Making Gainz


In the the last few months, I have noticed such a difference in my strength. Every week, my weight has been going up! I love it!! I have seen a two inch growth in my flexed bicep measurement since April of 2014. My arm was 11″ five months ago. I’m excited about starting a creatine load tomorrow.

Today it measured in at 13″ flexed. I’m happy, but I’m still looking for more. To put a fit woman’s bicep size into perspective…Ms. Olympia (Iris) has 17″ arms. I’m looking for 15″ at least. Check out these ladies measuring up. They are hitting between 12″ to 17″ arms and some of them are proz. The average size of a woman’s arm is a 9-11 inches. I don’t like average. 


~My "Stack Me Up" results~

Some people have also noticed a change in my body, which is good. For a few years, I felt like I busted my ass with no change. I’m finally able to see results. Yesterday someone asked me what I am doing to get in shape? I thought about it. These are the things I think I am doing to keep moving forward in the gym.

√ Never skipping any body part
√ Running before workouts
√ Squatting every week
√ Benching every week
√ Deadlifting every week
√ Low rep/high rep workouts
√ Paused reps
√ Supinated grips
√ Alternated stances
√ No fast food (ever)
√ Whole Foods
√ Clean eating, minimal cheating
√ No sugary drinks (0 sodas)
√ 30 eggs per week
√ Eating kale
√ Consuming protein
√ No excuses
√ Dedication
√ Heart
√ Drive
√ Focus
√ Giving haterz the middle finga
√ Ignoring bad advice (“don’t do that” they said)


I’m on the right track. I can feel it and see it now. Like Lola Monroe says in Overtime… “I’m headed to the top and goin’ there alone.” I have no more distractions. Just me and my goal to be a monster. “Fe” is the best element in the periodic table and it also stands for me!! I want another inch by December. Imma work!!


~Lola Monroe says "suckaz need to get they weight up" and that she "keeps bum bitchez quiet...librarian" and then Trina says "I'm the best bitch...f' the rest bitch, got these bitchez by a landslide...take a rest bitch" in the song "Overtime"~

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