My girl, Janet

This is a very touching and very moving story. It was shared by someone I know well. I urge each of you to reach out and help Janet and others like her if you are as moved as I was when I read this. We can all do more.

Emma in New Mexico

1910238_511936468109_9014_n Me and Jan in the Painted Desert.

1910238_511936318409_7499_n Janet eating chocolates.

The story is that Janet grew up the poorest of the poor in rural Maine. Her mom’s an alcoholic, her dad was killed in a car accident. Her stepdad, also an alcoholic, beats her mom and walks around in cowboy boots, shirtless. She grew up in a trailer park a half mile from a convenience store and about 100 feet away from drug users and child molesters on either side. One summer, while her mother and stepdad were on the lam from the law (fleeing domestic abuse charges), Janet lived on dollar store ravioli her mother dropped at the trailer, surreptitiously.

That’s when she took refuge with her older sister, living in the city. The city was a resettlement area for Somali refugees. Janet and her sister, and her sister’s girlfriend – me –  lived in a rotting old building in…

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