Final Touches: 2015 ABQ ComicCon


Tonight I completed: the final touches for my Harley Quinn cosplay; made my nephew a Captain America tee shirt with an embroidered iron on; and made my son a Deadpool mask. We were going to paint his face, but at the last minute we decided on the mask. If I had more than one night to work on it, I’m sure I could have done way better job! He liked it though…and that’s all that matters! I’m headed off to Albuquerque tomorrow. I’m flying solo to a catch a lecture by a scientist from Sandia National Labs. Can’t wait for this weekend to begin!



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5 Comments on “Final Touches: 2015 ABQ ComicCon”

  1. Izcentric Says:

    Wicked cool! Love the garters! x3

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