.

Party 2 was a big hit. Being personable is so valuable and I’m glad my son is able to connect so well with his peers. These are times he’ll cherish forever.

Lenda♡ In Honor of International Women’s Day

Posted March 8, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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Visit this post: Lenda Murray, Lower Body Logic (1995) 

Fun with Nails

Posted March 5, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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It’s funny, but if I had a penny for every time someone asked me how I do things with nails, I’d buy a huge tub of protein. My gym pal and I decided we needed a spa visit. Yep… we’re girls who lift with nails. Last week an older man in the gym asked me how I did it with “those nails?” I told him I’d “use my nail to poke his eye out.” Maybe I should have invited him to watch me bench today? 😂

Caramel Apple French Toast

Posted February 28, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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*I seriously have to try this myself sometime soon. I sliced the apples thin then topped the toast with hot, salted caramel sauce and cinnamon. Yum!*


Posted February 28, 2017 by ~Felicia~
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She has the mask ~n~ all.😊

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