Professional vs Nonprofessional

ProfessionalsI embedded a short video I uploaded to my YouTube channel below. The clip captures a few seconds of a hail and rain storm which swept Santa Fe, New Mexico at about 2:30pm today. The extreme weather has been wacky all day and now there are flood warnings for the night.

When I saw rivers of water rolling down the streets, the first thing that popped into my head was the building where I work because we have important records there. This concern comes from years of loyalty to my agency and respect for the importance of all records.

Tonight, I continued trucking along on my studies for the first CRM exam. While I was reading, this paragraph captured my interest. It is about being a professional. It has taken me many years and dedication to get where I am today. I don’t just have a job. I don’t just pay the bills. I make a difference and so do the people I work with.

A little under two decades ago, I had worked so many different jobs. They were just jobs. I will not knock any of them because each one of them helped make me the woman I am today. I learned people skills along the way and that has helped me. It is no joke when I say I have done it all.

Why is any of this important to me? How do extreme weather, my evening studies, my old jobs, my career, and my thoughts intersect? Well today I was worried about the Archives and Records Center because I care. I took the time to thank God for leading me to a meaningful profession.

The last thing I ever wanted was to get stuck in a job. I never wanted to get stuck not caring…to get stuck sacking groceries or working the floor in some food dive serving french fries. If I had to do that to pay the bills, I would. But…until God takes my drive away…until my heart stops beating…I will own my career.

Until the day my heart stops, I will respect having the opportunity to make a real difference. I will care about things with intrinsic value. I will remain a driven professional who leaves her office to get a hamburger at the local food dive after a long day of meaningful work. (Ommmm…no…everything except for the second piece of that last sentence! Haha)

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2 Comments on “Professional vs Nonprofessional”

  1. Wow…you guys really needed rain. I hope it rained long enough to help. I’m so happy you are happy in your work. So important. They are fortunate to have someone who is professional and dedicated.

  2. suzykess Says:

    I love Monsoon Season in Santa Fe!

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