Unbound Time: The Study of Opposites


••• Aion~ God of Eternity •••

Today many would consider Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) a man of science. Throughout history, some have described the Swiss man as a mystic. The professional psychiatrist/psychotherapist is the father of analytical psychology. He explored the collective unconscious and the archetypes of our psyches. His mind was naturally intrigued by human development, go or stay, on or off, and black or white.

I believe some of his greatest work was tied to the psychological commingling of opposites. As a master of analytical psychology, Jung took the concept of individuation as far as he could before he died. He truly believed opposites would naturally integrate, yet retain respective uniqueness. Jung’s studies looked closely at the anima and animus, extraversion and introversion, as well as the conscious and the unconscious.

One of the things I love about Jung was his respect for symbols. Understanding and analyzing symbolic content was one thing that did make him a mystic. I believe his study of symbols is still unmatched today. Princeton University Press published Aion: Reseaches Into the Phenomenology of Self in the 1950s. In his work, Jung’s focus on Aion can be seen as a symbol of that which is all encompassing.

After reading through his book, I started to wonder if Jung became interested in studying how opposing forces join because of his interest in astrology. He talks about the union of opposites in astrology “in the year 7 B.C.” Apparently a “famed conjunction took place no less than three times in the sign of the Fishes.” Astrologers felt that this conjunction was extremely significant as it was the joining of complete opposites~ Saturn and Jupiter.

Jung’s selection of Aion is interesting. Aion is the God of Eternity or unbound time and is a prominent figure in the work of Jung. The Mithraic deity is said to encompass the universe. This god is often portrayed with a snake in the form of a circle with the mouth and tail connected. This is a symbol for infinity, no end, no beginning. Now we see why Aion is a perfect reflection of the union of opposites. If the is no start and there is no end, we are left with continuity.

A religious site says that Aion was a sexless, “master of the heavens.” This site also says that “his body was covered with zodiacal signs and the emblems of the seasons.” The God of Eternity indeed represents the merging of opposites. As Jung says in his book, “when anima and animus meet, the animus draws his sword of power and the anima ejects her poison of illusion and seduction.” Jung seemed to indulge in analyzing the commingling of female and male energies.

Though Jung’s studies would lead me to believe that opposites attract for a reason, I would like to learn more. Aion was gifted with unbound time, still I’m not sure if this god had time to recognize that anima and animus “live in the illusion that they are related to one another in a most individual way.” Maybe if I pray to Aion, in due time I too will understand the union of opposites?

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One Comment on “Unbound Time: The Study of Opposites”

  1. Erin Fortner Says:

    I have been told through channeling many times I am the avatar of the God Aion. I am being schooled in magick which is a far cry from my atheistic background. I am trying to learn about me and thanks for the article. Let me know where else is a good read.

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