Most Memorable: ARMA Live Conference 2014~ San Diego, CA


~Expo Hall...Oxygen Party Bar~


I didn’t get to do everything I *really* wanted to do in San Diego, but aside from everything I was there to learn about…here is a list of my favorite/most memorable things.

•••••Hanging with smart people the whole time.🙌

•••••Witnessing a breathtaking, vibrant California sunrise.🌇

•••••Visiting an Oxygen Party Bar in the Expo Hall. My fragrance included “kiss me all over” and “sex on the beach.”💋

•••••The lovely scents and sights of San Diego.👀

•••••Amazing PowerPoint presentations for the opening session.🙊

•••••Broken Yolk Cafe☕

•••••Swimming under the stars.🌠

•••••A mind-blowing keynote presenter.✅

•••••How data can be compared to zombies.💻

•••••The beautiful night skyline.🌃

•••••Clean, manicured nails and hands.✋ I want them!!!!

•••••Walking 20 miles to get across the convention center.🏃

•••••Drinking by the ocean.⚓

•••••Night sounds of the city.🌉

•••••A long, hot bath.🛀

•••••Realizing how hard it must be to seamlessly coordinate such an intricate conference with so many attendees.📃

•••••The Crawl and Cocktail Party in the Expo Hall (except for some parts).🍺

•••••Cheering for Jackie to win the drawing.👏

•••••Joe’s Crab Shack😍💜

•••••Margaritaville🍸(yes…I know this is a martini)

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