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Tales of the Dark Archivist Presentation_Part 1

May 7, 2012

Last night was the final event of the New Mexico Historical Society Conference. The 2012 conference was an homage to the road to statehood. Our great state became the 47th state in the Union in 1912 when President William Taft signed New Mexico’s statehood bill on January 6. That same year in Washington D.C., New Mexico’s first congressmen and senators were sworn into office. This year, the Historical Society Conference was excellent. I learned so much from everyone around me. That is one thing that I love about learning— you can never know enough! I had the chance to catch several wonderful presentations. The sessions I attended included: John Collier, the Indian New Deal, and New Mexico; New Mexico’s Constitutional Convention; New Mexico Foodways in History: Hispanic Communities; Culture in New Mexico; Archives and Territorial Tales; New Voices in the Story of New Mexico; and Colonial New Mexicans. These session titles do no justice to the unique presentation titles of each individual in the panel, but I will write about the ones I was taken with later. This is no joke when I say that I recorded over 13 GB of footage from the conference. How many times will New Mexico turn 100? 🙂 If you are interested in watching my 3 part— “weird” presentation, please feel free. I would like to post more footage from the conference as I pull it off my iPod and split the footage into segments (due to YouTube’s length restrictions).

Tales of the Dark Archivist Presentation_Part 2

May 7, 2012

Presentation of Tales of the Dark Archivist- New Mexico Statehood History Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico- May 3 thru May 5, 2012

Tales of the Dark Archivist Presentation_Part 3

May 7, 2012

Presentation of Tales of the Dark Archivist- New Mexico Statehood History Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico- May 3 thru May 5, 2012

New Mexico Tombstone Transcription Project

June 28, 2011

Information from the web site about this project…

We who research our family’s history are good at remembering. We remember often and we remember well. But, our memories last for only as long as we are here. The purpose of this project is to organize volunteers who will work together to create a lasting tribute to our ancestors.

We will transcribe tombstone inscriptions and have that work archived for the future and made easily accessible to all. The tombstones of our ancestors were always meant to be lasting memorials to the lives of those gone before. Lately, I have been visiting old cemeteries and have been distressed to see how these memorials are suffering the ravages of time and weather. Many of these stones are becoming difficult to read and some have already gotten so faint that deciphering them is next to impossible. Fortunately, many are still legible TODAY. But, of those we can read today, how many will still be legible ten or twenty years from today?

We need to record these tombstone inscriptions now—before they are lost forever to the winds and the rains. Though many cemeteries have already been recorded by various Genealogical Societies, just as many have not. And, of those recorded, how accessible is that data to the world? If we join together and do this recording, we will guarantee that our ancestors an not forgotten—-that their memorials will live on so that future generations may remember then as well as we do.

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New Mexico Hispano/Latino/Chicano History

June 28, 2011

Gloria’s Advanced Resources

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