411 on the Smith

The Smith seems to be a comfortable place for people who are new to the gym to start, but if you’ve been there long enough, you know that nothing beats free weights. I use the Smith machine for standing calf raises. That’s it. This article from my WordPress feed is spot on about changing attitudes with regard to using the Smith. I’d say rack pulls should be done in the rack! Right?

The History of the Smith Machine by Conor Heffernan


These are also good reads…

What’s Wrong With Using The Smith Machine For Squats?

6 Exercise Machines You Should Do Without

CasePerformance: Free Weight Squats vs. Smith Squat Machines

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2 Comments on “411 on the Smith”

  1. beefdemon Says:

    If all of the smith machines were melted down into scrap to build racks….then I could sleep a lot better at night

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