Appreciation of the Realest

“Sincerity is an openness of
heart. We find it in very few
people. What we usually see
is only an artful dissimulation
to win the confidence of others.”

~François de La Rochefoucauld

It is always eye opening to see who really has my back~ who supports me~ who really cares. The death of my son’s paternal great grandma brought out my true family and friends. Tonight was the rosary. Even though they didn’t know her, every member of my immediate family showed up this evening. Love to you all!!!

Today I received a few text messages from my friends. I wrote the eulogy and I have to thank Brit for printing it for me. It is also important to thank Gail for the lovely card which was right along my wavelengths. I got two very sweet text messages from my friend Meghan. One this morning and the other when I got home tonight. That one really warmed my heart.

I am so thankful to have genuine people in my life…those who really care. There is nothing I appreciate more than that. NOTE TO SELF~ “In 2014…always remember to appreciate the realest. Those who are always good to me. Those who take the time to be sincere. Those who want to touch my heart. Those who actually appreciate me in return.

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One Comment on “Appreciation of the Realest”

  1. Meghan Says:

    This was such a lovely post. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I think sincerity attracts sincerity. Having an open heart and being vulnerable takes a lot of courage, I think, but it is worth it because it opens you up to the sincerity of others.

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